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My weeding won’t be a concert- Diva Knowless

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My weeding won't be a concert- Diva Knowless

It’s one of the celebrity anticipated wedding waited by many in Kigali but Knowless Buteramade it clear that her wedding won’t be a concert and only invited guests will attend.

Speaking to Radio Rwanda, Knowless revealed how she wish her wedding to be like.

“My wedding is not a concert, people who will attend will be only those invited,” says Knowless

It is rumored that the wedding might take place early July or late but both Knowless and fiancée Clement haven’t said anything to do with the venue and dates.

The two have been dating for years but covering it as being profession because Clement is a producer and manager to Knowless.

Kina music artists Christopher, Tom Close and Dream Boyz will be the only artists to entertain guests.

She is a famous renowned musician with huge fans across the country.

Sorry to music fans who thought would just bump into the diva’s wedding unless they posess invitation cards.


FilleMutonito perform in Rwanda

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FilleMutonito perform in Rwanda

Top selling female artiste in Uganda FilleMutoni is set to rock Kigali on 1st July this Friday at club people.

The YegweAnsiga will be accompanied by Pretty Glo and Rwanda’s talented vocalist Jody Phibi.

Speaking to this website, Fille confirmed the news.

“We want Rwandans to have fun and that’s why I am coming to thrill them,” she said in phone interview with this website.

Fille who is half Rwandan was in the country last month to visit her relatives as well as working on music projects with a number of local artists.

She first took over Rwandan music charts when Hello song featuring Bruce Melody topped music charts in Rwanda especially in clubs.Ladies will enter free of charge while males will have to part away with Rwf 5000 to dance and enjoy the girls performing until dawn.

The concert is organised by Remy together with HotfmKigali.

Fille’s songs which are currently played on radio stations and clubs include Yegwe and MbeeraEno.Also SheebahKarungi will be in town for her show in Gisenyi slated to take place on 2nd July.

Hazoherezwa abakobwa 6 mu marushanwa mpuzamahanga ya Miss

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Abategura Miss Rwanda barateganya ko mu myaka iri imbere bazajya bohereza nibura abakobwa 6 mu marushanwa mpuzamahanga y’ubwiza.


Miss Jolly ugiye kwitabira Miss World uyu mwaka

Kagame Ishimwe Dieudonne, umuyobozi wa Rwanda Inspiration Back Up itegura Miss Rwanda yagize ati: “Turi mu biganiro bikomeye cyane kuko twebwe intego yacu turashaka ko buri mwaka abakobwa batandatu bahagararira igihugu hanze mu marushanwa 6 akomeye, kubera ko irya mbere nk’uko ubyumva ni Miss World ryo rirakomeye cyane kandi Miss Rwanda azaryitabira…”

Yakomeje agira ati “ Nko kuba igisonga cya mbere gishobora kwitabira Miss Earth, kuba igisonga cya kabiri gishobora kwitabira Miss Grand, undi akitabira Miss Tourism, Miss Heritage Globe hakajyamo Miss Heritage Rwanda,…”

Ni nyuma y’uko byamaze kwemezwa ko Miss Rwanda 2016 Mutesi Jolly azahagararira u Rwanda mu marushanwa ya Miss World ari nayo marushanwa y’ubwiza akomeye cyane ku isi kurusha ayandi.

Dieudonne yagize ati: “Amasezerano afitwe na Miss World na Rwanda Inspiration Back Up nka company itegura amarushanwa ya Miss Rwanda, ni ukuvuga ngo mugihe aritwe tuyiteguye, turumva bidukundiye tuzakomeza kwitabira Miss World nta guhagarara,

keretse bibaye ikibazo wenda hari uburyo natwe bitunaniye, ariko turumva ko bitazatunanira kubera ko ibyatuzitiraga byinshi byavuyeho, twaribazaga tuti turunguka iki? Biradufasha iki? Ese abakobwa bacu bashobora guhangana ku rwego mpuzamahanga ku buryo bashobora kujyamo atari ukujyamo gusa?”

