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Umuyobozi mu kigo cy'igihugu gishinzwe amakoperative yatawe muri yombi

By Emma-Marie Umurerwa

Urwego rw'Igihugu rushinzwe Ubugenzacyaha (RIB) rwataye muri yombi Umuyobozi w'Ishami rishinzwe Umurenge Sacco mu Kigo cy'Igihugu gishinzwe guteza imbere amakoperative (RCA), Mukakarangwa Francesca.

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Abayisilamu 22 mu basaga 40 baregwaga iterabwoba bagizwe abere


Urugereko rw'Urukiko Rukuru ruburanisha ibyaha mpuzamahanga n'ibyambukiranya imipaka ruherereye i Nyanza, kuri uyu wa Gatanu rwasomye urubanza rw'abantu 41 baregwaga ibyaha byo gukorana n'imitwe y'iterabwoba, 22 bagirwa abere.

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Kicukiro: Visi Meya na Gitifu bagizwe abere n'urukiko

By Akayezu Jean de Dieu

Umuyobozi wungirije w'Akarere ka Kicukiro ushinzwe ubukungu, Mukunde Angelique n'Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w'Umurenge wa Kanombe, Higiro Emmanuel bagizwe abere n'Urukiko rw'Ibanze rwa Kicukiro.

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Border market worth $3 million handed to Rubavu district

By Samson Iradukunda

Patience Umutesi, The CEO of East Africa Trademark which funded the construction of the market assured that the support to facilitate cross border trade will be sustained.

“Construction of this market built within two years took $ 3 million which also catered for renovation of a road to remove trade barriers,” she said.

The cross border market has 192 trading rooms and 5 freezers.

Trade Mark East Africa plans to build more similar markets in Rusizi and Rutsiro districts.

Rubavu district vice mayor for economic affairs, Janvier Murenzi revealed that the market is among infrastructures reinforcing strategies to meet the district's goal to become trade and tourism hub within six years.

“The market will facilitate inter-trade with DRC citizens. It will promote exports because it has a particular section designed for improvement of Made in Rwanda products,” he said.

The Director of Private Sector Federation (PSF) in Rubavu District, Jeannette Kayumba Nyota highlighted that the market will ease businesses for women who used to make long walks carrying loads.

“The market comes at the right time because we receive many traders from DRC. There will be no more long walks to get goods. Both Congolese people and Rwandans will be exchanging goods here at the border,” she said.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINICOM), Michel Sebera requested residents to maintain the marker infrastructures.

The market is expected to facilitate trade between Rwandan citizens and those of DRC


  • March 22nd 2019 at 10:37

Musanze youth urged on promoting inclusive justice

By Samson Iradukunda

The message was delivered on Wednesday in Musanze district during discussions with students held at INES Ruhengeri as part of ongoing judicial week that run from 18th to end on 22nd March 2019.

The chairperson of the Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC), Aimable Havugiyaremye reminded them that prevention of crimes requires concerted efforts from different actors.

“Fighting and preventing crime is our daily duty. Those directly involved are not enough with the absence of beneficiaries. When they properly understand inconveniences of crime, prevention methods and how to provide early information; our work becomes easy. That is why we organize such discussions countrywide for better understanding of judicial process undertakings,” he said.

Participants pledged to give their contribution increasing awareness among citizens on
crime prevention measures.

“We have been reminded of our role in preventing crime early. Our contribution will be
providing explanations to citizens how to avoid crime and update them on related
punishments. This will undoubtedly reduce criminals,” said Gedeon Rutayisire a student in the department of law.

Discussions during the judicial week are held on different topics including citizens' involvement in crime prevention, prevention of drugs, defilement, corruption and
cyber crimes among others.

The chairperson of the Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC), Aimable Havugiyaremye reminded the youth that crime prevention requires efforts from different sectors


Rwandan born MP to represent President Macron at #Kwibuka25

By Samson Iradukunda

In his visit to Ethiopia on March 14 this year, President Macron said France will be represented in the 25th commemoration of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

“It is true that Rwanda invited us in commemoration activities. We received the invitation and I am sure that France will be represented,” President Macron said.

Berville is a 29 year-old French Member of Parliament who was elected to the French National Assembly on 18 June 2017, representing En Marche!, the centrist party founded by the current French President Emmanuel Macron. He is also spokesperson of this party.

A survivor of the genocide against Tutsi in 1994, Hervé Berville was born in Rwanda in 1990 and he was adopted by the French couple who took him to France in 1994 after some of his family members were killed during the genocide.

He graduated from the London School of Economics and worked for Stanford University's Kenya Campus before joining politics in 2016.


Parliament concerned over scarcity of fruit trees in Rwanda

By Samson Iradukunda

The concern was raised on Tuesday as the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana appeared before parliament explain persistent problems in agriculture.

MP Athanasie Nyiragwaneza observed that they have met farmers running short of seedlings despite the annual approval of the budget to support agriculture which also caters for the provision of fruit tree seeds.

“Funds to make fruit seedlings accessible have been provided but we have been finding people having no seedlings. It took a lot of funds but digging deeper into root causes of the problem we find that some people are not informed,” she said.

Nyiragwaneza revealed that the money to provide seedlings was not delivered to farmers in some areas while others who got the money planted few and used the rest for other purposes.

MP Léonard Ndagijimana reiterated that even few planted seedlings are not properly taken care of.

He pointed out some areas where pests destroyed mango trees without interventions.

“Fruit seedlings are planted but there is no follow up. Why are we discussing to plant more yet existing ones are deteriorating? Mangoes in town, Eastern and Southern Province are affected by diseases and no one is following up. They suffer from diseases of small white insects preventing absorption of nutrients,” he said.

MPs also decried concentration of much effort in exported fruits while there are others in Rwanda that can contribute to eradicate malnutrition.

Minister Mukeshimana explained that a lot was achieved over the past three years increasing the quantity of edible fruits especially avocado, mangoes and Macadamia.

She said that 79, 900 mango trees, 158 512 avocado trees were planted in 2016/2017 adding that 45 488 avocado trees, 124 100 mango trees and 14 000 macadamia trees were planted in 2017/2018.

Dr Mukeshimana attributed the scarcity of fruit trees to high cost of grafted plants.

“Grafted plants are still expensive because it takes time to reach maturity. For instance, an avocado requires at least between 9-12 months while macadamia takes 18 months to have the seedling ready for planting,” she said.

Dr Mukeshimana has however revealed a plan to follow up seedlings for edible fruits and establishing rules for standard nurseries.

She said each family will be mobilized to plant at least three varieties of edible fruits to combat malnutrition. A total of 8 million fruits trees are expected to be planted under this countrywide program within two years.

Figures from MINAGRI indicate that 150,000 avocado trees and 150,000 macadamia trees are expected to be planted in 2019/2020.


Public warned of disasters due to strong winds

By Samson Iradukunda

According to the statement signed by the Director General of Rwanda Meteorological Agency, Aimable Gahigi, the strong winds are predicted to blow mostly in the Eastern Province, Western Province, Northern Province and a large part of the Southern Province.

