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Rwanda small holder farmers get international financial boost


The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) are launching smallholder farmer financing programs with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to improve food security among vulnerable people in Rwanda and Tanzania.

The initiatives with KCB Bank Rwanda Limited and CRDB Bank PLC in Tanzania are part of the Farm to Market Alliance, a multi-stakeholder platform established in 2016, of which IFC and WFP are global members, to create agriculture value chains that secure sizeable local and international demand for produce from smallholder farmers. The Alliance is designed to create systemic change in markets through a holistic approach to smallholder development. This approach, which is sustainable and commercially viable, benefits individual farmers and broadens the global supply base of agricultural produce to meet increasing demand.

“Smallholder farmers produce most of the world's food, but they form the majority of people living in poverty and often have food security challenges themselves,” said David Beasley, WFP Executive Director. “We want to help them get better access to markets so they build more demand for their products, thus making a long-term impact on the economic future for them and their families. But WFP can't do it alone, and that's why we are grateful for our collaboration with others through the Farm to Market Alliance."

“Agribusiness drives many African economies and creates the most jobs on the continent,” said IFC CEO Philippe Le Houérou. “Through the Farm to Market Alliance, IFC is creating new markets—by connecting smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa directly with buyers. The result: improved productivity and higher living standards for people in rural areas.”

IFC, joined by GAFSP, will provide advisory services in the form of capacity building activities to improve the professionalism of smallholder farmer cooperatives in the area of financial management and governance as well as agronomy and input use training.


Ministry of Justice to address incomplete dossier challenges


The Attorney General and Minister of Justice has today assured the inmates without complete dossiers that the problem is going to be addressed in a special way.

The minister made the promise in Huye yesterday during the commemoration of international day for rights of the inmates under the Mandela Day.

Celebrated in Rwanda for the first time, it was marked under the theme; “Respecting the rights of an inmate,”. Mandela Day, celebrated on July 18, is an annual international day adopted by the United Nations.

Commenting on the issue, one of the inmates who represented others within Huye prison told Minister Busingye that there are many inmates with incomplete files. He said that those who have ever been detained at the former communes requested that there should be urgent investigations , so as to indicate the dates as to when they were detained, so that those who have served their time can be set free.

Busingye promised to address the issue squarely. “Everybody will be having a complete file; if there happens to be those kept here, others at CNLG, Gasabo or at the commune; we are going to collect all of them together.” Busingye promised.

Over 3000 attend YouthConnekt Africa 2017 Summit


The Ministry of Youth and ICT has announced that about 3000 participants are attending the YouthConnect Africa 2017 Summit that has kicked off today 19th, ending 21st under the auspices of the Government of Rwanda in conjunction with UNDP and UNCTAD.

In an interview with IGIHE, Emmanuel Habumuremyi the advisor to the Minister of Youth and ICT said that this is an important opportunity for small entrepreneurs to exchange ideas.

“Normally Youth Connect is organized in anticipation of hosting 2000, but now the number has increased, we have reached to 3000” Habumuremyi pointed out.

A number of key issues will be discussed with investors and guests like Jack Ma, the CEO Alibaba Group, CEO Pang Xinxing, Akon, Tony OnyemaechiElumeru, the proprietor of Heirs Holdings, United Bank for Africa and Transcop; Kamran Elahiam the CEO of Global Catalyst and others.

Cultural nourishment as Inganzo Arts stages art exhibition, poetry

By Keisha Murenzi

An art exhibition accompanied by recitals of Rwandan poems and proverbs is awaited between 22nd July to the 22nd of August. It will take place in the the afternoons from 2pm at Inganzo Art Center in Masaka.

A couple of artists as well as poets are preparing this event dubbed “Ubugeni Bugema Umugani”. They've had in mind for a while to showcase their art pieces. They also have a plan to strengthen the art of Rwanda proverbs.

The artists portraying their pieces will consist of Uwase Crista, Epa Binamungu and the renowned poet Jean de Dieu Nsanzabera..