Ibi bivuze ngo Rwanda Inspiration Back Up itabashije kongera gutsindira isoko ryo gutegura Miss Rwanda, umwaka utaha haba ibindi biganiro bundi bushya hagati ya Kompanyi yatsindira isoko na Miss World Organization kugira ngo Miss Rwanda 2017 n’abazamukurikira bazabashe kwitabira Miss World.

Rwanda Inspiration Back Up yari ifite amasezerano yo gutegura Miss Rwanda mu gihe cy’imyaka 3 gusa.

Aiden TK drops new hit

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Ex-Two 4real rapper Aiden T Kayitare finally released a new hit single dubbed For You.

Aiden has been quiet ever since Two 4real break up musically unlike Pius who is enjoying airplays with Agatako song.

The song is produced by Jay P and it’s in three languages Kinyarwanda, Luganda and English with both Afro beat and zouk flavours.

While releasing his song on Monday through his Facebook page and twitter account, Aiden promised to premier the video in three weeks’ time.

He started music way back in 2009 and tasted lime light when he joined forces with friend Pius to form Two 4real group.

After separating early this year, Aiden and Pius are both busy shaping their solo careers.

This is the second solo single from Aiden TK and given its taste, it might spread to the region.

Queen Cha proclaims she’s too busy ‘to entertain a steady relationship’

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m_Queen Cha proclaims she's too busy 'to entertain a steady relationship'

R&B singer Queen Cha reveals that she is busy shaping her music career and she got no time for relationship.

The Icyaha Ndacyemera hit maker disclosed to this website while dropping her new video dubbed ‘Alone’.

“Now I am focused on building my music career and I got no time for boys or committed relationship,” says Queen Cha. Queen Cha was dumped by boyfriend deejay Cox and later confessed that she cheated on him.

She tasted lime light when she released her first single with rapper Riderman dubbed Umwe Rukumbi. Queen Cha was introduced to music industry by her cousin Safi of Urban Boyz group.

Wasn’t happy in relationship, yet sad it ended- Teta Sandra

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Dereke broke up with Sandra because even though they were both in love his feelings had been waning for months and he ended it before it gets worse.

Dereke broke up with Sandra because even though they were both in love his feelings had been waning for months and he ended it before it gets worse.

She recently experienced the end of a two year relationship. Sandra Teta finally reveals that she wasn’t happy with Dereke for ending the relationship on social platforms.

Showbiz fraternity was shocked last week when they saw Dereke posting on Instagram that he is single again out of the blue.

In interview with this website Sandra noted that ending relationship is okay but social platform was not the right forum to end the relationship.

“I don’t understand why he decided to end the relationship on Instagram yet we didn’t fall in love through social media social platforms,” says Sandra

She added, break ups are normal but I think it would be better to approach me n person and tell me in person.

Sandra Teta and Dereke started dating late 2014 after Sandra dumped by then boyfriend Dieudone.

Fashion mogul Judith heard in town

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m_Fashion mogul Judith heard in town

Uganda’s socialite, model and business woman Judith Heard Kantengwa is in country for Kigali Fashion Week slated to take place at Serena Hotel on June 24 this Friday.

The renowned fashionista jetted in the country on Monday and had something little to say about her country.

“Everywhere I go, am proud to be called Rwandan because Rwanda is my country and i think even some people out would feel like me despite being of other origin due to the uniqueness of the country itself in all aspects,” says Judith.

She added, am here to support my country in fashion industry because i have took a step ahead at least as far as fashion industry is concerned.

Judith Heard had been coming in Rwanda for charity works and personal business in recent years.

The last time she was in Rwanda, she visited orphanage known as Kwa Gisimba and managed to donate items like food, oil, dresses and others to helpless kids.

Being a mother of three has taught her to give a helping hand to vulnerable children even back in Uganda.

Judith Heard is a Rwandan born model based in Uganda and she has also ventured into Rwanda movie industry all in quest to raise her country flag Rwanda higher.



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Derek ‘ended his relationship with Teta in the last few days

Derek 'ended his relationship with Teta in the last few days

Celebrated event organizer Sandra Teta and ex- beauty queen was dumped by her long-term artist boyfriend Derek Sano over unknown issues.