Strong winds are expected to gust on a speed between 8m/s and 12m/s equal to 29Km/h and 43Km/h as per the statement.

“The predicted wind could cause disasters to people and properties and infrastructure. Hence, we call on the population to take measures in a bid to avoid and stop disasters,” the statement reads.

Recently, the Ministry of Emergency Management has cautioned the public of potential disasters that could come with the rainy season.

“About schools, church houses and other places that attract gatherings of people, we ask the public to check if roofs are well tightened and install lightning rods in public buildings,” the Minister in Charge of Emergency, Germaine Kamayirese said.

Statistics by the Ministry of Emergency Management indicate that between January and June last year, disasters killed a total of 234 people and injured 268 others, destroying 15,264 houses and 9412 hectares leaving 797 livestock dead.

An assessment conducted in 15 districts most affected by disasters showed that disasters caused more than Rwf204 billion in economic losses between January and October last year.


RwandAir to launch direct flights to Kinshasa

By Samson Iradukunda

This follows the signing of agreements to open airspace enabling RwandAir flights to Kinshasa and vice versa for Congo Airways.

Rwanda's delegation was in DRC at the beginning of this week in talks with their Congolese counterparts and DRC president, Félix Tshisekedi.

Part of Rwanda's delegation were Yvonne Manzi Makolo, the CEO of RwandAir and Silas Udahemuka, Director General, Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority.

Makolo has told IGIHE that ‘Kigali-Kinshasa flights will start mid-March 2019 while flights to Guangzhou are expected to begin on 18th June this year.'

Following recent talks, the senior advisor to president Thsisekedi, Nicole Ntumba Bwatshia who was part of the delegation explained that the talks aimed at seeking together with the head of state how Rwanda and DRC may reach consensus in opening airspace for air transport.

Bwatshia explained that RwandaAir aircraft will soon use DRC airspace and vice versa that both countries will be able to maximize benefits from bilateral relations.

With 12 airplanes, RwandAir conducts flights to 26 destinations in East, Central, West and Southern Africa; Europe and Asia.


Two former Rwanda Education Board bosses arrested

By Samson Iradukunda

Information from the prosecution indicates that the duo is being interrogated for alleged complicity in the misuse of funds worth Rwf 249 million in One Laptop Per Child Project that is under REB.

John Rutayisire was the first director of REB when the institution was created in 2011 out of merger of different institutions under the education sector including Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC), Teacher's Service Commission (TSC),The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) and Student Financing Agency for Rwanda (SFAR).

He served until 2015 when he handed over to Gasana who served until 2017.

Gasana was replaced in February 2017 by Dr. Irenée Ndayambaje who is still in service.

One Laptop Per Child was initiated in June 2008 with the aim of making Rwanda a technology hub.

So far, over 270,000 laptops of XO brand have been given to over 1500 primary schools.

The project had numerous problems jeopardizing its implementation. Some of them were reported stolen while others were kept idle at schools with no access to electricity among other inconsistencies.

The 2016 Auditor General report indicated that 583 laptops worth Rwf 101,607,187
under the project were kept in school stores across the country instead of giving them
to beneficiaries.

John Rutayisire (left) handing over office instruments to Janvier Gasana as REB Director General in 2015


Rwandan young women acquire practical leadership skills through ‘Girls Take Over' Initiative


The “Girls Take Over” Initiative aimed at providing a shadowing experience to young women in Rwanda by offering them role models in the field of their career choice, helping them realize their potential, build their capacities and strive to make their dreams true.

Girls who benefited from the initiative were selected among students from Gashora Girls Academy, Akilah Institute for Women, FAWE Girls School and the Rwandan Organization of Women with Disabilities (UNABU). The young women acquired insightful career advice and first-hand experience from leaders in different Rwandan and international organizations.
The young women were received in by the Heads of the following Institutions; UN Women, the Embassies of Kenya, Congo, Netherlands and Germany to Rwanda, The Swiss Development Cooperation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation, the UN Resident Coordinator and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the African Development Bank (AfDB), the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR), Bank of Kigali and BK Capital, Ecobank, the Commercial Bank of Africa, SONARWA Life, Volkswagen Rwanda, AC GROUP, Rwandair, Engen Ltd, the Kanombe Military Hospital and the Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSR).

They were taken through the operations of the institutions, daily work challenges and how they are addressed and discussed with their mentors their journeys to success and lessons they learnt from them.

Brigitte Musabwasoni is a young woman, living with disabilities and a player at Rubavu Sitting Volleyball Club. She was received by the Vice President of Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSR), Ms. Felicite Rwemarika.

“I talked with her (Rwemarika) a lot about women sport development and Paralympic sports in particular. I told her about my projects and dreams to play for the national team. She advised me to never give up because she also faced obstacles as she was pursuing her dream career but she kept up with her journey until she reached her goals,” Brigitte Musabwasoni said, “I am going back home a new person and with a new friend, Felicite”.

The various leaders who received these young women said this was a golden opportunity to share their experiences, a chance they hoped they would have gotten when they were starting their career. They were also impressed by the challenging questions they were asked by the young women and indicated it had been an eye-opener for them as well.
Dr. Claire Karekezi, the first Rwandan female neurosurgeon, received Blandine Ineza at Kanombe Military Hospital. Ineza finished her secondary studies at Groupe Scolaire de Butare in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) Option last year and wants to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon.

“The young woman I received dreams of becoming a surgeon. It is a great dream and as a female neurosurgeon, I made that she knows that it is possible. The way ahead of her is not quite easy but it is possible if we work together,” Dr. Claire Karekezi said.

The UN Women Representative in Rwanda, Fatou A. Lo said that the ‘Girls Take Over' Initiative created a platform of intergenerational dialogue for young women to be mentored but also to share key insights on how they view the field and what could be improved because as she stated “these young women are not only the future, they are actually the present.”

“Hearing messages from these girls has been tremendously inspiring. The girls were not only very well prepared and they asked very relevant and tough questions but they also inspired us. They brought energy, great insights and they reminded us that we have all been there in their shoes.”

Going forward, through the initiative, UN Women Rwanda intends to reach those who are left farthest behind including the school dropouts, young women who do not have access to existing opportunities and those who may not be in leading educational institutions.

The “Girls Take Over” Initiative is a continuation of the various mentorship and career guidance activities such as the “Speed Mentoring” organized as part of the 2018 edition of Youth Connekt Africa Summit, where UN Women held mentoring sessions with 150 youth and leaders from various sectors, as well as the Mentoring Moments launched by the Career Women's Network in Kigali.