During a discussion held with the media recently, Epa Binamungu, founder of Inganzo Arts Center revealed the event will be mainly to display the culture and mostly to bring back the practice of Rwandan poetry.

Those who will attend the exhibition will admire the work of distinctive artists, purposely painted to flourish Rwandan traditional culture and transmit this to the youth, especially the exquisite practice of proverbs that has been forgotten by many over the years.

“As we know, many people forgot some of what makes our traditional culture such as the reciting of proverbs mostly among the youth."


UNDP urges youths to write books on President Kagame achievements


After elaborating on the diverse politics that Rwanda is using to extend good governance to its people, UNDP Country Representatives, have said that the country has achieved commendably for other countries to emulate.

Yesterday, the UNDP representatives held discussions with leaders in Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and earmarked the importance of programs that are helpful in reaching locals including the VUP, Ubudehe, Girinka and others that have improved livelihoods.

Abdoulaye Mar Dieye, UNPD undersecretary for African affairs noted that Rwanda attributes its good governance to its respective structural formation.

He said that where Rwanda is now is quite commendable and should be emulated by other countries while the youths should write books about the achievements.

“I hope that youths will write books about President Kagame. Not only in Africa but also other countries should know that the Land of a Tousand Hills has an exceptional political approaches that can be learnt about.”

RGB Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Shyaka Anastase, said the UNDP leaders wanted to the structural formation of the politics that define good governance in the country.

“They wanted to know about our governance mostly how we coordinate our work. In the reports they have been receiving, they appreciated how we work with media, build capacities in NGOs and other activities we engage in to promote good governance and specifically our exceptional approaches.”

The UNDP leaders are in the country for a week and will visit different institutions including the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and attend meetings that occur in Rwanda, such as the ‘Youth Connect'.

Kagame intensifies campaigns in Muhanga, Ngorororero


Presidential campaigns took Centre stage on Tuesday with the governing Political Party RPF-Inkontanyi continuing to mobilize support ahead of the August 4th elections.

On Day 4 of the electoral campaigns, incumbent President Paul Kagame was in Muhanga and Ngororero where he rallied support for his re-election bid in August polls as Democratic Green Party candidate Dr. Frank Habinenza was in Kirehe and Ngoma.
Speaking during his rallies in Ngororero district in Western Province, Kagame who was accompanied by the First Lady Jeannette Kagame and other RPF-Inkontanyi party officials said that the most important resource Rwanda has is the people and therefore important to invest in their well being; their health, their education and transforming their lives.

“The progress we have made is proof of what we are capable of, but it is not enough; we want to deliver even more. Rwandans know their destiny, we shall achieve a lot, and we shall reach far.”

The President reminded the supporters who branded his name on the walls and banners to strive together to achieve and reach far through hard working.

The Head of State was escorted by the Minister of Sports and Culture Julienne Uwacu who is also in charge of his campaigns countrywide.

Uwacu said that in the last 23 years, Ngorororero district has transformed through infrastructure development, adding that seeing electricity in all its 13 sectors was a dream but today it's a reality.

From Nogorororero, the President's next afternoon stop was in Muhanga district where the streets yet again featured the RPF-Inkontanyi's red, blue and white colors.

In Muhanga, it was an exciting moment, as thousands of young and old cheered, danced, sung and waved to praise the incumbent President for as far as the eye could see. He first toured Muhanga Regional Stadium.

Meanwhile, Dr. Habineza has been asked to stick to electoral guidelines and regulation to avoid any interruption to his campaign. He on Monday joined supporters in a morale gathering at Cyasemakamba in Ngoma district after a rally in Kirehe.

While in Nyakarambi – Kigina sector in Kirehe district at Gahara sector football pitch his first campaign site, Habineza promised that he will ensure that each household has plenty of food through agricultural innovations.

On July 19, Habineza is expected in Rulindo and Nyabihu districts of Northern and Western Province respectively.

