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Kagame receives credentials of ten envoys

By IGIHE — January 16th 2018 at 10:35

In the event that took place in Village Urugwiro on Tuesday, Kagame received credence letter for Mrs. Julia Pataki, Romanian Ambassador with Residence in Nairobi, Kenya.

Also received is credence letter for Mr. Konstantinos Moatsos, Grecian Ambassador with residence in Nairobi, Kenya. Also the Head of State received Ms. Rakiatou Mayaki, Nigerian Ambassador with residence in Pretoria, South Africa.

Kagame also received credence letter for Seyed Morteza Mortazavi, Iranian Ambassador with residence in Kampala, Uganda. Among presented their credentials is Mr. Nicolla Bellomo, European Union Ambassador with Residence in Kigali.

Also Kagame received credentials for Oumar Daou, Malian Ambassador with residence in Kigali. Also received is Mr. Abdalla Hassan Eisa Bushara, Sudan's Ambassador with residence in Kigali.

Kagame also received credentials for Ms. Lulit Zewdie Gebremariam, Ethiopia Ambassador with residence in Kigali and Ms. Joanne Lomas, United Kingdom Commissioner with residence in Kigali.


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Rwanda needs $2.4 billion for standard gauge railway

By IGIHE — January 16th 2018 at 08:28

During President Paul Kagame's last week visit to Tanzania, he agreed with President John Magufuli to construct a 400-kilometer standard gauge railway (SGR) line from Isaka to Kigali.

After talks between both Heads of States, Magufuli told media that the construction of the railway line will be jointly financed by the two countries.

While he was speaking to national broadcaster, RBA yesterday, the Manager of Planning and Research Division at Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), Fabrice Barisanga said that the 2014 action plan revealed that the whole railway project from Dar es Salaam to Kigali will be 1464 kilometers.

He said that currently, they are looking at 494 kilometer Isaka-Kigali phase where Rwanda has 150kiliometers to construct.

“Action plan shows us that the whole project will take us $2.5 billion. It is a big project that requires enough financial means,” he said.

“It is in line with President Kagame's visit in Tanzania where he and Tanzanian president agreed to fast-track the project. For us Technicians, we are ready to start implementation based on Head of States' agreements,” he explained.

The project will pass through Eastern Province's Districts of Kirehe-Ngoma-Bugera to Kicukiro District in Kigali, Masaka Sector.

Study shows that properties for 2450 people will be affected by the project.

Speaking to IGIHE, the State Minister of Transportation in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye said that both countries should agree on ways to find the financing sources.

“As they have requested us, in two weeks, we will have agreed on the way to go,” he said.

Construction works for Tanzanian part have started and works are being implemented in two phases. The first phase is Dar es Salaam-Morogoro with 330 kilometers and Morogoro- Makutupora with 426 kilometers.

The railway is expected to ease transportation between Rwanda and Tanzania. Currently, 70% of Rwanda's importations pass through Tanzania.

President Kagame and Tanzania's Magufuli agreed to construct a 400-kilometer standard gauge railway (SGR) line from Isaka to Kigali.


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Local journalist Kayumba passes on

By IGIHE — January 16th 2018 at 08:15

Speaking to IGIHE, Rushyashya Managing Director, Jean Gaulbert Burasa said that Kayumba had no health complications and that they had talked on phone in the morning a day before had no problem.

“Yesterday he was at home, he didn't work, I called him at around 11:00am asking him the reason he didn't attend to work and told me that he would come later,” he said.

“The situation changed at around 3:00pm and they took him at Ndera Health Center which referred him to Kibagabaga Hospital, but died on the way. We are not aware of the cause of his death,” he said.

Since 1991 to 1994, Kayumba worked for Tanzania based media house Business Times. In 1998 he established the defunct ‘Ukuri Newspaper'. From 2003 to 2006, he was a commissioner at Rwanda Media High Council.


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Rwanda to host 2018 FEASSSA competition

By IGIHE — January 16th 2018 at 07:43

The games will take place in Musanze District of Northern Province.

Rwanda was admitted following the monitoring exercise by 40 delegates from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The monitoring exercise took place on 13th and 14th.

