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Jay Polly, Amag lands a gig in Kampala

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Local hip hop stars Jay Polly and Amag are set to perform in Kampala for the first time ever. The concert will take place in Light club in Kampala and Rwandan deejay Alur will be on the decks.

Speaking to this website, rapper Amag the black confirmed the news. “It’s time to show case to  the region the real Rwandan touch of hip hop, the concert is real and it will take place next month,” says Amag

The concert is slated to take place on 9th July and Ugandan singers Keko, Pallaso will grace the stage to mixed with local music. This is a big step to local hip hop which is popular in the country but artists never cross to the region to do shows like artists doing other genres.

The show dubbed Rwanda-Uganda this will be the second show in Kampala in this year for Rwandan artists to stage after a successful Rwanda-Burundi night that took place at Cayenne early April.

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Agatege video dropped

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Local girl band Charly&Nina finally premiered their much anticipated video of latest single dubbed Agatege.

The girls have been working on pressure ever since they ousted Indoro video which went viral in Rwanda and beyond.

The video is full of creativity and features Charly in swimming pool enjoying a romantic soak with a male video vixen.

Speaking to this website, Charly&Nina manager Alex Muyoboke promised the public to see more videos from the girls before the year ends.

“The ladies are working hard and you can clearly see the images of the video are of high quality and more videos are coming before this year ends,” says Alex Muyoboke

Agatege song is a love song which speaks about a girl reminding her boyfriend to push harder with much efforts to win her heart.

The former artist’s backups are also in contact with Tanzanian heartthrob Ali Kiba for Indoro remix.

The girls tasted lime light late 2013 and they have signed a 5 years contract with celebrated musician manager Alex Muyoboke.

Since last year, Charly&Nina are ranted in top selling female artists in Rwanda at the moment.

They recently signed a juicy deal worth millions with giant communication company MTN for promotion gig dubbed Yolo Yolo.

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Social Mula replaces Michael Ross for Summer Beach festival

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Social Mula replaces Michael Ross for Summer Beach festival

Vocalist Social Mula replaces Uganda’s sessional singer Michael Ross Kakooza on upcoming Summer Beach Festival slated to take place come July, 2.

This comes after Number One singer Ross turned down invitation to perform at the festival on the last minute sighting busy schedule colliding with festival.

Lambert Mugiraneza alias Socail Mula is currently under Real Entertainment owned by Theo Twahirwa.

The singer is currently enjoying massive airplays locally due to his new single Ku Ndunduro which he is yet to drop its video.

Social Mula tasted the lime light late 2013 when his hit single Abanyakigali went viral on local radio stations hence giving him a break through onto music arena.

However, he slowed down musically when he had issues with his managers over abusing drugs and missing recording sessions due to excessive alcohol, the thing he is working hard to overcome.

He boasts of songs like Turaberanye, Turabarana, Muburoko and many other featuring established artists.


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Malayika Murinzi video ousted

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Tom Close rocking the crowd on his album launch last year

Tom Close rocking the crowd on his album launch last year

Tom Close’s much anticipated video dubbed Malayika Murinzi is finally released following the successful power play of its audio.

Malayika Murunzi is a latest song from R&B crooner Tom Close aka Dr. Thomas Muyobano that has been rocking radio stations and city clubs produced by producer Celement Ishimwe.

While dropping the video on Monday, Tom Close promised to drop more videos before the year ends despite being silently busy with his medical profession job.

“It’s a love song with good lyrics, love message and the video is done in a way to make it easier for music fans to enjoy endlessly,” says Tom Close

He added, this year I am bit busy but am planning to release more videos and audios because music is my life and every time I think or do reflects on my music career.

The Yego hit maker is one of the few musicians who opened ways for many young local musicians into doing modern music ever since he launched his music career late in 2005.

Tom hails from Kina music with other artists like Knowless, Dream Boyz and Christopher all managed by Clement Ishimwe.