Three die, two hospitalized in a suspected consumption of poisonous cassava in Rubavu


Two children from one family and another from the neighborhood have passed away after eating cassava believed to be poisonous, according to reports coming in from Rugerero Sector, Rubavu district.

The deceased include, Patrick Ngabo aged six, and his young brother Jean Damascene Nizeyimana, four, and Claudine Uwase also aged four years.
It is reported that another child plus the women who served them are admitted in Gisenyi hospital.

The Executive secretary of Rugerero sector has confirmed the news saying that after eating sour cassava containing “cyanogenic glucosides,” they were not rushed to the hospital which is the reason why some passed away.

“The women who bought and cooked the sour cassava “cyanogenic glucosides”, after served her children and the neighbors that is how they fell sick, but instead of rushing them to the hospital they took them to the traditional healers suspecting they're bewitched, then later they transferred them to the hospital but the three could not survive.”

It is reported that management of Gisenyi hospital received the patients and said that they had consumed dangrous, adding that they rushed them to the hospital when it was too late.

Aimé Saidi who received the patients said that they ate the cassava at midday but were taken for medical treatment when one was already dead but others died and Saidi says that they managed to save the women as well as the other child.

“We are hopeful they will recover” Saidi added.

The same incident is claimed to have happened in Nyundo, Gisenyi in Western Province where three children were killed towards the end of last year.

Police FC extends Coach Seninga contract to 2020


Police FC has extended Coach Innocent Seninga's contract till 2020, according to the law enforcer's football club, which now litters the speculation that former Rayon Sports Coach Djuma Masudi was holding talks with Police.

Seninga joined Police FC in 2016 and replaced Andre Cassa Mbungo. He assisted the club by moving it from sixth to the second position during the 2016/2017 National Football Season behind the league champions Rayon Sports FC.

According to the law enforcers club, finishing second by the coach was an accomplishment in his first year, a reason considered before his contract extension.
After putting paper on paper, Seninga revealed that the club well-thought-out what he has done, including taking them to the second position in a short period of time, as well as changing the playing system on top of developing the attackers like Danny Usengimana who was named the top scorer from 15 goals last season to 19 this season.

“I introduced change in the dressing room which created team work; these are the causes why that believed that I tried. The other reason is being rewarded as the promising coach of the year.” Seninga said

The Police FC coach further added that his main goal will be to win a trophy with the law enforcers, besides developing a promising and talented youth side, and believes he will realize his goals.

As part of the preparation, to boost the club squad during the on-going transfer season, Seninga has already signed Bertrand Iradukunda , David Nzabanita both from Bugesera FC, the others include Mustapha Nsengiyumva and Fiston Munezero from Rayon Sports FC as well as Issa Zapy besides they recalled Olivier Usabimana from who was on loan at Marines FC.

On the other hand, the club has lost Robert Ndatimana to Bugesera FC, Hegman Ngomirankiza, Japhet Imurora, Jean Paul Uwihoreye, on top of Usengimana to Singida fc in Tanzania.

RISA takes over ICT roles from RDB


The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has handed over its Information Communication and Technology responsibilities to the Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA).

The newly created agency will now be in charge of ICT skills development, creation and innovation of new products and technical work.

Clare Akamanzi the Chief Executive off Rwanda Development Board said that the creation of an independent agency was long overdue for the government to fast-track its ambitious program of digitalizing Rwanda.

“All the business aspects will remain with RDB,” Akamanzi said. “RISA will be in charge of the digitalization program of the country as Rwanda strives to be one of the ICT model nations in Africa. For instance, CCTV, the Irembo project, cyber security, new technologies and infrastructure development will be shouldered by RISA.”

The RDB chief further vowed to work closely with RISA in a complementary manner.
Innocent Muhizi, the CEO of Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), said that the organization's core mission is to simplify the certification process in Rwanda.

“We shall try our level best to make the process of getting certificates related to movements, birth certificates etc. simpler,” he said.

