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Rwanda’s Real Estate Industry Expected to Grow

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Real estate is becoming a strong component with prospects of lifting one of East Africa’s economic hubs.

Estimated to be at a eight per cent year-on-year gross domestic product growth, Rwanda’s future looks promising 20 years after the genocide that claimed close to a million lives.

β€œRwanda’s economic growth has been strong in the past few years. [The country is] expected to grow with social cohesion at the centre and being strongly amplified contributing to growth prospects 20 years after the genocide,” Zachary Latif an investment banker at TLG Capital Investments told CNBC Africa.

β€œFrom an investment perspective real estate looks promising with a number of construction projects in both commercial and residential sectors.” (303)


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About the Company

250Estate LtdΒ Company is a joint stock company established in 2012.

The Property listings you find on 250estate.com are from multiple listing services (MLSs) nationwide – the same listings services that real estate agents and brokers use. The MLS provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive set of property listings in a market.

Scope of work

250EstateΒ LtdΒ Β does real estate marketing and real estate consulting, all maintenance duties for real estate facilities and organizations (managerial, commercial, and service).

Purpose of the Company

The company works in real estate and conducts management, operation, development, marketing and maintenance services for all types of real estate, residential, commercial, administrative, as well as real estate consultancy for all types of properties to maximize value and increase revenue as it is undertaking a number of other services (Cleaning services – Buffets – Expansion in the application of security systems for all properties).

The company is an investment tributary of the largest insurance entity in Rwanda, working within a system of integrated real estate companies that has a wealth of assets and large-scale projects, both owned by the Insurance Holding Company and its subsidiaries or holding companies owned by other organizations of the Ministry of Investment.

250EstateΒ LtdΒ in sense of real estate management is considered responsible for all property management activities on behalf of the owner; In addition, it is also responsible about the beauty of the property and maintenance and in adding a new value to it through the integrated services that we offer.

In short we have a golden opportunity to acquire the place of a leading competitor in the domestic market that makes us aim for the foreign competition strongly.


250EstateΒ LtdΒ to become the leading and specialized Company in Rwanda and East Africa that increases the value of the property that it manages.

We at Rwanda’s real estate management give careful consideration to preserving the value of real estate that we Manage through the interest of the expectations of our customers and a strong focus on the smallest details of maintenance and investment returns for each property separately, and we are working to keep the credibility of the name β€œ250EstateΒ Ltd” in conjunction with the high experience, quality, and efficiency in its fields.


  • Regional expansion in the field of property management and marketing of all types of real estate.
  • Develop the strong base of key customers to help building the capacity of the company.
  • Increasing of investments and company assets to support the development of services and performance.
  • Build credibility and reputation in the field of property management.