He prides of songs like Ubuziraherezo, Baza and Zero distance featuring BET award winner Eddy Kenzo


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Sheeba Karungi excited to rock Kigalians

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Sheebah 29, doing what she does best on stage

Sheebah 29, doing what she does best on stage

Leading dancehall diva in Kampala Sheebah Karungi can’t wait for stage moment in Kigali, Rwanda where she revealed that she is so excited to perform for Rwandans live on stage

The Nkwatako hit maker shared the good news to her t fans in a short video where she confessed that she can’t wait to perform for Kigali People.

“Kigali people get ready for your girl Sheebah and I can’t wait to be in Kigali live on stage because it’s one of the things eating my minds currently,” she posted

Summer Beach Festival happens annually and brings together people in Rwanda for summer time to network as well as enjoying cool L. Kivu sandy.

The show normally takes place on shores of L. Kivu and one of the organisers deejay Africano revealed that, this year’s festival will be the coolest ever.

“You know every year we try to go up in terms of preparations and bringing out new innovations and trust me, this year’s festival is very much well organized for music fans to enjoy until dawn,” says Deejay Africano

m_Sheeba Karungi excited to rock Kigalians 1

The festival is slated to take place on 2nd July and it will also feature local artists like Active crew famous for being youth favorite.

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Why Kina music artists doing music with veteran Makanyanga

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Musicians under Kina music label revealed the reason why they like recording songs with veteran singer Abdul Makanyanga as love for old school music and the legendary music skills.

Artists Tom Close, Knowless Butera, Christopher and Dream Boyz hails from Kina music label and they already have two songs out Iryo Mbonye and Rubanda featuring legendary Makanyanga.

Kina music musicians: Knowless, Christopher, Tom Close and Platin, TMC of Dream Boyz

Kina music musicians: Knowless, Christopher, Tom Close and Platin, TMC of Dream Boyz

Recently, while dropping their new single Iryo Mbonye, Dream Boyz crew member Platin Nemeye explained why the young artists love recording songs with Mzee Makanyanga.

“We all love old school music as in being real music and it’s a pleasure to us young stars to work with our music idol Makanyanga Abdul because he believes in youth to carry on the legacy of music made in Rwanda,” says Platin.

The new single Iryo Mbonye is already enjoying massive airplay on local television and radio stations.

Veteran singers like Makanyanga Abdul has always advised young musicians not to be taken away by this technology of using auto tunes and instead focus on developing their natural vocals as they did many years back without computers.

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Pole Pole video premiered

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Afro beat singer Kitoko Bibarwa drops his much anticipated video dubbed Pole Pole where he narrates the challenges he experienced in his music journey.

The new video was produced by Jah live music known for producing music videos for famous musicians like Bebe Cool, Chameleon and Eddy Kenzo.

Speaking to this website, Kitoko also promised to drop an album soon which will feature all his songs done abroad.

“Iam working hard dropping audios and videos to meet the target of giving my fans full package of a quality album composed of good melodies,” says Kitoko

He added, the video talks about the challenges we meet as people doing music, some call us gay, ganja smoker and womanizers but slowly they will get to know and appreciate what we do.

The singer also is said to have finished another super single featuring Burundian singer Kidumu and it will also be dropped soon.

Kitoko left to UK when he was ranked among the top best Afro beat singers in the country, the place which was left to musicians like Senderi, Mico and Austin.

Despite being in UK pursuing studies, Kitoko has managed to keep on releasing hit after hit and currently his hit singles rocking the region include Sibyo featuring Meddy and Am in love with Uganda’s queen Sheeba.

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King James denies relocating to South Africa

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Singer King James rubbishes reports that have been claiming that he is soon relocating to South Africa to base and do music from SA.

This came as after several tabloids reported that the music star is in plans to base in South Africa which made music fans demand explanations from him.

“It’s those ridicules false stories on me because South Africa is one of those countries i don’t even travel to or have business with,” says King James

The singer vowed never to quit his country because all his music speaks and is centered to Rwandan culture.

King James however, he has managed to expand his music to Southern countries in African like Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

He boasts of songs like Abubu, Naramukudanga and many more hits.

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Only you video premiered

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Local R&B finest The Ben alias Mugisha Benjamin finally drops his much anticipated video of hos collabo featuring Ben Kayiranga dubbed Only You.