Muhizi further noted that RISA will embark on building the capacity through training, and added that the task ahead is enormous and that RISA will need the support of RDB.

Regarding cyber security and crime, Muhizi said that Rwanda is doing well and is second only to Mauritius in Africa. He called on people to know how they can protect themselves against risks of cybercrime.

The government is considering setting up an independent cyber security agency in response to the growing need for national preparedness to deal with cyber security.

Muhizi said the gains made in cyber security in the recent past are no reason for the country to be complacent.

Rwanda was last week ranked second in Africa in commitment to cyber security by the Global Cybersecurity Index.

The report took account of countries' commitment to cyber security based on aspects such as legal, technical and organizational measures, capacity building and international cooperation

Last year, the government of Rwanda invested $3 million in cyber security and there is a plan to set up an independent government agency that will exclusively handle cyber security.


AuraSoft to launch RIHA Mobile Wallet system


The remittance industry has evolved in recent years, with mobile operators and fin-tech companies providing attractive alternatives to the traditional models by offering more convenient and cheaper methods of sending remittances via mobile phones.

Aurasoft a young and dynamic Rwandan multi-skilled software service provider has announced it will launch a new remittance system called “RIHA Mobile Wallet” to offer similar services.

Riha Mobile Wallet is said to be a consumer engagement payment platform for retail and brands, it is said to deliver a fast, secure, and convenient way of making and receiving payments.

Speaking to IGIHE Alain Ndayishimiye the boss of Aurasoft said that RIHA Mobile Wallet is different from the regular system but it offers same services when sending money in local Rwandan currency.

“It brings to proximity of your money to one place, let it be from separate banks accounts and even from your mobile money account. As you continue using the RIHA, you continue to get used to it which then helps you to manage your money in an appropriate manner on top of other offering you services that you need.

The payments system will see buyers making payments for a good and services before without waiting to receive them, for instance payment of food which is ready in a restaurant.

The service will also assist business to gather customer and service information; the system does not cost payment when one wants to send money to a friend's separate bank account.

Ndayshimiye further says that the reason why they decided to introduce the new system to Rwanda is because the Government introduced paperless payment systems to boost business to try and eliminate carrying huge paper currency and receipts altogether.

RIHA Mobile Wallet uses Bluetooth, Tap&Pay, NFC (Near Field Communication as well as POS machines (Point of Sale Machines). The system will be started in January but will be launched in next month in August, 2017.

The National Central Bank (BNR) reported that over 3.3 million send and receive money using mobile phones operated by three telecommunication companies MTN, TIGO and Airtel.

National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) reported that despite the slowdown in the global economy, remittances' receipts grew by 7.7 percent in 2016 compared to a decline of 11.1 percent in 2015, following the emergence of mobile network operators (MNOs).

AuraSoft Ltd is a young and dynamic Rwandan multi-skilled software service provider with a highly competent workforce and a presence in the East African market.


Danny Usengimana scores on his debut for his new club Singida FC


In his first debut for Singida FC, Rwanda striker Danny Usengimana assisted his new club to defeat Pamba FC in the 5-0 victory match played in Tanzania over the weekend.

The former Police FC striker recently joined Singida United after putting pen on paper in a reported $100,000 (about Rwf 83m), which made him the most expensive player in the Tanzania topflight league.

Usengimana netted two out of the five goals the other three goals were scored by Atupele Green who was also recently signed this season from JKT.

The 21-year-old who was named the 2016/2017 Rwandan top scorer he had spent two seasons with Police FC, before joining the newly promoted Tanzanian Singida FC.

The Amavubi right back Michel Rusheshagoga who was signed together with Usengimana also featured in the pre-season game.


Amavubi resume training, ahead of 2nd leg of CHAN qualifiers against Tanzania


Amavubi resumed training on Monday, 17 July after giving the players a rest on Sunday 11 July.