In celebration of the International Women's Day, UN Women in Rwanda has offered 25 Rwandan girls an opportunity to meet and share experiences with Rwandan women and men leaders
The “Girls Take Over” Initiative aimed at providing a shadowing experience to young women in Rwanda by offering them role models in the field of their career choice
Girls who benefited from the initiative were selected among students from Gashora Girls Academy, Akilah Institute for Women, FAWE Girls School and the Rwandan Organization of Women with Disabilities (UNABU)
They were taken through the operations of the institutions, daily work challenges and how they are addressed
The various leaders who received these young women said this was a golden opportunity to share their experiences, a chance they hoped they would have gotten when they were starting their career
The “Girls Take Over” Initiative is a continuation of the various mentorship and career guidance activities such as the “Speed Mentoring” organized as part of the 2018 edition of Youth Connekt Africa Summit


‘Kurasa abajura si umugambi wa Polisi' CP Namuhoranye

By Nsanzimana Ernest

Yabitangarije mu biganiro byahuje Polisi n'itangazamakuru kuri uyu wa 22 Werurwe 2019 ku cyicaro cya Polisi ku Kacyiru. Umunyamakuru yabajije niba Polisi y'u Rwanda yarafashe umwanzuro wo kurasa abajura muri iyi minsi cyangwa se niba bibaho nk'impurirane gusa.

Commissioner of Police Felix Namuhoranye yasubije ko nta gahunda yo kurasa abajura bafite ahubwo ibyabaye ngo ni impurirane (coincidence). Ngo ababarasa baba bakoze ibishoboka ngo uwo bafashe ace bugufi akanga, akabarwanya cyangwa agahunga.

CP Namuhoranye yavuze ko hari abo Polisi yagiye gufata bakora inzoga zitemewe bagasohokana imihoro bashaka gutema Abapolisi.
Uwanze ibi byose agashaka gukoresha ingufu ngo Umupolisi arasa hejuru, ngo atakwemera guca bugufi hagakoreshwa imbaraga nyinshi cyane.

Ati “Kubarasa si iby'ubu, ariko buri gihe ntako Police iba itagize. Ariko rwose abafite umugambi wo kwiba babireka kuko ntibizabagwa amahoro.”

Mu gihe cy' ukwezi kumwe Polisi kumwe polisi y' u Rwanda imaze kurasaba abajura batanu mu mujyi wa Kigali barimo batatu barasiwe mu murenge wa Gisozi.

Visi Meya wa Kicukiro na Gitifu wa Kanombe bagizwe abere

By Nsanzimana Ernest

Umucamaza yahise asaba ko barekurwa ubwo yasomaga imyanzuro y' urukiko ku ifungwa n' ifungurwa by' agateganyo anavuga ko urukiko rwasanzwe nta mpamvu yo gukomeza kubakurikirana.

Tariki 6 Werurwe nibwo abarengwa batawe muri yombi bakurikiranyweho kunyereza miliyoni n' ibihumbi 900 y' ihuriro ry' abafatanyabikorwa mu iterambere ry'akarere (DJAF).

Tariki 19 Werurwe bagezwa imbere y' urukiko baburana ku ifungwa n' ifungurwa ry' abateganyo. Mukunde Angelique Umuyobozi w'Akarere ka Kicukiro wungirije ushinzwe iterambere ry'ubukungu we araregwa guhabwa 300 000Frw mu buryo bunyuranyije n'amategeko, kandi ngo byakozwe mu nyungu ze bwite atari iz'ihuriro.

We n'umwunganizi we Me Buhuru Pierre Celstin bireguye bavuga ko aya mafaranga yari intwererano isanzwe ihabwa n'abandi, kuko Mukunde yari afite ubukwe bwa murumuna we.

Me Buhuru avuga ko ibyabaye ari abanyamuryango bagiye bahanahana amafaranga mu banyamuryango kandi byari bisanzwe bikorwa bityo atari ukunyereza umutungo wa Leta. Avuga ko gufunga umukiriya we ari amatiku.

Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w'Umurenge wa Kanombe Higiro Emmanuel yireguye avuga ko amafaranga yahawe yayahawe mu buryo bwemewe kuko yari yapfushije.

Kuri uyu wa 22 Werurwe abaregwa bose bitabye Urukiko rw'Ibanze rwa Kicukiro kugira ngo basomerwe umwanzuro ku ifungwa n'ifungurwa ry'agateganyo.

Umucamanza wari uyoboye iburanisha yavuze ko ibikorwa bakoze byanyuze mu mucyo bitagize icyaha baregwa n'ubushinjacyaha cyo kunyereza umutungo wa leta.

Ahita avuga ko nta mpamvu zikomeye zituma abaregwa bakomeza gukurikiranwaho iki cyaha, anategeka ko bose bahita barekurwa.

Ubushinjacyaha bwahawe iminsi itanu yo kuba bwajuririye uyu mwanzuro w'urukiko.

Côte d'Ivoire: Amavubi yakoze imyitozo ku kibuga azakiniraho (AMAFOTO) #Rwanda via @kigalitoday

By Editor

Ku gicamunsi cyo kuri uyu wa Gatanu, ikipe y'igihugu y'u Rwanda yakoze imyitozo kuri Stade Félix Houphouet Boigny, ari ho izakinira na Côte d'Ivoire kuri uyu wa Gatandatu.

Ni umukino wa nyuma w'amatsinda mu gushaka itike yo kwerekeza mu gikombe cya Afurika kizabera mu Misiri, aho u Rwanda ruzahura na Côte d'Ivoire i Abidjan.

Ni umukino utagize icyo uvuze cyane kuko ikipe y'igihugu Amavubi yamaze gutakaza amahirwe yo kwerekeza muri iki gikombe, ukazatangira ku i saa moya zuzuye z'umugoroba ku masaha yo mu Rwanda.

Ibiciro bito, ifumbire, imiti n'imbuto bitabonekera igihe, biri mu bidindiza ubuhinzi #Rwanda via @kigalitoday

By Editor

Umuhinzi witwa Hakizimana Thomas wo mu Karere ka Musanze mu Murenge wa Cyuve, muri koperative KABUKA ihinga ibirayi yagaragaje zimwe muri izo mbogamizi zirimo igiciro gito bagurirwaho umusaruro.

Ati “Baduha ibiciro byo hasi, ndetse abahinzi benshi bamaze kureka ubuhinzi. Bitewe n'uko imbuto tuzigura ku mafaranga menshi, tukagurisha ku mafaranga makeya. Ukareba imbaraga watakajemo, abakozi, imiti, byose biri ku giciro cyo hejuru. Ugasanga abahinzi benshi baretse guhinga, barahombye kubera izo mpamvu.”

Abahinzi kandi bavuga ko ifumbire, imiti yica udukoko n'imbuto, bigihenze cyane ndetse bikaza ari bike, bikagurwa n'uwifite cyangwa se bamwe bakabibona abandi bigashira bitarabageraho.

Hakizimana ati “Turasaba Leta kutworohereza tujye tubona amafumbire ku giciro cyo hasi. Kuko kuba igiciro kiri hejuru, abaturage benshi bahitamo kwihingira nta mafumbire ntibabone umusaruro.

Inzego za Leta zivuga ko ku kibazo cy'ibiciro byemezwa harimo n'abahagarariye amakoperative y'abo bahinzi, ariko abahinzi bo bakavuga ko rimwe na rimwe uwo muyobozi wabahagarariye aba ari umwe igitekerezo cye kikaba cyitakumvikana ugereranyije n'umubare munini w'abahinzi, cyangwa ntabavuganire uko bikwiye.