As he promised on Monday, The Ben honored his word and the video is currently doing rounds on social media platforms.

Speaking to this website, The Ben explained much about the new video.

“It was shoot in Paris and am sure people will love it because myself and Ben Kayiranga invested a lot to produce a video of quality,” says The Ben

The singer relocated to US in 2010 and currently he lives in Chicago.

Despite living miles away from home, I am in love hit maker has been topping charts with his hit singles like Ntacyaduntaya and many others.

Before living the country, The Ben was one of the top R&B male artist with huge fan base.

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Knowless yitabiriye “Industry Night” iminota icumi gusa arigendera

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Knowless Butera yitabiriye igitaramo “Industry Night” cyateguwe na Miss Teta Sandra na Vanessa iminota igera ku icumi gusa ahita yigendera.

Knowless ku rubyiniro

Knowless ku rubyiniro

Mu gihe ibindi byamamare Nyarwanda byitabiriye iki gitaramo babanzaga guca ku itapi itukura bakabafotora ari nako baniyereka abafana, banaganirizwa n’intangazamakuru, kuri Knowless we siko byagenze.

Knowless uri kuvugwa cyane mu Itangazamakuru rya hano mu Rwanda kubera intambwe yateye mu rukundo aho yambitswe impeta na Ishimwe Clement amusaba kuzamubera umugore, yakoresheje uko ashoboye yirinda kwiyereka itangazamakuru.

Knowless ari nawe muhanzi wagombaga gusoreza abandi bahanzi mu kuririmba, dore ko yaririmbye igitaramo gisigaje iminota mike ngo gisozwe, yageze ahabera igitaramo  nyuma y’iminota igera muri itanu ahamagawe kuza ku rubyiniro ataraboneka hatangira kwibazwa niba koko ari buririmbe.

Aho aziye, yinjiye aririmba ahitira ku rubyiniro ntiyaca ku itapi itukura. Knowless waje aherekejwe n’abafana be bari banafite ibyapa bibaranga, yaririmbye iminota igera ku icumi gusa ari nako azenguruka mu bari bitabiriye igitaramo bose, hanyuma asoza kuririmba ahita asohoka nanone ataha kuburyo nta muntu wigeze abasha kuba yagira icyo amuvugisha cyangwa se amubaza.

Uyu muhanzikazi wambitswe impeta (bague de fiançaille) na Clement Ishimwe mu ijoro ryo kuwa 26 Gicurasi 2016, yirinze guha umwanya itangazamakuru dore ko uyu munsi henshi mu itangazamakuru ryo mu Rwanda ari nta yindi nkuru ihari usibye iyo kwambikwa impeta kwa Knowless no kwibaza igihe ubukwe buzabera.

Knowless kandi, abari bitabiriye igitaramo “Industry Night” wabonaga bamwishimiye cyane birenze uburyo byari bisanzwe, aho benshi bemeza ko byaba byatewe n’uko bishimiye intambwe uyu muhanzikazi yamaze gutera mu rukundo hamwe na Clement Ishimwe.


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Jean Luc wahembwe na King James yabonye umuterankunga

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Ishimwe Jean Luc wahembwe na King James indirimbo nyuma yo gutsinda amarushanwa yakoresheje ariko ntabashe kumusinyisha amasezerano, yamaze kubona umuterankunga.

 Akora mu Nganzo bikanyura benshi

Akora mu Nganzo bikanyura benshi

Uyu muhanzi ukiri muto ku myaka 20 amaze gutangarirwa n’abantu banyuranye bafite aho bahuriye na muzika harimo abayumva, abahanzi, abanyamakuru, abafasha abahanzi mu kwamamaza ibikorwa byabo ndetse n’abandi.

Mu minsi ishize hakomeje kwibazwa ku mpano y’uyu muhanzi n’impamvu King James atamuhaye amasezerano dore ko King James we avuga ko yaba Ishimwe Jean Luc yaba na mugenzi we bose nta n’umwe wujuje ibyo yifuzaga.