The delegation monitored different infrastructures and pitches which would facilitate the games go smoothly.

FEASSSA President, Justus Mugisha said that Rwanda has majority of requirements, a reason that they were allowed to host the games.

“We are happy to announce that first monitoring exercises revealed that majority of requirements are in place. We also affirm that the competition will go smoothly based on previous competitions that Rwanda hosted,” he said.

He said that more monitoring exercises will be conducted as the preparation of competition continues.

“The second monitoring exercise will be conducted in April to observe how all requirements will be already in place,” he added.

Musanze District Vice-mayor in charge of finance and economic development, Augustin Ndabereye said that hosting the competition in the district is another advantages for local investors.

“It is a big opportunity that we are going to use by putting in place good infrastructures on expected standards, we also call upon investors to offer good services as they will be hosting different people from different places,” he said.

FEASSSA competition will include different games like football, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis and Swimming among others.

For its 3rd time to take place in the country, the competition will attract 4000 competitors from East African Community Countries.


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Four ways to protect yourself from credit/ debit card fraud

By IGIHE — January 16th 2018 at 04:30

This is a good development of course, but it also means that there are increased chances of falling victim to fraudsters, because believe it or not, there are a lot of them waiting to prey on unsuspecting people.

So with this knowledge, how then do we protect ourselves from such people online? Well, these 4 tips below might be useful.

Use your card only on trusted sites

While there are millions of websites that allow you do business online, only a few are genuine, and even amongst the genuine few, not many can guarantee you security. So the best thing is to only use sites that belong to major brands, and where it's explicitly stated that there's security for your card information. That way, you can hold them liable if anything goes wrong on their part.

Do not give anyone your card information

There are people who trust others enough to entrust them with their card information. Such things as your Card number, your CVV number, and secret pin should be personal. It doesn't matter how urgently you need to get cash or do a transaction, it's unwise to reveal your card information. Sometimes, it's not even the friends you ask to help you withdraw some money that's the problem; it's the people in their life. Also avoid giving your card info to strangers online for any reason.

Protect your computer

The other way you can secure your card and business transactions you do online is to secure your computer, you should never think of shopping online or use your credit card with a computer that's riddled with viruses, spyware or malware and key loggers.

Consider changing your password after each transaction

It's not an easy option considering that you'll need to form a new password every time you do business online, but it's a safe option if you can do it. This option guarantees you safety because it means that anyone who wants to defraud you would have to go through you first. This option isn't necessary if your bank sends you an OTP each time you want to do a transaction online.
Source: elcrema.com



Polisi yataye muri yombi umujura wasinziriye mu ntebe zaho yari agiye kwiba

By Iyamuremye Janvier — January 16th 2018 at 23:41

Mu buryo busa n'ubutangaje mu gihe gito umujura (igisambo) yafashwe n'ibitotsi asinzirira mu ntebe zaho yari yagiye kwiba bigera naho polisi imuta muri yombi atarakanguka ngo arebe ibiri kumubaho
Ibi byabereye mu gihugu cy'Ubudage aho umujura yasinziririye mu nzu yari yagiye kwibamo.Uyu mujuru yarundanyije ibyo yibye ubundi yihengeka mu ntebe ngo abe aruhuka birangira asinziriye kugeza banyir'urugo batabaje.
Uyu mujura yaryamye mu ntebe y'umufariso yari mu ruganiriro kugeza bucyeye ba nyiri (...)

- Udushya

Rubavu: Polisi yafashe abagabo babiri bibye Moto muri Kigali

By Iyamuremye Janvier — January 16th 2018 at 23:17

Ku itariki 15 Mutarama uyu mwaka Polisi y'u Rwanda mu karere ka Rubavu yafashe moto ebyiri zibwe mu Mujyi wa Kigali; abagabo babiri bazifatanwe bakaba bafunzwe.
Umwe ni Niyonkuru Japhet w'imyaka 28 wafatiwe mu kagari ka Byahi, mu murenge wa Gisenyi. Yafatanwe moto ifite pulake RD 689 M.
Undi ni Tuyisenge Oscar wafatanwe moto yo mu bwoko bwa TVS Victor ifite pulake RD 392 J; akaba yarafatiwe mu kagari na Rubona, mu murenge wa Nyamyumba.
Umuvugizi wa Polisi mu Ntara y'Iburengerazuba, Chief (...)

