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Today — January 17th 2018IGIHE.com

Kagame receives credentials of ten envoys


In the event that took place in Village Urugwiro on Tuesday, Kagame received credence letter for Mrs. Julia Pataki, Romanian Ambassador with Residence in Nairobi, Kenya.

Also received is credence letter for Mr. Konstantinos Moatsos, Grecian Ambassador with residence in Nairobi, Kenya. Also the Head of State received Ms. Rakiatou Mayaki, Nigerian Ambassador with residence in Pretoria, South Africa.

Kagame also received credence letter for Seyed Morteza Mortazavi, Iranian Ambassador with residence in Kampala, Uganda. Among presented their credentials is Mr. Nicolla Bellomo, European Union Ambassador with Residence in Kigali.

Also Kagame received credentials for Oumar Daou, Malian Ambassador with residence in Kigali. Also received is Mr. Abdalla Hassan Eisa Bushara, Sudan's Ambassador with residence in Kigali.

Kagame also received credentials for Ms. Lulit Zewdie Gebremariam, Ethiopia Ambassador with residence in Kigali and Ms. Joanne Lomas, United Kingdom Commissioner with residence in Kigali.


Rwanda needs $2.4 billion for standard gauge railway


During President Paul Kagame's last week visit to Tanzania, he agreed with President John Magufuli to construct a 400-kilometer standard gauge railway (SGR) line from Isaka to Kigali.

After talks between both Heads of States, Magufuli told media that the construction of the railway line will be jointly financed by the two countries.

While he was speaking to national broadcaster, RBA yesterday, the Manager of Planning and Research Division at Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), Fabrice Barisanga said that the 2014 action plan revealed that the whole railway project from Dar es Salaam to Kigali will be 1464 kilometers.

He said that currently, they are looking at 494 kilometer Isaka-Kigali phase where Rwanda has 150kiliometers to construct.

“Action plan shows us that the whole project will take us $2.5 billion. It is a big project that requires enough financial means,” he said.

“It is in line with President Kagame's visit in Tanzania where he and Tanzanian president agreed to fast-track the project. For us Technicians, we are ready to start implementation based on Head of States' agreements,” he explained.

The project will pass through Eastern Province's Districts of Kirehe-Ngoma-Bugera to Kicukiro District in Kigali, Masaka Sector.

Study shows that properties for 2450 people will be affected by the project.

Speaking to IGIHE, the State Minister of Transportation in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye said that both countries should agree on ways to find the financing sources.

“As they have requested us, in two weeks, we will have agreed on the way to go,” he said.

Construction works for Tanzanian part have started and works are being implemented in two phases. The first phase is Dar es Salaam-Morogoro with 330 kilometers and Morogoro- Makutupora with 426 kilometers.

The railway is expected to ease transportation between Rwanda and Tanzania. Currently, 70% of Rwanda's importations pass through Tanzania.

President Kagame and Tanzania's Magufuli agreed to construct a 400-kilometer standard gauge railway (SGR) line from Isaka to Kigali.


Local journalist Kayumba passes on


Speaking to IGIHE, Rushyashya Managing Director, Jean Gaulbert Burasa said that Kayumba had no health complications and that they had talked on phone in the morning a day before had no problem.

“Yesterday he was at home, he didn't work, I called him at around 11:00am asking him the reason he didn't attend to work and told me that he would come later,” he said.

“The situation changed at around 3:00pm and they took him at Ndera Health Center which referred him to Kibagabaga Hospital, but died on the way. We are not aware of the cause of his death,” he said.

Since 1991 to 1994, Kayumba worked for Tanzania based media house Business Times. In 1998 he established the defunct ‘Ukuri Newspaper'. From 2003 to 2006, he was a commissioner at Rwanda Media High Council.


Rwanda to host 2018 FEASSSA competition


The games will take place in Musanze District of Northern Province.

Rwanda was admitted following the monitoring exercise by 40 delegates from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The monitoring exercise took place on 13th and 14th.

The delegation monitored different infrastructures and pitches which would facilitate the games go smoothly.