This came after few days when the couple’s best friends Olivis and Vanessa also called it quits.

Active crew lead singer Sano disclosed the break up news via social media on his Instagram page with a picture captioned ‘single again’

Speaking to this website, Sano refused to spill out the cause of break up.

“We loved each other but as you know every relationship has ups and downs and sometimes it’s better to let go than enduring complicated relationships,” says Sano

It has already started circulating in tabloids that Dereke might have been influenced by his fellow crew mate Olivis who was chucked in disgrace by his girlfriend Vanessa who called him a kid in public.

Vanessa is a close friend to Sandra Teta and they are ever seen together everywhere they go, this seems to be a planned move which scared Dereke to end the relationship.

Dereke started dating Teta two years ago and all has been going well until Tuesday 21, June when he announced the break up on social media.

Efforts to reach out to Sandra Teta were fruitless as she kept ignoring our calls.

It is also rumored that Sandra and Vanessa used the boys for showbiz purposes but they have never considered them as mature boyfriends to their close pals.


TBB, Big Furious duo out

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Nothing to stop TBB’s dream to make it on top in music arena as the trio continue to surprise music fans, as we speak it has already dropped a new single featuring Burundian superstar Big Furious aka Fizzo.

TBB performing at Guma Guma roadshow recently

TBB performing at Guma Guma roadshow recently

With the vision of expanding their music as well as conquering local music arena, TBB has dropped a new single with Big Furious dubbed Natacha.

Speaking to this website, Tino alias Kasirye Martin TBB’s lead singer revealed that it’s time for the group to shine.

“Brother, we have been hustling for many years but this year is TBB’s year, as we are in Guma Guma battling on big stage our new single Natacha is out to show our fans that we are ready to take our music on another level,” says Tino

The new love song was recorded back in May when Furious was in the country and it’s rumored that some few video scenes also were captured.

TBB boasts of songs like Ushyira High, Vuza Ingoma, Akenda and latest Natacha single.


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Last week, a couple of tabloids ran a story that quoted an unnamed source who said that Singer Olvis and Miss Vanessa relationship was on the rocks and the source rumored split.

To dispel rumours being spread online,” Olvis Mugabo admitted that have separated “amicably.”

“It’s true we have separated me &Vanessa over a couple of issues that I can’t reveal the details now but with time you will know more,” says Olvis.

Miss Vanessa has been lately seen busy enjoying with unknown male friend in dark corners of Chillax pub for days before Olvis knew it, it was already too late to save the relationship.

On the other hand, it is also rumored that Miss Vanessa wasn’t happy when she discovered out that Olvis has a kid, the thing he did not tell her before which drove their relationship to rocky grounds.

The two were last seen together on Industry connect party and close friends of the two also revealed that, the couple by that time it was only showing off.

Miss Mutesi gears up for Miss United countries beauty pageant

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Reigning Miss Rwanda Jolly Mutesi is in preparations to represent Rwanda in the first ever upcoming Miss United Countries slated to take place in Philippines capital Manila.

Miss United Countries beauty pageant aims at connecting beauty queens from various countries around the world in one competition with target of uniting countries despite diverse cultures.

Speaking to this website, Miss Jolly Mutesi confirmed the news and vowed to represent her country Rwanda in all aspects.

Miss Rwanda Jolly Mutesi posing on her car she was awarded after being crowned Miss Rwanda 2016

Miss Rwanda Jolly Mutesi posing on her car she was awarded after being crowned Miss Rwanda 2016

“The organizers of Miss United Countries beauty pageant contacted me and I agreed to participate because it’s one of the those platforms to show case Rwandan culture and beauty,” says Miss Jolly Mutesi

She added, “My management team is already in preparations to help me go well prepared to represent my country well”.

26 countries have already confirmed to participate in the competition and African continent will be represented by 11 countries including Rwanda.

The competition is slated to kick off in November with a slogan (Beauty Unifying world).