- Umutekano

Izamurwa ry'ubwishingizi bw'ibinyabiziga bishobora kongera amafaranga y'ingendo

By Iyamuremye Janvier — January 16th 2018 at 23:08

Bamwe mu bafite imodoka zitwara abagenzi ku buryo bwa rusange baravuga ko izamuka ry'ibiciro by'ubwishingizi rishobora gutuma bagwa mu bihombo bityo bakifuza ko igiciro cy'ingendo cyazamurwa. RURA isobanura ko inyigo irimo gukorwa ariyo izagena niba ibiciro by'ingendo bikwiye kuzamuka.
Abatwara abagenzi mu buryo bwa rusange bavuga ko basanzwe bahendwa na serivise zitandukanye zirebana n'imodoka zirimo ibikoresho byazamuye ibiciro muri iyi minsi; kuba kandi uyu mwaka waratangiranye n'izamuka (...)

- Ubukungu

Polisi n'abafatanyabikorwa bayo barateganya gutera ibiti ku buso burenga hegitari 50

By Iyamuremye Janvier — January 16th 2018 at 23:00

Muri gahunda zo kongera ubuso buteweho amashyamba hagamijwe kongerwa amashyamba ku misozi iri mu gihugu, Polisi y'u Rwanda iratangaza ko igatanyije n'abafatanyabikorwa bayo ifite gahunda yo gutera amashyamba mashya no gusimbuza ashaje ndetse no gutera ibiti bivangwa n'imyaka ku buso bungana na hegitari 50.763 kugirango icyerekezo bihaye kizagerweho mu mwaka wa 2018-2019.
Ibi bikaba biri no muri gahunda yo gushyira mu bikorwa amasezerano y'ubufatanye Polisi y'u Rwanda yasinyanye na Minisiteri (...)

- Ubuzima

Burundi: Abana babiri bari munsi y' imyaka 10 bahambwe ari bazima bazira kwiba

By Nsanzimana Ernest — January 16th 2018 at 11:23

Polisi y'u Burundi irimo irashakisha umuntu yaba yarahambye abana babiri bari mu kigero cy' imyaka umunani ari bazima abaziza kwiba ibigori.
Ibi byakozwe mu mpera z' icyumweru gishize biza kumenyekana bitewe n' abafoto yasakwaya ku mbuga nkoranyambaga. Uwabikoze yahambye igihimba cya buri mwana muri abo babiri.
BBC yabitangaje ivuga ko byabereye ku musozi wa Nyamabere muri komine Mpanda y'intara ya Bubanza.
Bivugwa ko aba bana bahambwe na nyir' umurima bikekwa ko bari bibyemo ibigori.
Abo (...)

- Umutekano

Mu mezi abiri ashize Abanyarwanda bari batunze telephone zirenga miliyoni 8

By Nsanzimana Ernest — January 16th 2018 at 10:52

Imibare itangwa n' ikigo ngenzura mikorere RURA igaragara ko umubare w' Abanyarwanda bakoresha telephone umaze kwiyongera kuko ubu bagera kuri 75,5%.
Iki kigo kivuga ko 30 Ugushyingo 2017 mu Rwanda hari telephone 8 707 584.
RURA ivuga kandi ko iteganya kuvugurura uburyo abantu biyandikishaho Simcard kuko hari ubwo usanga umuntu yariyandikishijeho simcard nyinshi adakoresha kandi bishobora guteza ibibazo.
Umuyobozi ushinzwe kubungabunga imiyoboro ikoreshwa mu itumanaho na za nimero, Kwizera (...)

- Ubukungu

Ese imyanzuro ya UPR ishobora kuzahura umubano w'u Rwanda n'Ubufansa?