This was following their 1-1 draw in a CHAN 2018 qualifier match against Tanzania on Saturday, 17 July at the CCM Kirumba in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Rwanda needs to stage a goalless draw to go through on an away goal rule but a win for Antoine Hey's side over the Tanzania will comfortably earn them a place in the final round of the Central-East Zone qualifiers of the Total African Nations Championship (CHAN).

Hey remains optimistic that the return leg will be a different game as they look forward to their qualification for the tournament that will be staged in Kenya.

“I'm impressed with the level of our fitness. We will now focus on the few mistakes that we made and make sure we improve before the second leg,” Hey added.

The winner over the two legs will face either Uganda or South Sudan in the final round for one of the two Central-East zone slots.


RGB rewards “Intwaramihigo” for service delivery


Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has awarded members of “Intwaramihigo” who help in the process of instilling as well as sensitizing the population about service delivery through their program dubbed ‘‘Nk'uwikorera''.

The top prize winners that were rewarded comprise of Immigration, National Police, Rwanda Development Board, as a result of the services they render for attracting investors, Ministry of local government, ministry of labor, the Ministry of youth and sports.

The others are; Rwanda Air, Rwanda Cooperative Agency, the Private Sector Federation, Rwanda Association for Muslims and Rwanda Association for Protestants.
Media houses too were given prizes for the unmistakable role they play within Nk'uwikorera program; these include RBA: TV1, Kigali Today, Kiss FM, Rwanda on line and others, as well as the Misses Rwanda 2016 Mutesi Jolly and Iradukunda Elsa of 2017.

The Chief Executive Secretary of RGB, Prof. Shyaka Anastase explained that Intwaramihigo are people with an important role in speeding up the smooth offering of quick service delivery.

He pointed out that they are characterized by efficiency at work, exemplary, security, immigration, RDB and others such as religious denominations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Private Sector and others, can innovate the culture of speeding up smooth service delivery.

He added that the second group includes those facilitating others like the Ministry of Local government, which helps others to work effectively.

In the last five years, the index for service delivery rose from 66.21% in 2011 to 72.93% six years later, which indicates that it has improved by 6.72% during the last five years.

RGB points out that after realizing the nature of the problem, it discovered that it was imperative to put in place special measures, so as to reach the desired index, as within EDPRS2 Rwanda set a target for the sector of service delivery to reach 85%.

In search of a solution to this problem, it required RGB to invite the Prime Minister on 30th March 2017, to Karongi District to launch a program whose purpose was to sensitize the population to offer services, as if they were working for themselves.

The program involves many people, whether groups, individuals, media, footballers, Misses of Rwanda too were inclusive in 2016 and 2017 and different leaders who were all dubbed Intwaramihigo.

Until to date the context of how the citizens view the governance and service delivery within their localities Citizen Report Card has continued to indicate that service delivery is still low among different department which is under 70%.

These include agriculture 48.4%, livestock 54.2%, infrastructure 58.6%, the role of citizens in the acts meant for them 58.9%, implementation of programs intended to boost their welfare 61.2%, justice 62.7%, and land 67.3%.


Rapha Medical Clinic raises awareness on Glaucoma


Glaucoma refers to a group of disease where the pressure inside the eye is sufficiently elevated to cause optic nerve damage, resulting in visual field defects. However glaucoma can occur with normal intraocular pressure.

Normal intraocular pressure (IOP) is between 10 and 20 mmHg. Some types of glaucoma can result in an IOP exceeding 70 mmHg, creating corneal edema and immediate loss of vision.

Considering the burden of glaucoma especially in developing countries, where people are not familiar with routine eye consultation; glaucoma patients consult at late stage, with irreversible loss of vision. Rapha Medical Clinic with the help of Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon, Prof Saiba Semanyenzi Eugene, they took the lead in educating people on this condition.

Glaucoma is the second commonest cause of blindness world-wide, and in Rwanda no accurate data is available. The bad thing about this eye disease is that people affected by this condition don't complaint about any symptom; the complaint will come just at the ending stage of the disease.

The cause of glaucoma is not well understood, however it is thought to be due to raised eye pressure, reduced blood flow at the optic disc and also some genetic factors.