JPEG - 25.3 kb
Innocent Bisangwa ukora muri MINAGRI yavuze ko hari ingamba zigamije gukemura ibibazo bivugwa mu buhinzi

Ku kibazo cy'inyongeramusaruro zihenze cyane cyane ifumbire, Innocent Bisangwa ushinzwe ibidukikije n'ihindagurika ry'ikirere muri Minisiteri y'Ubuhinzi n'ubworozi (MINAGRI), avuga ko biterwa n'uko iyo miti idakorerwa mu gihugu.

Ati “Ntabwo turagira ubushobozi bwo gukorera imiti mu gihugu, imiti myinshi iva hanze. Harimo ikibazo cy'ubwikorezi, ari na bwo butuma igiciro cyiyongera.”

Yaboneyeho gukangurira abikorera gushora imari mu ikorwa ry'imiti yifashishwa mu buhinzi kugira ngo ibonekere igihe, iboneke hafi kandi ihendutse.

Naho kuba hari abashyira bamwe mu bashinzwe gutanga ifumbire n'imbuto ku bahinzi ‘babibima nkana bashaka ko babanza kubaha ruswa', Bisangwa ukora muri MINAGRI avuga ko ibyo nta makuru abifiteho ariko ko inzego zibishinzwe zigiye gukurikirana zikazamenya ukuri kwabyo, ababifatirwamo bagahanwa.

MINAGRI ivuga ko ubu yihaye gahunda y'imyaka itatu yo kwihaza mu mbuto, ikoresha uburyo bwo kuzituburira imbere mu gihugu. Hari kandi uruganda rw'ifumbire mvaruganda rurimo kubakwa mu Karere ka Bugesera rukaba rwitezweho gukemura ikibazo cy'ibura ry'ifumbire.

JPEG - 22.1 kb
Mupiganyi Apollinaire avuga ko isesengura bakoze ku bibangamira ubuhinzi ryatangiye kugaragaza impinduka

Ubushakashatsi bwakozwe n'umuryango urwanya ruswa n'akarengane, Transparency International Rwanda, mu gihembwe cya kane mu mwaka wa 2018 cyane cyane ku isarurwa n'icuruzwa ry'ibihingwa nk'ibirayi, ibigori n'umuceri, bwagize uruhare mu ngamba zagiye zifatwa mu kunoza ubuhinzi.

Mupiganyi Apollinaire, Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa wa Transparency International Rwanda yagize ati “Umuturage yagombaga gusaba uburenganzira bwo gusarura no kugurisha umusaruro we kandi ntaho bigaragara ko byanditse, ubwo burenganzira bamwe bakabuhabwa, abandi ntibabuhabwe, utabuhawe imyaka ye ikaborera mu murima.”

Mu bindi abahinzi bishimira bitewe n'ubuvugizi bagiye bakorerwa, harimo kuba ubu noneho bemererwa kugurisha umusaruro wabo aho ari ho hose mu gihugu, ndetse ababagurira na bo bakaba bashobora guturuka hirya no hino, bitabaye ngombwa ko buri muguzi cyangwa umuhinzi agira agace ntarengwa acururizamo umusaruro we, ibyo bita 'Zoning'.

Ubufatanye buri mu bituma ivugururamibereho rigerwaho #Rwanda via @kigalitoday

By Editor
JPEG - 573.3 kb
Habumbwe amatafari yo kubaka ibikoni n'ubwiherero ku batabasha kubyiyubakira

Ni na yo mpamvu ubwo bizihizaga umunsi w'ivugururamibereho wabaye tariki 19 Werurwe, batanze umuganda wo kubakira abakene bo mu Murenge wa Mbazi, batujwe mu Mudugudu w'Akanyaruhinda mu Kagari ka Gatobotobo, mu Karere ka Huye.

Byari binajyanye n'insanganyamatsiko yo kwizihiza uwo munsi mpuzamahanga ivuga ngo “Duteze imbere agaciro k'umubano mu bantu” nk'uko bivugwa na Alexandre Hakizamungu, umwalimu mu ishami ry'ivugururamibereho muri Kaminuza y'u Rwanda, ari na we ukuriye umuryango nyarwanda w'abavugururamibereho.

Yagize ati “Twaje kwifatanya n'abatuye mu Kagari ka Gatobotobo, duhoma amazu tunabumba amatafari yo kubakira ubwiherero n'ibikoni abatuye muri uyu mudugudu bubakiwe n'Akarere ka Huye.”

Charles Kalinganire na we wigisha muri iri shami muri Kaminuza y'u Rwanda, yunganiye Hakizamungu avuga ko n'ubundi Abanyarwanda bakunze gukora imiganda yo kuzamurana, bikaba ari inzira nziza y'ivugururamibereho.

JPEG - 645 kb
Hari n'inzu itari ihomye imbere bahomye

Yabwiye abari bitabiriye umuganda ati “Tuzahore dukorana kugera ku ndunduro y'ubuzima bwacu. Kuba uwishoboye abana n'utishoboye, ashobora kumufasha ubuzima bukagenda neza, navuga ngo bizatwokame.”

Abahawe umuganda bahamya ko kwegeranya imbaraga kw'abifite bizamura n'abatazifite, bahereye ku ko ubu bafite aho kuba babikesha umuganda w'abaturanyi.

Abiga n'abigisha ivugururamibereho bahomeye Epiphanie Musabyemariya inzu yubakiwe n'umuganda. Inzu yabagamo yari yaramusenyukiyeho, hanyuma aza kubakirwa hamwe n'abandi bakene mu Mudugudu w'Akanyaruhinda.

Yagize ati “Iyo mbona aho ndyama hatanyagirwa, ahandi haravaga ndetse n'inzu irara ingwaho, numva binejeje kandi nkumva n'abo mbyara na bo bazafasha abandi.”

JPEG - 492.9 kb
Kwizihiza umunsi mpuzamahanga w'ivugururamibereho tariki 19 Werurwe 2019 byabimburiwe n'urugendo ruva kuri Kaminuza y'u Rwanda i Huye, rukomereza mu mujyi i Huye

Abanyeshuri biga iby'ivugururamibereho na bo bavuga ko gufatanya biri mu byatuma ubuzima burushaho kugenda neza, n'amajyambere arambye akagerwaho.

Uwitwa Innocent Mahirwe ati “N'ubwo waba uri umukire, uturanye n'abantu bakennye ntuba umeze neza, kuko ikibazo bagize cyose ni wowe bakizanira, ndetse bamwe bakanakwiba. Ni yo mpamvu iyo mufatanyije mukazamuka mwese, mwese mubaho neza, mu mahoro.”

Umunsi mpuzamahanga w'ivugururamibereho wizihizwa ku wa kabiri w'icyumweru cya gatatu cya Werurwe. Tariki 19 Werurwe 2019 wizihijwe ku nshuro ya kane mu Rwanda, ariko ku rwego rw'isi hari ku nshuro ya 36.