Iyi mpano itangaje rero nyuma y’inkuru zinyuranye ku mbuga zitangaza amakuru y’imyidagaduro hano mu Rwanda, ibiganiro yabashije kwitabira ku maradiyo anyuranye hano mu Rwanda, hari umuntu wiyemeje kumufasha mubikorwa bye bya muzika.

Mu kiganiro na Ishimwe Jean Luc, yadutangarije ko byamushimishije cyane kuba yarabashije gutangira kubona abashima impano ye bakanamwemerera ubufasha.

Yagize ati: “Nabyakiriye neza cyane byaranshimishije cyane. Twaravuganye ambaza icyo numva nkeneye cyane ubungubu ndabimubwira arambwira ngo agiye kubikoraho.”

Yakomeje adutangariza ko mu biganiro bagiranye yamubwiye ko atari ubufasha bw’igihe cyose ariko ko arabasha kumufasha kubyihutirwa akeneye ubu.

Uwo wiyemeje gufasha Ishimwe Jean Luc utifuje ko amazina ye ajya mu itangazamakuru, yadutangarije ko kuri we gufasha umwana ufite impano itangaje yumva ari inshingano ze.

Yagize ati: “Nabonye aho asubiramo indirimbo nasanze afite ijwi ryiza ni ukuri ni n’umuhanga, uririmba neza. Ijwi ry’umwimerere n’umutuzo bisasiye ubuhanga ntacyabuza kumutera inkunga, ngo akore mu nganzo kuko imbere ye ni heza.”

Yakomeje adutangariza ko n’ubwo yemeye ubufasha ariko atari ukumubera umujyanama (Manager) kubera umwanya no kuba atari byo akora.

Yagize ati: “Icyatuma ajya muri studio byibura akaruhuka kwicarana inganzo atamurika ibihangano bye nagikora ibyo ntakora ni ibyo kuba manager ntago nabishobora …”

Afite indirimbo nka “Uri uwanjye”, “Nimpagera” na “Uze njye nkomora”.


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Bruce Melody na Urban Boys mu bishimiwe cyane

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Mu gitaramo cy’i Karongi, Urban Boys na Bruce Melody bishimiwe cyane kurusha abandi, bamwe banemeza ko Bruce Melody azatwara igikombe.


Urban Boys ku rubyiniro

Ku ncuro ya kabiri haba igitaramo cya Primus Guma Guma Super Star 6, Bruce Melody na Urban Boys nibo bishimiwe cyane kurusha abandi bahanzi bose, hakurikiraho Jules Sentore na Christopher.

Umwe mu bafana baganiriye yagize ati: “…abaririmbye bose wabonye ko Melody ari we wabashije kubikora neza kurusha abandi haba muri live (umwimerere), haba mu gukundwa mu baturage. Sinshyizeho ko ariwe mfana ahubwo nkurikije ibyo narebye.”

Yongeyeho ko Allioni na Bruce Melody batari bakwiye guhangana kuko batari ku rwego rumwe.

Yagize ati: “Byagenze neza ariko twe tuba twiteguye ko turi bubone abahanzi benshi batandukanye bakunzwe ariko ugasanga bazanye nka Allioni mu mwanya wa Dream Boys. Kuko Dream Boys ibyo yakora kuri stage biba bigaragara ko ari yo yahangana na Melody. Ariko Allioni ntabwo ari umuhanzi wahangana na Melody. Wenda bose ni abahanzi bateye intambwe ariko ntibari ku rwego rumwe.”

Umwe mu bakobwa bitabiriye iki gitaramo utifuje ko amazina ye ajya hanze yagize ati: “Ni ubwa kabiri baje hano ariko ikintu nabonyemo kidasanzwe ni uko Bruce Melody ari we ufite abafana benshi kurenza abandi bantu maze kubona hano.”

Yongeyeho ati: “Niba koko ibyo bavuga Primus Guma Guma nta kata irimo, njye nziko Bruce Melody ari we uzatwara igikombe.”

Undi mufana we ahamya ko kujyamo kwa Danny Vumbi byaciye m’ukuri. Yagize ati: “Nshobora kubona Danny Vumbi nk’umuntu wagiye azana utuntu tw’udushya muri PGGSS6, ni umuntu wagiyemo ukunzwe, kandi bigaragara ko kujyamo kwe byaciye m’ukuri.”