FEASSSA President, Justus Mugisha said that Rwanda has majority of requirements, a reason that they were allowed to host the games.

“We are happy to announce that first monitoring exercises revealed that majority of requirements are in place. We also affirm that the competition will go smoothly based on previous competitions that Rwanda hosted,” he said.

He said that more monitoring exercises will be conducted as the preparation of competition continues.

“The second monitoring exercise will be conducted in April to observe how all requirements will be already in place,” he added.

Musanze District Vice-mayor in charge of finance and economic development, Augustin Ndabereye said that hosting the competition in the district is another advantages for local investors.

“It is a big opportunity that we are going to use by putting in place good infrastructures on expected standards, we also call upon investors to offer good services as they will be hosting different people from different places,” he said.

FEASSSA competition will include different games like football, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis and Swimming among others.

For its 3rd time to take place in the country, the competition will attract 4000 competitors from East African Community Countries.


Four ways to protect yourself from credit/ debit card fraud


This is a good development of course, but it also means that there are increased chances of falling victim to fraudsters, because believe it or not, there are a lot of them waiting to prey on unsuspecting people.

So with this knowledge, how then do we protect ourselves from such people online? Well, these 4 tips below might be useful.

Use your card only on trusted sites

While there are millions of websites that allow you do business online, only a few are genuine, and even amongst the genuine few, not many can guarantee you security. So the best thing is to only use sites that belong to major brands, and where it's explicitly stated that there's security for your card information. That way, you can hold them liable if anything goes wrong on their part.

Do not give anyone your card information

There are people who trust others enough to entrust them with their card information. Such things as your Card number, your CVV number, and secret pin should be personal. It doesn't matter how urgently you need to get cash or do a transaction, it's unwise to reveal your card information. Sometimes, it's not even the friends you ask to help you withdraw some money that's the problem; it's the people in their life. Also avoid giving your card info to strangers online for any reason.

Protect your computer

The other way you can secure your card and business transactions you do online is to secure your computer, you should never think of shopping online or use your credit card with a computer that's riddled with viruses, spyware or malware and key loggers.

Consider changing your password after each transaction

It's not an easy option considering that you'll need to form a new password every time you do business online, but it's a safe option if you can do it. This option guarantees you safety because it means that anyone who wants to defraud you would have to go through you first. This option isn't necessary if your bank sends you an OTP each time you want to do a transaction online.
Source: elcrema.com


Abamenyeshamakuru 4 b'insamirizi NTUMBERO FM bagirijwe ubusuma


Mu gihe abamenyeshamakuru 4 b'iradiyo NTUMBERO FM barengukishijwe kur'uyu wa kabiri igenekerezo rya 16 Nzero 2018, bitaba ubutungane, uwabitwariye, akaba ari nawe aserukira ishengero Rocher imbere y'amategeko, Edouard NDIKURIYO, yabagirije ubusuma bw'ivyuma bikoreshwa mw'iradiyo.

- Ubutungane /

Basketball:Umurwi Urunani uramutswa abarongozi bashasha


Kuva kur'uyu w'Imana igenekerezo rya 14 Nzero 2018, umurwi w'umupira w'amaboko Basketball Urunani uramutswa uburongozi bushasha. Inama rukokoma y'umugwi w'Urunani yakoranye, ikaba yahisemwo Nepomscène SINDAYIHEBURA ngo arongore uwo murwi,asubiriye Pierre Claver BAREGERANYE

- basketball /
Yesterday — January 16th 2018IGIHE.com

Stolen motorcycle recovered in Kamonyi


The motorcycle TVS registration number RC 661C had been reportedly stolen earlier that night after Bigirabagabo and another person still at large, broke into the house of one Emmanuel Ndayizeye, also located in Mugina, and stole it.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kayigi, Police spokesperson for the Southern Province said that Bigirabagabo was intercepted by the night patrol.

“Bigirabagabo and another person vandalized the door and stole the motorcycle; unfortunately, the occupants couldn't hear because it was raining heavily, but after realizing that they have been robbed they immediately called the Police,” CIP Kayigi said.