Countries to participate in the beauty pageant include Rwanda, Peru, Haiti, Brazil, USA, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Spain.Zimbabwe, Somalia, Nigeria, Morocco, Zambia, Cameroon, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi and Burundi.

This will be the first time ever for Miss Rwanda Jolly Mutesi to represent Rwanda in overseas beauty pageants ever since she was crowned in February 2016.

Already Miss Jolly has accomplished 50 percent of the projects she signed to do as Miss Rwanda when she was crowned.


Diva Knowless nominated for Nigerian music awards

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m_Diva Knowless nominated for Nigerian music awards

Rwanda’s song bird Knowless aka Butera overwhelmed for being nominate for Nigeria Entertainment Awards for the first time.

The Tulia hit maker talked to this website on cloud 9 and couldn’t believe that God continue to bless her from Kora wards to other international recognized awards like Nigeria Entertainment Awards (EAT).

“I am overwhelmed by the nominations although I don’t have much information at moment but all in all I can see that the world believes in my music and career,” says Knowless

She added. “This shows that Rwandan music is slowly being recognised overseas and I just encourage my fellow musicians to work harder and harder since music is not meant for some without Rwandans’.

The NEAs is an annual award ceremony with primary objective of recognizing the contributions of Nigerian and African Entertainers.

The award ceremony, in its 11th year, is not only focused on recognizing Nigerian entertainers but also highlight Nigerians who continue to make an impact in our immediate communities in Nigeria or extended communities in the diaspora.

The awarding ceremony will take palce on 4th November in New York USA this year.

Knowless is nominated in African Female artist of the year and the whole nomination list is below


Best Album

Y.A.G.I (Lil Kesh)

Applaudise (Iyanya)

Eyan Mayweather (Olamide)

Ghetto University (Runtown)

R.E.D. (Tiwa Savage)

Stories that Touch (Falz)

Seyi or Shay (Seyi Shay)

Mama Africa (Yemi Alade)

Hottest Single

Osinachi (Humblesmith)

Duro (Tekno)

Baba Nla (Wiz Kid)

Lagos Boys (Olamide)

Mama (Kiss Daniel)

Jagaban (Ycee)

Best Song

Pick Up (Adekunle Gold)

Oluwa Ni (Reekado Banks)

Vow (Timi Dakolo)

You Suppose know (Bez)

Type of Woman (Iyanya)

Go On (Niyola)

Afropop Artist


Wiz Kid

Tiwa Savage

Kiss Daniel



R&B Artist




Seyi Shay



Rap Act







Gospel Artist

Uche Agu

Frank Edward

Nikki Laoye

Sammy Okposo

Obiora Obiwon

Onos Brisibi

Dancehall Artist



Cynthia Morgan


Burna Boy


Indigenous Artist





Olu Maintain


Alternative Artist






Timi Dakolo

Best New Act



Adekunle Gold


Mz Kiss

Toby Grey

Most Promising Act to Watch


Mr. Eazi



Terry Apala

Coco Benson

Diaspora Artist



Mr. Eazi


Duncan Daniels


Best Collabo

Moniegram (Mr. 2Kay ft. Timaya)

Romantic (Korede Bello ft. Tiwa)

My Woman, My Everything (Patoranking ft Wande Coal)

Yaya Oyoyo (Lil Kesh ft. DaVido)

Reggae Blues (Harry Song ft Others)

Your Number (Ayojay ft. Fetty Wap)

Sekem (MC Galaxy ft Swizz Beats)

Finally (Masterkraft ft. Sarkodie, Flavour)

Best Live Performer




Yemi Alade


MC Galaxy

Best Music Video

Emergency (Dbanj Dir. Unlimited LA)

Right Now (Seyi Shay Dir. Meji Alabi)

Condo (Kuammy Dir. Moe Musa)

Karishika (Falz Dir. Aje Films)

Duro (Tekno Dir. Patrick Elis)

If I Start to Talk (Tiwa Dir. CP)

Quality (Pasuma Dir. HG2)

Sisi (Sexy Steel Dir. Chad Tennies)

African Male Artist (Non Nigerian / Africa)

Stonebwoy (GH)