Iki gitaramo cyatangiye gikerereweho ku isaha yari iteganyijwe, ibintu bitashimishije abafana.

Abahanzi bahageze sa munani na 15 byari biteganyijwe ko batangira
sa saba (13hoo) ariko batangiye sa munani na 45 barangiza sa kumi n’imwe

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Comedy is back in Kigali

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Comedy is back in Kigali

Comedy is back in Kigali

Local and regional comedians are set to converge in Kigali this Sunday 29th at Serena hotel for a comedy show dubbed Game of thrones.

It’s been long without seeing comedians on stage cracking jokes because most of them have been busy doing various shows in countries like Uganda, Kenya and Germany.

Comedy Knights crew manager, Nice Budadi confirmed the show to us and promised massive comedy show.

“Comedians like Michael and Arthur have been busy doing solo shows in Kenya, Uganda and Germany but now they are back with new jokes and are ready to crack comedy fans ribs this Sunday,” says Nice

Comedians Arthur Nkusi, Babu, Michael, Herve and Uganda’s Omara D will perform on the same stage.

Rwanda’s comedy industry is slowly growing although there is still a problem of luck of funds to push and expand their jokes to all corners of the country.

The show will take place at the usual place Serena hotel and entrance fee is Rwf 5000 per person.

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PGGSS 6: Abahanzi barizeza abakunzi babo ibitangaza

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Nyuma yo kuririmbira i Karongi, abahanzi banyuranye bari mu marushanwa ya PGGSS6 barizeza abafana babo kuzabakorera ibitangaza mu bitaramo by’umwimerere.


Abafana bari baje bitwaje ibyapa biriho abahanzi bakunda

Allioni wifitiye icyizere ko azegukana iri rushanwa abikesha imiririmbire ye ndetse n’abafana be, yagize ati: “Mu mwimerere (live) nzahinduka, imyambarire izahinduka, imibyinire myiza iri ibereye ijisho (sexy), imiririmbire myiza, mbese bazitegure ibyiza byinshi.”

Urban Boys na yo ngo bizaba ari ibitangaza. Nizzo yagize ati: “Iyo umwimerere(live music) ugiye kuza navuga ko tuzabikora neza cyane ku buryo na bo babibona ko ari sawa, bazabe maso kuko abafana bacu bari mu irushanwa n’abandi bafana b’abandi bahanzi…”

Nizzo kandi yizeye ko bazatwara igikombe. Yagize ati: “Nizera ko abafana  ba Urban Boys ari bo benshi, nta bwoba mfite kandi ni cyo kintu tugomba gutwara uno mwaka igikombe tukacyereka abafana bacu, igihe cyose twakoze.”

Yongeyeho ko gutwara igikombe ari ubuhanga kandi ubuhanga bakaba baburusha abandi. Yagize ati: “Ukuyemo Urban Boys abandi bakurikira ni sawa ni abahanga nabo ariko twe tugahamya ko turi abahanga kurenzaho kuko ubuhanga si ijwi, ubuhanga si iki, ureba uburyo ukora n’icyo abantu bakunda.”

Bruce Melody na we wemeza ko igikombe ari icye, we yanavuye i Karongi yishinganishije gutwara igikombe. Yagize ati: “Umugambi ni ukwegukana igikombe; mboneyeho no kubivugira aho imbaga nyamwinshi yumvira, turashaka gutwara igikombe n’igitangaza kiri ahantu kitari kibizi ko ariyo gahunda dufite kibimenye…”

Yongeyeho kandi ko buri rushanwa agiyemo aba afite ubwoba kandi ko aribwo bumufasha gukoresha imbaraga nyinshi.

Danny Vumbi we asanga buri wese ashobora kwegukana igikombe. Yagize ati: “Kugeza ubu tumaze gukora ibitaramo bibiri, umuntu wakwihandagaza akavuga ko yayitwara yaba abeshye. Ubu ngubu uwariwe wese afite amahirwe. Kugeza ubu njyewe amahirwe aracyangana na 1/10 kuri buri muhanzi”.