“Timely reporting helped to relay information across security organs on night patrol, and the thieves were intercepted at about 1:40am in Murambi village of Mbati, Mugina Sector, although one of the suspects managed to escape,” he added.

Bigirabagabo, who hails from Nyarugenge District, and according to investigations, his accomplice hails from Kamonyi, and is said to be the brain behind the break-in.

Bigirabagabo is currently detained at Mugina Police station pending further investigations.

“Timely information sharing is essential in recovering stolen items and apprehending suspects,” Kayigi said.


300 youth sensitized on crime prevention in Rutsiro


The youth are from various religious denominations in Rutsiro.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Jean Bosco Mugenzi, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Rutsiro, while speaking to the youth in Gihango Sector, said that one of the challenges affecting the young generation is illicit drugs.

The session was also attended by the Pastor Dominique Hitimana, who heads the youth group.

“The young people are the majority victims of narcotic drugs. It's a problem that has denied some of your generation education, destroyed their health and turned them into criminals or people who are not resourceful to their families, communities and the country,” AIP Mugenzi told the youth.

Narcotic drugs are said to be causing heath and liver diseases, cancer and mental illness. It is also said to be one of the causes of school dropouts, domestic conflicts and child abuse.

The DCLO also took them into the legal implications of people that indulge in drug related crimes. The law related to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is currently being revised, hiking the penalty to between 20 years and life sentence to dealers.

He urged them to focus on their education, support their parents and community development, and be agents of community policing by reporting wrongdoers such as drug dealers.

Pastor Hitimana thanked Rwanda National Police for guiding the youngsters and teaching them values that makes them into focused and resourceful people.


Central Bank backs new vehicle insurance premiums


The rates prevailing up until 2017 were set in 2008 and have been superseded by events such as the increase in claims trend by third parties, increased cost of spare parts and reinsurance, the Central Bank (BNR) has said in a statement.

“Following the industry's revised motor insurance premium rates effective January 01, 2018, the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) as the regulator of Rwanda's insurance sector would like to inform the public that it is aware of the increased premiums and the factors that led to this increase,” reads the statement signed by BNR Deputy Governor,Dr. Monique Nsanzabaganwa.

In a statement issued yesterday, BNR says that the insurance sector plays a critical role to the development of the economy including risk transfer and indemnification thereby facilitating financial intermediation, savings mobilization, as well as facilitation of trade and commerce.

However, over the past few years, the insurance sector in general and the motor insurance in particular has faced significant challenges including significant losses driven mainly by weak underwriting and price undercutting as well as high claims ratios.

To address these concerns, the Central Bank in 2013, commissioned ActServ, an insurance consultant firm, to conduct to conduct an actuarial study of motor insurance in order to assess the technical profitability of this sub-sector and determine minimum premium rates.

The study recommended an upward revision of premium rates at the time but these were not immediately implemented and the performance of the motor insurance sub-sector continue to deteriorate.

The rates prevailing up until 2017 were set in 2008 and have been superseded by events such as the increase in claims trend by third parties (e.g. bodily injury compensation currently calculated between Rwf2,500 to Rwf3,000 per day against Rwf500 before 2010), increased cost of spare parts and reinsurance.

“It is against this background that the premium rates were revised upwards by the Association of Insurers in Rwanda(ASSAR) with effect from 1st January 2018. The change in prices will remove distortions that were threatening to crush this sector. If the sector was to collapse, the consequence on the economy would be disastrous, knocking off billions of economic wealth from the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) index,” reads the statement.

The BNR ensures that they will continue working together with different stakeholders to ensure that the financial sector in general and the insurance sector in particular is financially sound and stable.

BNR also urges the public to be vigilant drivers, to report and avoid fraud as well as ensure that claims are not overstated. These will help in keeping rats affordable going forward.

Central Bank Vice-Governor, Dr. Monique Nsanzabaganwa


RDB 16th Jan 2018

By Mutoni Yvonne

Umwimbu w'ubutare bwa Coltan uboneka ku kwezi wariyongereye


Umukuru w'igihugu c'Uburundi Petero NKURUNZIZA amenyesha ko, kuva hatanguye isekeza ryo kurwanya urudandazwa rwa magendu, Uburundi bushobora kuronka umwimbu w'itoni 37 z'ubutare bwa Coltan ku kwezi, mu gihe mu myaka iheze haboneka ibiro 400.