Sarkodie (GH)

Sauti Sol (KQ)

Deng (LIB)

Papa Denis (KQ)

Bisa Kdei (GH)

Eric Geso (LIB)

African Female Artist (Non Nigerian / Africa)

Vannessa Mdee (TZ)

Efya (GH)

Lira (SA)

MZ Vee (GH)

Sheebah Ndiwanjawulo (UG)

Adiouza (SN)

Victoria Kimani (KQ)

Knowless Butera (RW)

Music Producer

DJ Coublon


Young John



Jay Pizzle


Lead Actor in Film

IK Ogbonna (Stop)

Daniel K. Daniel (A Soldier’s Story)

Femi Jacobs (Taxi driver-Oko Ashewo)

Ramsey Nouah (Gbomo Gbomo Express)

Joseph Benjamin (Rebecca)

Julius Agwu (Wives on Strike)

Supporting Actor in Film

Sambasa Nzeribe (A Soldier’s Story)

Hafiz Oyetoro (Taxi Driver-Oko Ashewo)

Desmond Elliot (Falling)

Tope Tedela (Surulere)

Femi Jacobs (The Visit)

Olumide Oworu (A soldier’s story)


Lead Actress in Film

Omoni Oboli (Wives on Strike)

Adesua Etomi (Falling)

Genevieve (Road to Yesterday)

Nse Ikpe-Etim (The Visit)

Belinda Effah (Stop)

Fathia Balogun (Ishanna)


Supporting Actress in Film

Osas Ajibade (Gbomo Gbomo Express)

Chioma Omeruah (Road to Yesterday)

Beverly Naya (Surulere)

Linda Ejiofor (A Soldier’s Story)

Kehinde Bankole (Wives on Strike)

Rita Dominic (Surulere)


Director – Film

Akin Omotoso (Tell me Sweet Something)

Frankie Ogar (A Soldier’s Story)

Ishaya Bako (Road to Yesterday)

Walter Taylaur (Gbomo Gbomo Express)

Niyi Akinmolayan (Falling)

Salisu Balarabe (Dadin Kowa)


Best Picture

A Soldier’s Story

Wives on Strike

Road To Yesterday

Tell Me Sweet Something

Taxi Driver (Oko Ashewo)



Best Short Film

Blood Taxi (Folasakin Iwajomo)

Hell Or High Water (Oluseyi Amuwa)

Good People Dead (Nodash)

The Encounter (Tolu Ajayi)

Child Soldier (Folasakin Iwajomo)

Brave (Lowla-Dee)


Best Actor – TV

Basorge Tariah Jnr (Do Good)

Folarin Falana (Jenifa’s Diary)

RMD (Hush)

Keppy Ekpeyong (Festac Town)

OC Ukeje (Before 30)

Kelechi Udegbe (Officer Titus)


Best Actress – TV

Ini Edo (Desperate House girls)

Kate Henshaw (Do Good)

Funke Akindele (Jenifa’s Diary)

Beverly Naya (Before 30)

Oge Okoye (Festac Town)

Abimbola Craig (Skinny Girl in Transit)


Best TV Show

Festac Town

Baby’s Daddy

Jenifa’s Diary

Skinny Girl in Transit

Officer Titus

Do Good


Africa (Non Nigerian) Best Actor

Majid Michel (The Department)

Abraham Attah (Beast of No Nation)

Idris Elba (Beast of No Nation)

Henry Adofo (Freetown)

Van Vicker (A Long Night)

Chris Attoh (Happiness is a Four letter word)


Africa (Non Nigerian) Best Actress

Fulu Mugovhani (Ayanda)

Nuong Faalong (Freetown)

Ama K. Abebrese (Beast of No Nation)

Nana Mensah (An African City)

Yvonne Okoro (Rebecca)

Faridah F. Kuteesa (House Arrest)


Africa (Non Nigerian) Best Picture



Beast of No Nation


House Arrest






Male Disc Jockey


DJ Kelvin (PH)

DJ Enimoney

DJ Vinnie

DJ Tunez

DJ Gavpop


Female Disc Jockey

DJ Lambo

DJ Mystelle

DJ Nana

DJ Sensei Lo

DJ Switch

DJ Soupamodel


Disc Jockey Collabo

DJ Shabsy ft. Kiss Daniel – Raba

DJ Kaywise ft. Oritsefemi – Warn Dem

DJ Xclusive ft Cassper Nyovest, Sakordie, Anatii & Banky W.