Even though the physiopathology of glaucoma is not well known; many hypothesis are concluding on genetic cause. Secondary glaucoma is due to series of causes: inflammation (uveitis, aphakia (absence of the lens), trauma, cataract, retinal ischemia, bleeding, previous surgery, tumors, medications (e.g. long-term topical corticosteroids), etc.

Glaucoma's common risk factors include ocular hypertension, age above 40 year olds, race (black Africans are at five times greater risk than whites), positive family history and myopia.

Key: Damage to the optic disc in glaucoma patients! In glaucoma, nerve fibers transmitting visual information from the photoreceptors to the brain are lost, resulting in characteristic changes on the surface of the optic nerve as it leaves the eye (damage to the nerve fibers at the disk); causing irreversible loss of vision. An examination of the eye at the slit-lamp often tells immediately whether or not there is glaucoma by the shape of the optic disc.

JPEG - 51.4 kb
Normal Optic disc
JPEG - 180.7 kb
Glaucomatous optic disc

Confirmation of this condition is done by measuring the intraocular pressure, performing funduscopy and an automated visual field test. Early Diagnosis and treatment are so important to avoid irreversible blindness.

Source : Prof Dr Saiba Semanyenzi Eugene

JPEG - 123.3 kb
A patient undergoing visual field examination at Rapha Medical Clinic

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Airtel Rwanda leads in data services


As Airtel continuously positions its self as the best data provider in the market, in a poll conducted by the service magazine last week revealed that Airtel Rwanda is the preferred network to offer the most affordable and best data services on the market.

The poll that was conducted on twitter by the Service Magazine saw Airtel score 45 % topping the polls as voted by Rwandans on Twitter. (#Rwot). Airtel tops the polls as it has continuously positioned itself as the best data provider and with affordable rates in the market.

Airtel Marketing Director Moses Abindabizemu commented that, "Airtel Rwanda is taking steps to improve its customer experience by offering the best rates on products and services that subscribers use frequently - like data. We have enhanced data services by providing the latest 3G LTE infrastructure where they can enjoy the fastest internet"

"And in our latest products is the MaxPack which bundles up both internet and voice calls both off net and on net to enhance user experience. With our MaxPack service, customers are able to make calls and enjoy browsing the internet at very affordable prices", added Moses

Presidential campaigns in “General calm”, says Police


Rwanda National Police (RNP) has said that the security situation in the ongoing presidential campaigns are in “generally calm” with no major incidents.
RNP was reacting to the security situation over the past one week of the campaigns. RNP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Theos Badege, said that although the force has put in place “extra caution” to ensure safety of people.

“Rwandans have continued to exhibit the highest spirit of vigilance and respect for the law while exercising their electoral rights either on campaign sites or communities.”

“So far, there was only one incident where a truck was involved in an accident in Gasaka Sector in Nyamagabe District, injuring two people,” ACP Badege said.
The victims were immediately rushed to Kigeme hospital for medical attention.

“We call upon motorists to abide by traffic rules and regulations especially during the ongoing presidential campaigns, where movements are very high, to prevent fatal accidents. Elections do not replace other laws,” ACP Badege said.

“We have witnessed numerous reckless and risky behaviors of some motorists in the past one week of campaigns. Some motorcyclists ride without helmets, and with passengers seated in unlawful and risky styles which can easily result into fatal accident,” he noted.

He also warned against over-speeding, over-loading and bad maneuvers, the other reckless behaviours he said are common.

“While exercising your electoral rights, you should do it in a way that doesn't violate other laws or rights of others.”

Particularly, on vehicles transporting people, he emphasized that they should carry the required number as per the insurance, and ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy.

The spokesperson called for continued vigilance and exchange of information on anything that can affect the social wellbeing of the people in their communities, campaign sites and on roads.