JPEG - 593.9 kb
Abitabiriye urugendo bari bafite impapuro zanditseho ubutumwa bufitanye isano n'ivugururamibereho

Perezida Nkurunziza yasuye abakinnyi b'Uburundi abemerera akayabo kugira ngo bazatsinde Gabon berekeze muri CAN 2019 [AMAFOTO]

By Dusingizimana Remy

Perezida w'Uburundi Pierre Nkurunziza yasuye abakinnyi b'Uburundi, basigaje intambwe yoroshye yo gutsinda cyangwa kunganya na Gabon bakerekeza mu gikombe cya Africa kizaba muri Kamena uyu mwaka.

- Imikino
  • March 22nd 2019 at 13:24

You (Remix) by Sintex ft. Tom Close

By Jules Didier
Sintex ft. Tom Close
You (Remix) || YegoB Music
Sintex ft. Tom Close You (Remix) || YegoB Music
Sintex ft. Tom CloseYou (Remix) || YegoB Music
Download Now

Kayumba Soter yasanze Bakame na Cassa muri AFC Leopards

By Eric Tony Ukurikiyimfura

Ikipe ya AFC Leopards yo muri Kenya yemeje ko yamaze kugura myugariro w'umunyarwanda Kayumba Soter wakiniraga Sofapaka FC ku masezerano azarangirana n'uyu mwaka w'imikino.

- Football /

RIB yavuze uko yari igiye gufata ukekwaho kwica umunyamideli Mupende


Urwego rw'Igihugu rushinzwe ubugenzacyaha (RIB), rwatangaje ko rwagerageje guta muri yombi ukekwaho kwica umunyamideli Alexia Mupende, ariko bagasanga yagiye.

- U Rwanda /

USA: Abanyarwanda batuye mu Mujyi wa Dallas bizihije Umunsi Mpuzamahanga w'Umugore

By Karirima A. Ngarambe

Ku wa 16 Werurwe 2019, Abanyarwanda baba muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika bahuriye muri Leta ya Texas mu mujyi wa Dallas, mu gikorwa cyo kwizihiza umunsi mpuzamahanga w'umugore.

- Diaspora /

Hasabwe itsinda ryihariye ricukumbura irengero ry'amafaranga yahawe Inyangamugayo za Gacaca

By Ferdinand Maniraguha

Minisiteri y'Ubutabera yasabye ko hashyirwaho itsinda ryihariye rikurikirana irengero ry'amafaranga yahawe amatsinda n'amakoperative y'inyangamugayo z'Inkiko Gacaca, ababigizemo uruhare bagahanwa.

- U Rwanda /

RDC: Amerika yafatiye ibihano abayobozi batatu kubera amatora yavuyemo intsinzi ya Tshisekedi

By Bukuru JC

Leta zunze Ubumwe za Amerika zashyiriyeho ibihano abayobozi batatu ba Komisiyo y'amatora muri Repubulika Iharanira Demokarasi ya Congo (CENI),kubera amanyanga bakoze mu matora yo mu Ukuboza yasize Felix Tshisekedi atorewe kuyobora igihugu.

- Muri Afurika /

Hassan Oktay yaburiye Gor Mahia ko ishobora gutakaza Jacques Tuyisenge

By Eric Tony Ukurikiyimfura

Umutoza wa Gor Mahia muri Kenya, Hassan Oktay, yaburiye ikipe ye ko ishobora gutakaza rutahizamu ngenderwaho Jacques Tuyisenge ukomeje kwifuzwa n'amakipe atandukanye arimo As Vita Club yo muri Congo Kinshasa.

- Football /

Ikiraro gishya gihuza u Rwanda na Congo cyatangiye gukoreshwa nubwo hari ibikinozwa #Rwanda via @kigalitoday

By Editor
JPEG - 313.3 kb
Ikiraro gishya gihuza Rusizi na Bukavu cyatangiye gukoreshwa byagateganyo

Icyo kiraro gishya kitaruzura neza ngo cyatangiye gukoreshwa by'agateganyo kugira ngo ubucuruzi bwambukiranya imipaka burusheho koroha dore ko abacuruzi bavuga ko badindizwaga no kuba nta modoka zari zemerewe kukinyuraho.

Abakoresha uyu mupaka bari bamaze igihe binubira uburyo batemererwaga gukoresha iki kiraro gishya kandi imyaka itatu yari ishize cyuzuye ahubwo bagakomeza gukoresha ikihasanzwe bigaragara ko gishaje dore ko kimaze imyaka isaga 40. Ngo nta modoka irengeje toni eshatu yemererwaga kukinyuraho kubera uburyo cyari gishaje, ibyo bikadindiza ubucuruzi bwabo nk'uko babivuga.

Umwe muri bo witwa Manzi Dominique yagize ati “Turifuza ko iki kiraro gishya cyakwihutishwa bikava mu nzira akazi kagakomeza nk'ibisanzwe. Naho ubundi iki gishaje rwose ntikitworohereza kukinyuzaho imizigo, ubu noneho ntibishoboka ko wahanyuza imodoka ipakiye tozi zirenze eshatu.”

Murangira Erneste we yagize ati “Abacuruzi bacitse intege kuko umuzigo wemerewe kunyura kuri iki kiraro gishaje ni toni eshatu kandi umuzigo dutwara mu modoka urengeje toni eshatu. Niba umukongomani yaranguraga imifuka 80 ya Kawunga, ubu asabwa 20 gusa. Imodoka twaraziparitse kubera iki kiraro akazi karabuze ikindi kandi ntitwabasha kwikorera iyi mizigo ku mutwe tuyijyana muri Congo.”

Iki kiraro cyatangiye gukoreshwa by'agateganyo guhera kuri uyu wa gatanu tariki ya 22 Werurwe 2019 nyuma y'inama yahuje Akarere ka Rusizi, Umujyi wa Bukavu, n'Umuryango w'Ibihugu by'Ubumwe by'Iburayi watanze inkunga yo kucyubaka.

Kankindi Leoncie, umuyobozi wungirije w'Akarere ushinzwe ubukungu mu Karere ka Rusizi na Nziraboba Mudosa Buda, Umujyanama wa Guverineri ushinzwe ibibazo byo mu karere k'ibiyaga bigari ni byo basobanuye.

Kankindi Leoncie ati “Mu gukemura ibibazo by'abakora ubucuruzi bwambukiranya umupaka wa Rusizi ya mbere, hatekerejwe ko haba hakoreshwa iki kiraro gishya nubwo hari ibikinozwa. Murabona ko inzira zikiganaho zikirimo gukorwa twemeranyijwe ko cyaba gikoreshwa n'imodoka ziringaniye zitwara imizigo itarengeje toni 20 hanyuma ubucuruzi bwambukiranya umupaka bugakomeza neza. Nyuma mu gihe imirimo y'inzira zikiganaho izaba irangiye neza, n'amakamyo manini azatangira kuhanyura.”