DJ Spinall ft. Yemi Alade – Pepe Dem

DJ Jimmy Jatt ft Wizkid – Feeling The Beat

DJ Kentalky ft. Lil Kesh – Blessings


African(Non Nigerian) Disc Jockey

DJ Lebbie (SL)

DJ Bossman (LIB)

DJ Mensah (GH)

DJ Joe Mfalme (KQ)

DJ Slick Stuart & Roja (UG)

DJ Vyrusky (GH)


Music Executive

Don Jazzy (Mavin)

Ubi Franklin (MMMG)


Ossy Chiori (Achievas)

Steve Baba Eko (Xtreme)

Okwudili Umenyiora (Eric Manny)


Radio OAP

Teddy Don-Momoh (Star FM)

Tisan (Raypower)

Toke Makinwa (Rhythm)

N6 (Cool FM)

Ushbebe (Naija FM)

Igos (Wazobia)


TV Presenter (Lifestyle)

Eku Edewor (53 Extra)

Ehiz (MTV)

Bolanle Olukanni (EL)

Adams (Soundcity)

Daala (Ovation)

Nansy Isime (Hip TV)


Comedy Act

I Go Die


Seyi Law





Fashion Model

Akpede Oghenekevwe

Mayowa Nicholas

Ndigwe Victor

Uju Marshall

Akomaye Kwen

Opeyemi Awoyemi


Best Online Comedy Act

Craze Clown


Chief Obi

Iya Ibadan

Foxy P

Wowo Boyz


The 2016 NEAs will be held on September 4th, 2016 in New York City, during the labor day weekend.  Stay tuned for more information planned for the NEA weekend.

Knowless hails from Kina Music with other established artists like Tom Close, Christopher and Dream Boyz.

She prides of songs like Tulia, Peke Yagu and she is nominated in 2016 Kora awards together with music legend Cecile Kayirebwa.

By Andrew Shyaka


Abahanzi baririmba indirimbo zihimbaza Imana bagiye kwitorera abayobozi

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Abahanzi baririmba indirimbo zihimbaza Imana bazahurira ku nteko Nyarwanda y’Ururimi n’Umuco tariki 23 Kamena 2016 mu nteko rusange bitorere abayobozi.

Ubwo bari munama na Jacques Nzabonimpa ushinzwe Umuco muri RALC

Ubwo bari munama na Jacques Nzabonimpa ushinzwe Umuco muri RALC

Icyiciro cy’abahanzi baririmba indirimbo zihimbaza Imana ni bo bari basigaye batarishyira hamwe mucyo bise Union (icyiciro) nk’uko bagenzi babo b’abahanzi banyuranye babigenje bagana ibyiciro (Unions) babarizwamo muri Federasiyo Nyarwanda ya Muzika.

Aba bahanzi bari baranze kujya hamwe n’abo badahuje imyemerere cyangwa amadini.

Uyu mwanzuro wo kwihuriza hamwe bawufashe nyuma y’inama yabahuje n’umuyobozi w’Umuco mu Nteko Nyarwanda y’Ururimi n’Umuco (RALC) Dr Jacques Nzabonimpa hamwe na bamwe mubayobozi bo m’Urugaga Nyarwanda rwa Muzika babasobanurira kubyiza byo kwihuriza hamwe no kutareba cyane kubibatanya.

Umuyobozi wa Federasiyo Nyarwanda ya muzika, Intore Tuyisenge, yatangaje ko nyuma y’uko bamwe muribo bakeneye kujya kuririmbira hanze y’u Rwanda ambasade zikabatuma ibyangombwa byo muri Federasiyo kugira ngo babemerere kubaha ibyangombwa (visa) aribwo batangiye kumva ko koko bakeneye kujya muri Federasiyo.