By Jules NTAHOBATUYE — January 16th 2018 at 10:33

Imiryango itandukanye n'ibihugu bikomeje gusaba ko Leta y'Ubufaransa yagira uruhare mu kohereza abakekwaho uruhare muri jonoside yakorewe abatutsi mu Rwanda, ndetse no gutanga amadosiye asobanura iby'uruhare ikekwaho muri iyi jonoside.
Ni amajwi yumvikanye mu biganiro by'akanama k'isuzuma ngarukamwaka ry'iyubahirizwa ry'uburenganzira bwa muntu ku Isi (Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review).
Imyanzuro ya nyuma y'aka kanama izashyikirizwa Ubufaransa ntirasohoka kuko ibiganiro bigikomeje (...)

- Politiki /

Uwafatanywe Heroine I Kanombe yavuze ko yari aziko atwaye umuti

By Nsanzimana Ernest — January 16th 2018 at 09:43

Umugore w'Umunya-Nigeria, Duru Priscilla wafatiwe ku kibuga cy' indege mpuzamahanga cya Kigali I Kanombe ikiyobyabwenge cya ‘Heroine' ku mu mpera za 2016, kuri uyu wa 16 Mutarama 2018 yaburanishijwe n'urukiko rukuru avuga ko atari azi ibyari biri mu mu isakoshi yarimo iki kiyobyabwenge yavuze ko yaje mu Rwanda hari inshuti ye imutumye agasakoshi karimo imiti.
Duru gifatwa yabwiye Ubugenzacyaha ko yinjiye mu Rwanda (avuye Nigeria) tariki 26 Ukwakira 2016 atumwe n'inshuti y'umuryango we (...)

- Ubutabera / ,

Masudi yatangiye guhangana n'abafana ba Simba SC

By Dusingizimana Remy — January 16th 2018 at 09:13

Umutoza Masudi Djuma yatangiye guhangana n'abafana b'ikipe ya Simba SC bamaze iminsi bamushinja ko akinisha abakinnyi nabi ariko we yababwiye ko akora ibyo azi ndetse ko bakwiye kwihanganira impinduka ari gukora muri iyi kipe. Benshi mu bafana ba Simba SC barashinja Masudi ko yahinduriye abakinnyi imyanya akaba ariyo mpamvu umusaruro w'iyi kipe wakendereye.
Mu kiganiro uyu mutoza yagiranye n'ikinyamakuru shaffihdauda.co.tz cyo muri Tanzania yagitangarije ko abafana ba Simba bagomba (...)

- Imikino
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Des investisseurs français au Rwanda pour explorer les opportunités d'affaires

January 16th 2018 at 10:10

Sarkozy et les investisseursfrançais en photo avec les responsables de RDB

Après avoir été reçus par le Président  rwandais, Paul Kagame, l'ancien Président français Nicholas Sarkozy et les investisseurs français qui l’accompagnent se sont entretenus avec les responsables en charge de l’Office rwandais en charge des Investissements (Rwanda Development Board-RDB).

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Les étudiants de Pacific Lutheran University ont visité le Mémorial du Génocide de Nyarubuye

January 16th 2018 at 09:18

Kigali: Une délégation de 09 étudiants dirigée par le professeur Kirsten Christensen de Pacific Lutheran University dans l'État de Washington aux États-Unis a visité le site Mémorial du Génocide de Nyarubuye situé dans le district de Kirehe.

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Le CPCR au Conseil des Droits de l’Homme de l’ONU

January 16th 2018 at 08:33

Kigali: A l’occasion de l’Examen Périodique Universel des droits de l’homme le lundi 15 janvier au Conseil des Droits de l’Homme de l’ONU, le CPCR a rappelé les nombreux manquements de la France et présenté ses recommandations :

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Rwanda hold Nigeria in a goalless draw in Tanger

January 16th 2018 at 02:15

Kigali: Rwanda held Nigeria to a goalless draw in the opening game of the Total Africa Nations Championship’s Group C played on Monday at Grand Stade de Tanger in Morocco.


Nyaruguru: Urubyiruko rwifatiye umugabo uhinga urumogi

By CHIEF EDITOR — January 16th 2018 at 14:22

Gicumbi: Akarere karanenga abikorera kudateza imbere aho bakomoka

By Vénuste Kamanzi — January 16th 2018 at 13:35