- u Burundi /

Ifoto y'umunsi

By Jean De Dieu

Umukuru w'igihugu yahaye umubonano abo biganye kw'ishuri ritoya rya Mwumba, mu ntara ya Ngozi. Baganiriye ku vyaranguwe mu mwaka wa 2017, n'ibigiye gukorwa mu mwaka wa 2018, mw'ishirahamwe bahuriyemwo n'umukuru w'igihugu.

- Imibano /

Amerika : Umugore n'umugabo bafatanywe abantu 13 bapfungiwe mu nzu yabo


Umugabo n'umugore wiwe baba mu ntara ya Califoroniya,muri Reta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika,bahagaritswe n'igiporisi bagirizwa gupfungira abantu 13 bivugwa ko bavukana,mu nzu yabo.

- Mu makungu /

Kirundo : Imiti yari itwawe mu kibanza c'imoteri mu modoka yafashwe


Imodoka yo mu bwoko bwa CORONA PRIMIO yahagaritswe n'igiporisi itwaye imiti,mu gatondo ko kur'uyu wa kabiri,ku mutumba Gasura, wa Komine Vumbi, intara ya Kirundo ivuye mu gihugu c'Urwanda.

- umutekano /

Karusi : Umwigisha yahagaritswe n'igiporisi kirwanya igiturire


Umwigisha wo kw'ishure nshingiro ryo ku mutumba Tambi-Kabande, muri komine Bugenyuzi, intara ya Karusi, ari mu minwe y'igiporisi kijejwe kurwanya igiturire,kuva kur'uyu wa mbere igenekerezo rya 15 Ruhuhuma 2018.

- Ubutungane /

« Abaririmvyi n'abamenyeshamakuru dufitaniye ubucuti bunini »- Cédric Bangi


Inyuma y'urukino rw'umupira w'amaguru rwahuje umugwi w'abaririmvyi, n'umugwi w'abamenyeshamakuru b'inkino, aho urukino rwarangiye ku ntsinzi y'abaririmvyi ku bitsindo 2-1, Cédric Bangi aserukira imbere y'amategeko ishirahamwe ryo ku guranana ry'abaririmvyi mu Burundi, yamenyesheje ko abaririmvyi n'abamenyeshamakuru bagize umuryango ukomeye.

- umucuraranzi /

« SOMA MBIKE », ou la manière d'appeler vers les autres à seulement 132F la minute !

By Jean De Dieu

Tout le monde l'appelle LUMWANGA ! J'ai nommé Econet Leo. Le leader des télécoms au Burundi a encore généreusement offert des réductions à ses abonnés. Voici « SOMA MBIKE », le nouveau produit qui permet à l'abonné Econet leo qui l'a activé de passer des appels vers les autres réseaux du pays à seulement 2.2F la seconde – 132F au total la minute.

- ECONET Leo /

Kenya : Kenya Airways yahawe uburenganzira bwo gushika muri Amerika idahagaze


Ishirahamwe ryo mu gihugu ca Kenya ryunguruza abantu n'indege Kenya Airways ryahawe uburenganzira bwo gutanguza ingendo ziva ku murwa mukuru Nairobi zija i New York muri Reta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika ata hantu na hamwe indege ihagaze.

- Ubuseruko /

Primus Ligue A : Inkino z'umunsi wa mbere w'igice co gusubiriza zamenyekanye


Kuva kur'uyu wa gatatu igenekerezo rya 17 Nzero 2018, ihiganwa ry'umupira mu cicaro ca mbere Primus Ligue Burundi rizosubira gutangura mu gice caryo ca kabiri c'inkino zo gusubiriza. Urukino rwa mbere ruzohuza umurwi Flambeau de l'Est wo mu ntara ya Ruyigi n'umurwi LLBS4Africa, ku kibuga co mu Ruyigi.