Ibitaramo by’umwimerere bya PGGSS 6 bizatangira mu kwezi gutaha tariki 4 Kamena i Nyamirambo kuri Tapis Rouge.

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Kid Gaju to drop two singles soon

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Kid Gaju to drop two singles soon

Kigali Baby singer Kid Gaju is set to release two audios and videos at once in quest to expand his music boundaries.

The singer talked to this website through a phone interview on May 23.

“Am now busy working hard on my two songs which I believe will take me to another level or hopefully be played over Africa,” says Gaju

The singer is currently in Kampala, Uganda where he intends to spend more than a month recording and shooting his coming videos.

Gaju’s new singles is being produced by Nessim famous for producing hit songs for musicians like Bebe Cool and Irene Ntale.

However, the singer refused to mentioned the titles of his coming new songs but cemented that the titles are purely in Kinyarwanda.

Gaju is one of the talented music stars Rwanda is blessed with and he has produced hit songs like Gahunda which is still enjoying massive airplay in Uganda and Kenya.

He tasted the lime light late 2012 and since then he has been releasing hit after hit with local artists and regional musicians like Radio&Weasel.


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Missing Guma Guma won’t slow down my music- Paccy 

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Miss President hit maker Paccy vows never to slow down musically despite missing popular music competition Guma Guma.

The rapper and mother of one disclosed the information while dropping her new audio dubbed Igitego.

“Some people think that missing Guma Guma will slow me down but the truth is it gave me more strength to work harder,” says Paccy

She added, “I am working hard these days to record more audios and videos to expand my music audience”.

This year’s Guma Guma has only two ladies Allion and Young Grace who are battling with 8 males for a prize of Rwf 24M.

Paccy is popular for opening doors for young female emcees like Young Grace, Fearless and others.

She started singing early 2007 and became popular in 2010 but her music career slowed down after giving birth.

Utabona wacurangishaga umuduri yishimira ko ageze kuri Gitari

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Umuhanzi Seturatwa Alias w’imyaka 25 y’amavuko ubana n’ubumuga bwo kutabona, ngo kuba yarabonye Gitari bizatuma arushaho guhanga indirimo zishimisha abamwumva.

Utabona wacurangishaga umuduri yishimira ko ageze kuri Gitari

Umuyobozi w’Akarere mushya Kayiranga Emmanuel ku bufatanye n’abakozi bahereza uyu muhanzi utabona Seturatwa impano ya Gitari

Uyu mugabo Seturatwa utuye mu Kagari ka Bukoro, mu Murenge wa Mbogo akaba ari umugabo wubatse ufite umwana umwe n’umugore umwe.

Uretse kandi kuba ari umuhanzi ufite impano yo gususurutsa abantu bakishima, akunda kuririmba indirimbo za Kinyarwanda, zirimo indirimbo zaririmbiwe Imana, izo yaririmbiye umukuru w’Igihugu cy’u Rwanda Paul Kagame iz’Igihugu n’izindi, ubundi akaba ari n’umuhinzi mworozi.

Seturatwa Alias, yagize ati “Umwuga w’ubuhanzi ndawukunda cyane n’ubwo ntabona, ariko nishimira kuririmbira abanyumva nkabaha ubutumwa mbinyujije mu ndirimbo, nkanabasusurutsa bakishimima nanjye biranshimisha cyane”

Akomeza agira ati: “Nashimishijwe cyane na Gitari nahawe n’abakozi b’Akarere ka Rulindo ndetse na Kangwagye Justus wampuje nabo bakangurira Gitari izamfasha kurushaho kuririmba indirimbo zinogeye amatwi z’abo ncurangira, kuko nibishoboka nzarenga n’Akarere njye no gucuranga n’ahandi”.

Avuga ko nta kidashoboka kuko mu bushobozi buke afite yaguze umuduri agacuranga kuko yumvaga bimurimo, yabitangiye afite imyaka 18, akaba yarashatse umugore kandi atabona, avuga ko kandi babanye neza, kuko bafatanya bagahinga, bakanorora dore ko  ajya no kwahira ubwatsi bw’inka

Kuko aririmba mu birori binyuranye byo mu Murenge ndetse no mu Karere yagiye acuranga akumva abantu barabyishimiye, nyuma yo kubona ko ibihangano bye bikundwa na benshi, mu gihe cyashize yagiranye ikiganiro n’umuyobozi w’Akarere ka Rulindo ucyuye igihe Kangwagye Justus.