Kigali Marriott Hotel offers delectable Weekend Brunch, Theme Nights

By Mugabo Jean d'Amour

Food lovers and weekend revellers now have a range of options to spice up their days, nights, and weekends, thanks to Kigali Marriott Hotel's Weekend Brunch and Theme Nights.

The five-star hotel offers mouth-watering and flavoursome cuisines, served by a brigade of professional chefs endowed with experience from all corners of the world.

Awanish Joshi joined Kigali Marriott as the Executive Sous Chef four months ago after exploring various countries and tasting a great many culinary offerings for almost eight years.

“It's time to introduce new flavours to Kigali. We're showcasing a wide range of dishes from Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Western to African cuisine,” says Awanish.

In its Soko Restaurant, Kigali Marriott offers colourful Theme Nights on weekday evenings and a fun-filled Weekend Brunch to cap off the week.

Weekend Brunch dishes

Weekend brunches take place on Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am to 4.00pm. International dishes include:

• A live barbeque grill with a choice of seafood, meat, and poultry
• Live Asian noodles station
• Carving station
• A variety of pasta dishes
• A selection of international cheeses
• Homemade bread rolls and loaves
• A ‘Healthy Corner' featuring a salad bar, compound salads, and antipasti
• An international breakfast counter that includes fresh fruits, cereals, flavored
yogurts, breakfast pastries, waffles, and pancakes
• A delicious dessert station with cakes, pastries, and other treats
• Ice cream station

The newest and most exciting addition to Kigali Marriott's weekend brunch is its extravagant champagne option.

“We're the first hotel in Kigali to offer a champagne brunch,” says Awanish, adding that all brunches carry with them free swimming pool access, giving families and groups of friends a great day out. Kids can also play in the newly opened bouncy castle to burn off that extra weekend energy.

Theme Nights features

Kigali citizens looking to spice up their week nights need look no further. The Kigali Marriott now offers three theme nights featuring amazing Indian, Asian, and African food.

Inspiring Indian Theme Night explores the authentic flavours of signature Indian dishes such as succulent Tandoori kebabs, fragrant biryanis, spicy curries, and Indian breads from an interactive open-plan kitchen.

“Don't forget to complete your dinner with a sweet choice from our tasty Indian desserts selection,” Awanish observes.

Diners can choose from a host of main dishes that includes murgh makhni (butter chicken), mutton rogan josh (Indian mutton curry), Amritsari fish, biryani, mushroom jalfrezi, dal tadka, tandoori chicken, lamb kebab, fish tikka, among others.

Authentic Asian Theme Night boasts Far East delicacies for ones who love feasting on delicious Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Thai cuisine. Main dishes consist of sushi, dim sum, fresh seafood, salads, a carving station, as well as a selection of desserts with an Asian flair.

Appetizing African Theme Night proudly features traditional African food with authentic Rwandan and East African tastes under one roof in Soko Restaurant. Hungry guests can indulge in grilled meats (beef, goat, chicken, or fish), Rwandan goat stew, African beef stew, mchuzi wa samaki, chicken maffe, neboke, iainari, sambaza, isombe, chapatti, and more.

“We have many talented local chefs who ensure the food is top notch at our African Theme Night. Our Chef Innocent takes the lead on our Rwandan cuisine, bringing an authentic touch” says Awanish.

When it comes to food at the Kigali Marriott, guests are spoiled for culinary choices that extend beyond the buffet. Soko Restaurant also offers signature a la carte options. Diners looking for a more intimate option can visit Cucina Restaurant which serves the best authentic Italian cuisine in Kigali.

Having opened its doors in Kigali City centre last year, the five-star Kigali Marriott Hotel is a subsidiary of Marriott International which is present in over 110 countries with more than 6,000 hotels globally.