JPEG - 399 kb
Abayobozi ku mpande z'ibihugu byombi baganiriye ku mikoreshereze y'iki kiraro kimaze imyaka itatu gisa n'icyuzuye ariko kidakoreshwa

Nziraboba Mudosa Buda we yagize ati “Guverineri mpagarariye none aha twumvikanye ko bidasubirwaho iki kiraro kigomba gufungurwa guhera tariki ya 22 werurwe 2019.”

Iki kiraro gishya gifite metero 63. Cyubatswe ku nkunga y'Umuryango w'Ubumwe bw'Ibihugu by'i Burayi, gitwara abarirwa muri miliyoni eshatu n'ibihumbi 800 by'amayero.

Ibibazo by'imitungo y'abaturage yangijwe mu kucyubaka itarishyurwa ku ruhande rwa Congo ndetse n'umuhanda ukigeraho udakoze haba ku ruhande rwa Congo n'u Rwanda ni byo bibazo by'ingenzi byatumye gitinda gutangira gukoreshwa.

Icyakora ubuyobozi ku mapande zombi buvuga ko hatanzwe isoko ry'abagiye gukora uyu muhanda, ariko hagati aho kiraba kinyurwaho n'imodoka zitarengeje toni 20, n'ubwo ubuyobozi budatangaza igihe uyu muhanda uzaba wuzuriye neza.

Nyanza: Bahangayikishijwe no kutagira ubwishingizi bw'ibyangirikiye mu nkongi #Rwanda via @kigalitoday

By Editor
JPEG - 63.9 kb
Ibikoresho by'abana byakongotse

Ibyo bivuzwe nyuma y'uko ku wa 21 Werurwe mu masaha ya 19:30, icumbi ry'abakobwa ryafashwe n'inkongi y'umuriro hakangirika ibikoresho by'abana na za matela bararagaho.

Umuyobozi w'iri shuri, Manirambona Leonard, yabwiye Kigali Today ko inkongi y'umuriro yabaye ku mugoroba wo ku wa 21 Werurwe mu masaha ya saa 19:30 abanyeshuri bose bari mu mashuri bitegura kujya gufata ifunguro rya nimugoroba ku buryo nta waba yabigizemo uruhare.

Avuga ko umuriro w'amashanyarazi wari wakunze kugenda, ugaruka ku buryo ari wo waba wateye iyo nkongi, cyakora ngo ubu Urwego rw'Ubugenzacyaha (RIB) rwatangiye iperereza ku cyaba cyateye iyo nkongi koko.

JPEG - 64.1 kb
Abana bashoboye gukuramo ibintu bike cyane

Abana 72 baryamaga mu byumba bitandatu byahiye byo hejuru babaye bimuriwe mu bindi byumba kuko uburyamo bwose butahiye.

Manirambona uyobora iryo shuri yavuze ko inzego zitandukanye zazanye ubutabazi ndetse n'imodoka ya Polisi ishinzwe kuzimya umuriro ikaba yabafashije, bituma inyubako yose idashya.

N'ubwo hari gukorwa ubutabazi n'inama zitandukanye kugira ngo abana bongere bamererwe neza, Manirambona avuga ko nta bwishingizi ikigo cyagiraga ku buryo bigoye kuvuga ko ibyangiritse byazishyurwa.

Aho ni na ho ahera avuga ko Leta yari ikwiye gutera inkunga ibigo bikomeye bikabona ubwishingizi kuko usanga harimo ibikoresho byinshi byakwangirika haramutse habayeho inkongi y'umuriro.

JPEG - 87.8 kb
Ibyumba bitandatu by'inyubako yo hejuru ni byo byahiye

Agira ati, “Byari bikwiye ku kigo nk'iki gifite ibyuma byinshi bya Tekinike ko tubona ubwishingizi ariko birenze ubushobozi bw'ikigo n'ababyeyi”.

“Umwaka ushize twari twaganiriye n'imwe mu masosiyeti y'ubwishingizi baduca amafaranga arenga Miliyari ku mwaka, urumva ko hakwiye inkunga ya Leta kuko tutayabona ariko turacyatekereza ko waba umuti urambye igihe habayeho inkongi”.

Manirambona ahumuriza ababyeyi b'abana barerera kuri NTS kuko ngo nta gikuba cyacitse dore ko nta mwana wakomerekeye muri iyo nkongi, kandi ko intumwa ya Minisiteri y'Uburezi (MINEDUC) na komite y'ababyeyi kuri NTS barimo kugirana ibiganiro by'icyakorwa ngo ubuzima bukomeze.

Itangazo rya cyamunara y'umutungo utimukanwa ugizwe n'inzu uherereye mu murenge wa Kagarama, Akarere ka Kicukiro

By Ubwanditsi

Inzu iri mu cyamunara
Umuhesha w'inkiko w'umwuga aramenyesha abantu bose babyifuza ko kuwa kane taliki 29/03/2019 saa tanu za mu gitondo (11h00) azagurisha muri cyamunara umutungo utimukanwa ugizwe n'inzu wa Kayitare Vincent na Jane Uwera uri mu Karere ka Kicukiro, Umurenge wa Kagarama, Akagali ka Kanserege, Umudugudu wa Bwiza , kugira ngo harangizwe urubanza rw'ubutane.
Cyamunara ikazabera aho umutungo uherereye. Niba ukeneye ibindi bisobanuro wasoma itangazo riri hano hasi cyangwa se (...)

- Kwamamaza
  • March 22nd 2019 at 12:55

Visi Meya wa Kicukiro n abandi bayobozi bari bafunzwe bazira gukoresha nabi umutungo wa JADF bagizwe abere

By Dusingizimana Remy

Urukiko rw'ibanze rwa Kicukiro rwagize abere Visi Meya w'aka karere Mukunde Angelique ndetse n'Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w'Umurenge wa Kanombe bari bakurikiranyweho gukoresha nabi umutungo w'ihuriro ry'abafatanyabikorwa mu iterambere ry'akarere (JADF) .

- Amakuru
  • March 22nd 2019 at 12:53

Polisi yasobanuye impamvu abajura bari kwiba bafatwa bakaraswa bagapfa

By Bikorimana Alexis

Polisi y'u Rwanda ivuga ko nta gahunda yo kurasa abantu bafashwe biba cyangwa basahura utw'abandi, ahubwo ko biterwa n'imyitwarire yabo mu gihe bafashwe.

Ubwo polisi y'u Rwanda yari mu kiganiro n'abanyamakuru kuri uyu wa gatanu, tariki ya 22 Werurwe 2019, yasobanuye ku kibazo cy'abajura bamaze iminsi bafatwa biba bakaraswa bagapfa.

Polisi yavuze ko ikiba kigamijwe atari ukubarasa ahubwo ko hari igihe biba ngombwa bitewe n'imyitwarire yabo mu gihe bamaze gufatwa.