Yongeyeho ati: “Ibyangombwa twarabibahaye ariko tubabwira ko ubutaha uzongera kuza gushaka ibyangombwa muri Federasiyo atayirimo tutazabimuha.”

Dr Jacques Nzabonimpa yabijeje ko RALC izababa hafi mu bibazo byose bazahura nabyo. Yagize ati: “Twari tuziko mwese mutabyifuza ariko ubwo tubonye ko harimo abafite ubushake natwe twiteguye kubafasha”.

Yanabashishikarije guhamagarira bagenzi babo bataje kubyitabira kuko nabo bibafitiye akamaro.

Inteko Rusange izahuza abahanzi baririmba indirimbo zihimbaza Imana izaba tariki 23 Kamena 2016 ikazabera ku cyicaro cy’Inteko Nyarwanda y’Ururimi n’Umuco (RALC).

Iyi niyo Union yari isigaye kujyaho dore ko ibindi byiciro by’abahanzi baririmba bamaze kwibumbira hamwe.

Hari Union yiswe “Ikembe Rwanda Modern Music” ikaba igizwe n’abahanzi baririmba indirimbo ziri mu njyana zigezweho; “Ishakwe Gakondo” igizwe n’abahanzi baririmba injyana Gakondo; “Rwanda Audio Producers Organisation” igizwe n’abatunganya umuziki mu buryo bw’amajwi; “Rwanda Music Managers” igizwe n’abajyanama b’abahanzi muri muzika ndetse na “Rwanda Gospel Music” izashyiraho komite tariki 23 Kamena 2016.


Agatege video coming soon

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Local girl band made up of Charly&Nina is set to premier its new video come June20as the shooting is already done and it’s in final production stage.

The news coming from Decent Entertainment boss Alex Muyoboke who also doubles as the girl’s manager revealed the new through an interview with this website.

Agatege video coming soon

“We have already finished shooting and editing the video but producers are still dealing with mustering because I want it to come with quality images,” says Alex

He added that, Am sure that on 20th June, Charly&Nina music fans will be able to stream and download Agatege video online.

The Mampenzi hit makers tasted lime light early 2013 and since then they have been releasing hit after hit including their viral hit single dubbed Indoro featuring Burundian star Big Furious.

The girls also are in plans to expand their music audience by collaborating with regional artists like Ali Kiba from Tanzania.

Charly&Nina prides of songs like Bye Bye, Indoro, Mampenzi and Agatege which is topping local music charts.

Diva Knowless nominated three songs to put on her Wedding Playlist

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m_Diva Knowless nominated three songs to put on her Wedding Playlist

As she prepares her coming special day in life, singer Knowless Butera has revealed three songs that will entertain her guests as Umugabo Uhiriwe, Habona and Urare Aharyana all done by Kina music.

This comes following speculations of wedding day between Knowless and fiancée producer Clement draws near as it’s rumored that it will take place late July or early August this year.

m_Diva Knowless nominated three songs to put on her Wedding Playlist1

While speaking about how she would like to be treated on her wedding day, Knowless named 3 songs done by fellow Kina music fellow singers, Christopher, Tom Close and Dream Boyz.

“I would like to listen to Habona, Umugabo Uhiriwe and Urare Aharyana on my big day in life (her wedding) because their lyrics matches the function,” says Knowless Butera

Producer Clement Ishimwe who doubles as diva manager proposed Knowless last month and the two having been dating for more than five years ever since she broke up with Urban Boy’s lead singer Safi.

The two also are believed to be in final touches of wedding plans as people close to them intimated to this website.

Knowless is well known in music industry as one of the outstanding female singers that took local music to another level and recently she was nominated for Kora awards.

She prides of songs like Tulia, Follow any many others featuring other artists.


Active crew speaks out on getting back with Incredible boss

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Young talented singers Tizzo, Derek and Olvis denies getting back with their founder and Incredible boss Bernard as the tabloids have been claiming but admitted that they are working on several projects together.