JPEG - 275.9 kb
Themed nights
JPEG - 145.5 kb
Weekend Brunch is served in a range of a great many options
JPEG - 140.2 kb
Fresh seafood on Asian Theme Night
JPEG - 189.7 kb
Asian inspired noodles
JPEG - 191.3 kb
Addictive papads that keep guests coming back for more
JPEG - 265.4 kb
Salads with a tastefull Indian flavour
JPEG - 160.9 kb
Main courses featuring a variety of Indian spices
JPEG - 227 kb
Awanish Joshi, the Executive Sous-Chef at Kigali Marriott Hotel
JPEG - 200.3 kb
Tandoori ovens in action
JPEG - 217 kb
Kigali Marriott's Weekend brunch has all one may need

817 Rwanda Defence Force personnel retire


For the fifth time since 2013, the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) retires its military personnel in accordance with the RDF Special Statute.

During the 2017 retirement phase, a total of 817 service personnel including 369 career Officers and Other Ranks are set for retirement and 378 military personnel are concluding their service contracts with the RDF, while 70 others are being discharged on medical grounds.

A send-off ceremony to honour their service to the nation will take place at Senior Officers' Mess at Kimihurura, on 17 July 2017.

The ceremony will be presided over by Hon. Gen James Kabarebe, the Minister of Defence.

Source : MINADEF

Dr. Frank Habineza in financial crisis


Democratic Green Party Candidate Dr. Frank Habinenza, has explained that he has mortgaged is house as collateral so as to access a loan to fund his presidential campaigns.

Dr. Habineza kicked-off his presidential campaign in Rusizi and Nyamasheke on the first and second days of the campaigns.

In an interview with Voice of America (VOA) early in the morning this Monday, Dr. Habineza cited the challenges faced by his political party stating that he is struggling with financial constraints during the campaign period.

“With the limited resources at our disposal, it is not easy; we will have to find the means from within ourselves through sacrifice, as a way of finding a solution. The little means that we have will be used to accomplish all our agenda and we're optimistic that we shall complete the campaign successfully. “

He said that he has offered his house as collateral so that he can secure funds for the campaigns.

“I have surrendered my house, this implies that if I fail to pay back, then It will be taken, that is no any other option if you don't risk. In this case, the risk we have taken is simpler than the ones we had taken before.” the Green Party flag bearer said.

However Dr. Habineza is confident he will win, he thanked the security agencies for the assistance they have offered him while campaigning.

He further called on party members to donate whatever they can so that they can contribute to the campaigns.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) recently clarified that political parties can get money from their members for any purpose including preparing for elections.
Hitherto, the Dr. Habineza had said that the party will seek a bank loan so that it could meet the financial obligations.

Dr. Habinenza, however, did not reveal the cost of his house.

Antoine Hey pleased with the draw in Tanzania


Amavubi head coach Antoine Hey has said that he is pleased and satisfied with the one-all result performance of the national team draw away in Tanzania despite the challenges ahead of the game.

Rwanda forced Tanzania to a 1-1 draw in their second round, Central-East Zone qualifier for the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) on Saturday in a match played at the CCM Kirumba Stadium in Mwanza

The Amavubi team secured the lead - and a potentially vital away goal - in the 18th minute when Dominique Savio Nshuti putting the ball at the back of the net.

However, in the 34th minute, the Taifa Stars hit back to level the game at 1-1 through Himid Mao's spot kick when Amiable Rucogoza handled Simon Msuva's attempt in the box leading to a penalty.

Coach Hey and his side who arrived in Kigali on Sunday night aboard RwandAir flight from Kilimanjaro said that he is pleased with the point from Mwanza given the poor preparations of his side, on top of some players who missed the flight and used the road from Dar Es Salaam to Mwanza.

“We are happy with the results in the match, you know we had many problems ahead of the game, players traveled by roads for 24 hours, we had no friendly game played we had problems.” Hey, who has not won any game since he took up the team added they will continue training immediately when they come back home.

The two sides will face off on Saturday 22nd July at the Kigali stadium in the return leg. The aggregate winner of the tie will face either South Sudan or Uganda in the final qualifying round for a ticket to the Kenya finals.

South Sudan forced Uganda to a goalless draw, the return leg set for next Saturday at the Star Times Stadium, Lugogo.