Kangwagye Justus yaganiriye n’abakozi b’Akarere bamaze kubona ko afite impano yamufasha kwibeshaho, bamusezeranyije impano ya Gitari (Guitar) yo gucurangisha isimbura umuduri yari afite izamufasha kunoza neza ubucuranzi bwe.

Abakozi b’Akarere muri iyi minsi bakaba baramushyikirije impano ya Gitari bari baramusezeranyije ifite agaciro k’ibihumbi 120Frw.

Seturatwa yasabye abafite ubumuga bumva ko batagomba kumva ko imibereho yabo igomba gushingira kugusabiriza gusa ko ahubwo nabo bashoboye. Abakozi b’Akarere bamwijeje ko bazakomeza kumuba hafi.

Umuririmbyi Prince ngo yaba yarishwe na SIDA

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Umuririmbyi Prince Rogers Nelson, umaze iminsi apfuye, ngo yaba yarishwe na SIDA yari yaranduye ariko akanga kuyivuza yizeye gukizwa n’Imana.

Umuririmbyi Prince ngo yaba yarazize indwara ya SIDA

Umuririmbyi Prince ngo yaba yarazize indwara ya SIDA

Uyu muririmbyi wamamaye ku isi, wo muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika, yapfiriye aho yabaga tariki ya 21 Mata 2016. Abo mu muryango we bavuze yo yishwe n’indwara zikomoka ku bicurane.

N’ubwo ariko abaganga batari bashyira ahagaragara icyamwishe nyirizina, ibinyamakuru bimwe byatangiye gukora ubucukumbuzi ku cyaba cyaramwishe.

Igitangazamakuru kitwa National Enquirer, cyakoze ubucukumbuzi, gitangaza ko amezi atandatu mbere y’uko Prince apfa, bamupimye bagasanga arwaye SIDA. Ntiyivuje kuko ngo yizeraga ko azakizwa n’amasengesho.

Icyo gitangazamakuru gikomeza gitangaza ko yari yaranduye agakoko gatera SIDA (HIV) mu myaka ya 1990.

Uyu muririmbyi w’imyaka 57, wasengeraga mu idini ry’Abayehova, mbere y’uko apfa umubiri we ngo wagaragaje intege nke cyane ku buryo ngo yapimaga ibiro 36.

Igitangazamakuru Daily Mail gitangaza ko umwe mu baganiriye na National Enquirer, utarashatse kwivuga izina, yavuze ko abaganga bari barabwiye Prince ko afite amaraso make. Ikindi ngo yaryaga gake cyane, yanarya agahita abigarura.

Prince ngo yakundaga gufata imiti imugabanyiriza ububabare yari afite ku buryo ngo na mbere yuko apfa hari abamubonye ajya muri “Farumasi” (Pharmacy) gufata iyo miti. Ibyo bigahura n’ibyo CNN, televiziyo yo muri Amerika, yatangaje ivuga ko ababonye umurambo we bwa mbere, bahasanze imiti igabanya ububabare.

Nyuma y’urupfu rwa Prince ibihuha byakomeje gusakara bivuga icyamwishe. Hari igihuha cyavugaga ko yishwe n’ibiyobyabwenge. Ariko L.Londell McMillan, wunganira abantu mu by’amategeko, uzi Prince kuva kera, avuga ko uwo muririmbyi atari imbata y’ibiyobyabwenge.

Daily Mail ikomeza ivuga ko Prince yasize imitungo n’ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi bitandukanye. Ibyo byatumye abo mu muryango we bananirwa kumvikana mu kugabana iyo mitungo kuburyo barinze kwitabaza inkiko.

Ababikurikiranira gafi ariko bo bavuga ko kugabanya imitungo abo mu muryango wa Prince bizasaba imyaka myinshi.