Ubwo Commissioner of Police Felix Namuhoranye yasubizaga ikibazo cy'umunyamakuru yari amubajije niba kwica abajura muri iyi minsi ari ibintu biri guhurirana cyangwa ari gahunda iriho, yasubijwe ko iyicwa ry'abajura aribo ubwabo babigiramo uruhare

Commissioner of Police Felix Namuhoranye yagize ati, "Mutubwirire abajura (abwira abanyamakuru) bareke gukora ubujura, hari amategeko agenga inzego z'umutekano mu gufata abajura cyangwa abandi banyabyaha"

Yakomeje agira ati, "Nta gahunda yo kubarasa ihari, ahubwo ni uko iyo ubafashe bashaka kukwereka ko bazi kwiba cyane, bagashaka kuba abajura cyane nawe bituma nawe ubafata cyane"

Polisi yasobanuye ko nta mujura uraswa hatabayeho kwihagararaho ngo bashake guhangana na polisi aho Commissioner of Police Felix Namuhoranye yatanze urugero rw'abakora inzoga z'inkorano bafashwe nta na gahunda yo kubafunga igihe kirekire ihari ariko bagasohokana imipanga baje gutema polisi ati, "Ubwo ari wowe wakora iki? Ni nde wo kwiruka hagati ya polisi ifite imbunda kandi ishinzwe gucunga umutekano n'abo bafite imipanga?"

Yasobanuye ko nta mujura uraswa binyuranijwe n'amategeko ngo barebere ahubwo ko bakurikirana umupolisi wamurashe.

Commissioner of Police Felix Namuhoranye ati, "Iyo hari urashwe umurashe anyuranije n'amategeko, uwamurashe anyuzwa imbere y'ubutabera akabibazwa."

Abafatirwa mu bikorwa by'ubujura bakicwa bariyongereye muri uku kwezi kuko mu mujyi wa Kigali hamaze kurasirwa abajura 5 muri uku kwezi, uwa 6 yarasiwe i Kirehe. Uko basashwe bose barapfuye. Bamwe muri bo bivugwa ko bacukuraga inzu, abibye ibyuma by'amahirwe (ibiryabarezi) n'ibindi.

JPEG - 207 kb
Abanyamakuru bari bitabiriye ari benshi

Joel Karekezi yabonye igihembo gikomeye i Luxor

By Julius Chita Niyitegeka

Iri serukiramuco ryatangiye kuva taliki 15 kugeza 21 Werurwe 2019, ryibandaga kuri filime zakozwe n'Abanyafurika.

Karekezi yanditse kuri Facebook agira ati "Filime yacu Mercy of the Jungle yatsindiye igehembo gikomeye cyane cya The Silver Mask of Tutankamun mu iserukiramuco Luxor African Film Festival. Ndashimira byimazeyo abayikinnyemo, abafatanyabikorwa, itsinda ryamfashije kuyikora, n'abandi bose badufasha buri munsi.”

Karekezi ni umwe mu banditsi b'amafilime unaziyobora akaba n'umushoramari [Producer] muri sinema. Amaze gukora filime zirimo Imbabazi [The Pardon], Mercy Of The Jungle n'izindi.

Iki gihembo kije cyiyongera ku kindi cyo mu rwego ruhanitse yahawe mu iserukiramuco Fespaco riheruka kubera i Ouagadougou. Joël Karekezi yahawe igihembo nyamukuru cya l'Étalon de Yennenga, yafatanyije na Perezida w'u Rwanda Paul Kagame kucyakira.

Filime Mercy Of The Jungle ya Joel Karekezi mu Ukuboza 2018, yegukanye ibihembo bibiri mu iserukiramuco ribera muri Maroc ryitwa Khouribga African Film Festival.

Mercy of the Jungle ni filime irimo abakinnyi nka Marc Zinga, Stéphane Bak, Ibrahim Ahmed Pino , Nirere Shanel , Kantarama Gahigiri n'abandi batandukanye.

Muri Nzeri iyi filime yerekanwe bwa mbere mu iserukiramuco mpuzamahanga rya Toronto International Film Festival muri Canada. Yanerekanwe mu yandi maserukiramuco atandukanye i Burayi.

Muri Luxor yahakuye igihembo gikomeye
Karekezi yaherukaga guhabwa igihembo cya l'Étalon de Yennenga muri Fespaco

Gatesi waririmbaga muri Christus Regnat yashyinguwe, asize uruhinja (Amafoto)

By Murungi Sabin

Gatesi yitabye Imana azize uburwayi bwamufashe ku bwonko, yarwaye icyumweru kimwe n'umunsi umwe apfa mu gicuku cyo ku itariki ya 18 Werurwe 2019.

Umugabo wa Gatesi, Munyakazi Arthur yavuze ko urupfu rw'umugore we rwaje yaramaze kubyakira.

Yagize ati “Namwe rero nimukomere, murabona ko nkomeye, Gatesi yararwaye araremba, nabonye umwanya wo kwitegura ibi, abaririmbyi ba Christus Regnat barabizi, narababonaga mu masengesho bamusabira kenshi ngo agaruke ariko biranga.”

Gatesi ngo yagiye kwa muganga ataka umutwe ariko barapima babura indwara, nyuma basanze yaragize ikibazo ku bwonko. Yahise yihutanwa mu Bitaro byitiriwe Umwami Faycal, yagezeyo akivuga neza aharara ijoro rimwe bucye yagiye muri coma.

Uyu muririmbyi yasize abana babiri b'abahungu, umukuru afite imyaka ine n'amezi umunani mu gihe umuhererezi afite amezi cumi na kumwe.

Umugabo wa Gatesi yavuze ko azakomeza kubarera neza ‘nubwo bigoye'. Yashimangiye ko nibimushobokera azahita yinjira muri korali Christus Regnat akajya ahanika ijwi nka Gatesi.

Ubwo Munyakazi yavugaga ku ngorane yumva ziri mu kurera abana bana wenyine nyina yagiye, yageze ku ruhinja asize benshi baraturika bararira abandi bariruhutsa.
Gatesi yari umwe mu batangije korali Christus Regnat yaririmbaga ijwi rya kabiri rizwi nka alto.

Korali Christus Regnat yashinzwe mu 2006, ivukira kuri Centre Christus i Remera mu Mujyi wa Kigali. Kuva mu 2008, ibarizwa kuri Paruwasi yitiriwe Umwamikazi w'amahoro Regina Pacis i Remera.

Gatesi yitabye Imana afite imyaka 32, se umubyara yavuze ko yakunze kuririmba akiri muto, ngo ku myaka itanu bahise bamushyira mu itorero ribyina aho babaga mu buhungiro mu Gitega i Burundi.

Umubyeyi we ati "Umwana wanjye agiye akiri muto yego, ariko agiye ari intore."

Igitambo cya Misa cyayobowe na Musenyeri Filipo Rukamba
Musenyeri Rukamba ubwo yatangaga ukarisitiya
Gatesi Nadege yitabye Imana afite imyaka 32
[Uwa kabiri ibumoso] ni Munyakazi Arthur umugabo wa Gatesi, se wa Gatesi na musaza we
Korali Christus Regnat Gatesi yaririmbagamo
Gatesi yari umwe mu batangije Korali Christus Regnat

Shaddy Boo n'abana be bibasiwe kuri Instagram

By Berchmas Kunda

Shadiah Mbabazi, wiyise Shaddy Boo, ku rubuga nkoranyambaga rwa Instagram akurikirwa n'abasaga 479 000. Akunze gushyira ku rukuta rwe amafoto agaragaza imiterere y'umubiri we akurura benshi.