This came following their linked photo of Bernard together with the boys in the studio which sparked rumors of getting back in their former label Incredible.

While speaking to this website, Active crew lead singer Derek Sano explained in details the relationship of the crew with Incredible boss.

Active crew boyz, Tizzo, Derek, producer Bernard in light green shirt and Olvis in Incredible records studios

Active crew boyz, Tizzo, Derek, producer Bernard in light green shirt and Olvis in Incredible records studios

“We did not separate because of conflicts as people claim but rather our contract with Incredible expired and we have been working together on various projects as our producer without any contract with him,” says Sano

He added, so people don’t get confused that we are getting back with the label or with Bernard as our manager but rather we are focusing much on working together as people in same industry.

Following the current status of Active crew of not having a stable producer who understands them very much like Bernard who found them, One can say it’s the real reason why the boys returned back to him.

Ever since breaking up with Incredible records in 2015, the trio joined Infinity studio but kept on working with various producers like Fazzo, Pastor P in search of a hit song but it seems no one has ever made them impressed like Bernard.

The former back up dancers turned into real artists in 2013 and they have been able to release multiple hit songs like Amafiyeri, Active love, Tonight as well as participating in Rwanda’s finest music competition dubbed Guma Guma.

Kidumu to light up Kigali

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East Africa finest music star Kidumu famous on stage for his vocals will thrill Rwandans come 1st July at kimironko based bar dubbed Roasty.

This will be the second time for Kidumu to perform for his music fans in the same place following last year’s successful show.

The Burundian legend announced the concert through his social media platform.

“Iam coming to great region after this UK tour, Rwanda and Matambaro Burundi are next on my calender,” he captioned the photo

The show will be hosted by local celebrated emcee Kate Gustave.

Kidumu concluded his Europe tour in Manchester and will first perform in Rwanda before going to his war torned home.

Kidumu, Kitoko duo coming soon

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Local music fans are set to dance new hit from East Africa’s music legend Kidumu featuring Rwanda’s hit maker Kitoko Bibarwa.

This comes following Kidumu’s shared picture of him and Kitoko in Manchester, UK together over the weekend caption with new hit coming soon with my brother Kitoko

The two artists have been friends for years and Kitoko always wanted a song with someone he grew looking at as his music genius.

Speaking to this website, Kitoko didn’t say much but confirmed the collabo.

“We talked and agreed on a project and soon music fans will be treated with a nice song of me and legend Kidumu,” says Kitoko

Kitoko currently stays in UK where he is busy pursuing business related course.

In Rwanda Kidumu has worked with artists like Alpha Rwirangira and Rukundo Frank who is currently in Canada doing movies and modeling

King James explains absence on the music scene

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Celebrated music star King James admits he was missing out on music lately due to overseas trips and working on his new album.

The singer is known for doing various shows and releasing hit after hit shocked music fraternity when he spent months without a single show or hit.

The above made fans question is where abouts as some also concluded that he has left music also.

“It’s true I slowed down musically because of the frequent trips outside the country but also I was busy working on my upcoming album,” says King James.

Last year, King James was topping the list of hard working artists in the country who are always busy on stage and in studio recording new hits.

As a matter of fact to win back his fans again, King released two audios in two weeks and is due to premier their videos soon.

The Ben to thrill Holland

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m_The Ben to thrill Holland

Only You hit maker The Ben is set to perform in Holland for Rwanda community next month as they celebrate liberation Day.

Rwandans on 4th July will be celebrating Liberation day around the world and singer The Ben will celebrate it with Rwandese in living in Holland.

The news were confirmed by The Ben himself to this website on Monday evening.

“It’s true i will perform for Rwandan community in Holland on liberation day and it’s a pleasure doing a service to my country too on such an important day in the history of Rwanda,” says The Ben

Born Benjamin Gisa Mugisha is a Rwandan top R&B artist based in USA.

He was called by Rwandan high commission in Holland to celebrate to help boost the moral of people who will be in a jovial mood of liberation day.

Despite being in America, The Ben’s songs like Ntacyadutanya and Only You are still toping local music charts.