Afite abana babiri b'abakobwa, umwe w'imyaka 7 undi w'imyaka itanu, yabyaranye na Meddy Saleh utunganya amashusho wahoze ari umugabo we, yakunze ku vuga ko ari bo mugisha uruta iyindi yagize mu buzima bwe.

Ku wa Kane, ku ya 21 Werurwe 2019 yeretse abamukurikira ifoto yabo, yongeraho amagambo mu gifaransa ati “Bakobwa banjye, rukundo rwanjye ndabakunda ni mwe buzima bwanjye.”

Abantu batandukanye bahise bamwibasira bavuga ko bazaba indaya mu gihe kizaza, abandi bamubwira ko abakobwa be bazaba ibyomanzi “Slay Queens” kuko nawe ariko ateye. Abandi bamwibasiye banenga Igifaransa cye bita ko giciriritse.

Uwiyita Micomyiza yagize ati aba ni “Indaya in future!” (Indaya z'ahazaza) naho uwiyise Khalidhardy ati “Udu slay queens tw'ejo hazaza”, kimwe na Junia 250 wagize ati “ Aba ba slay queens ni inde uzabakira koko?”; Nzabonimpa we yagize ati “Ndabona business bazayishobora.”

Undi ukoresha amazina ya benoscar_rwanda yunzemo ati “bazajya bakura indege naho gukura utumodoka ni urwego rwa nyina!” (Gukura kurya amafaranga y'abagabo).

Dusenge Nkusi we yabasengeye ati “Nizere ko bazagira ubwiza nk'ubwa nyina ariko imico nibuze bagakurikira undi utari nyina. Ndabasengeye!”

Abandi bo banenze abari kwita abana indaya kandi batazi ahazaza habo, bavuga ko ari abaziranenge kandi batakwitirirwa imyitwarire ya nyina.

Rukerereza yagize ati “Ni abana beza ariko rwose mwa bantu mwe mureke kubavuga nabi. Ntawe uzi icyo ahazaza habahishiye. Aba bana ni abaziranenge.”

Uwase we yasubije uwari avuze ko bazaba indaya ati “Ese kuki mukunda guca imanza? Naho Kabuto ati “ Egoko impinja ni ibyo uzifurije koko, niko mwabaye!”

Shaddy Boo yabaye ikimenyabose kubera kumenyana n'ibyamamare, birimo Davido na Diamond. Aherutse gutegura igikorwa cyo koza imodoka cyakusanyirijwemo amafaranga yo gufasha umukinnyi wa filime D'amour urwaye impyiko wabuze ubushobozi bwo kwivuriza mu Buhinde.

Abifuza guhungabanya umutekano w'u Rwanda bari mu buyobe – Minisitiri Shyaka #Rwanda via @kigalitoday

By Editor

Akigera mu Karere ka Nyamasheke, yakiriwe n'umuyobozi w'akarere aho yagaragaje uko ubuzima bw'akarere buhagaze. Umuyobozi w'akarere yagaragaje ko umutekano uhari usibye ibintu bike bigerageza kuwuhungabanya birimo urugomo ruturuka ku bantu bakoresha ibiyobyabwenge, amakimbirane mu ngo akunze kuvamo gukubita no gukomeretsa n'ibindi.

Nyuma yo kugaragarizwa ishusho y'umutekano muri rusange, umuyobozi w'inkeragutabara mu Ntara y'Uburengerazuba, Maj. Gen. Eric Murokore, yagarutse ku mutekano, ashimira abaturage uburyo bicungira umutekano ariko avuga ko hari abatishimira ibyo u Rwanda rumaze kugeraho. Yavuze ko mu cyumweru gishize hari abantu banyuze mu kiyaga cya Kivu binjira mu Rwanda bashaka guhungabanya umutekano nubwo ngo ibyo bifuzaga batabigezeho.

Maj. Gen. Murokore yavuze ko abo bantu binjiye mu Rwanda ariko ngo aho bari barimo kwicuza icyabazanye. Yavuze ko kwinjira byaboroheye ariko ngo gusohoka byarabakomereye. Yasabye abaturage gukomeza kuba maso mu gukumira no guhashya abanzi bashaka guhungabanya umutekano n'iterambere ry'u Rwanda. Yijeje abaturage ko umutekano w'u Rwanda urinzwe kandi nta muntu ushobora kuwuhungabanya. Yavuze kandi ko ababigerageza nta mbaraga bafite nk'izo ingabo z'u Rwanda zifite. Maj. Gen. Eric Murokore yavuze ko ntawe uzagerageza guhungabanya umutekano w'u Rwanda ngo atahe amahoro.

Ati "Ugerageza kudukora mu jisho tuzarikuramo."

Abayobozi b'inzego z'ibanze barimo ab'imidugudu, utugari n'ab'imirenge bijeje ubufatanye mu mutekano n'iterambere ry'akarere, bavuga ko bazakomeza kuba maso bakaza amarondo.

Minisitiri w'Ubutegetsi bw'Igihugu, Prof Shyaka Anastase, yatinze ku iterambere ry'abaturage abasaba kutarangazwa n'abifuza kubarangaza.

Yunze mu rya Maj. Gen. Eric Murokore, avuga ko “Abifuza guhungabanya umutekano w'u Rwanda bari mu buyobe”. Yashimiye abaturage uburyo bacunga umutekano abasaba gukomereza aho.

Ingabo z'u Rwanda zakubise inshuro abitwaje intwaro bashakaga kwerekeza mu ishyamba rya Nyungwe

By Dusingizimana Remy

Mu minsi ishize inyeshyamba zitwaje zanyuze mu karere ka Nyamasheke zishaka kwinjira mu ishyamba rya Nyungwe zakubiswe inshuro n'ingabo z' u Rwanda gusa zica umusivili umwe.

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Enabel Jobs in Rwanda : Advisor to the Resident Representative

By jobwebrwanda2


Advisor to the Resident Representative

The Belgian development agency, Enabel, mobilizes its resources and its expertise to eliminate poverty in the world. Enabel contributes to the efforts of the international community and works towards a society that provides present and future generations with sufficient resources to build a sustainable and fair world.

Its staff members in Brussels and overseas embody the commitment of the Belgian State and other development partners to international solidarity.

Enabel in Rwanda is active in the sectors of Health, Energy, Decentralisation inclusive decentralised infrastructure development and Public Finance Management and aspires to start in the sectors of Agriculture and Urbanization.

In view of the further development of its activities, Enabel is currently looking for an Advisor to the Resident Representative

Location: Kigali, Rwanda.

Duration of the contract: Open-ended – local contract according to the Rwandan labor law

Expected starting date: 1st June 2019

Salary package:  From 2.852.294RWF gross salary depending on the number of years of relevant experience.


The Advisor’s mission will be to support the Resident Representative in the overall management of the portfolio and the representation.

In general, (s)he will:

  • support analysing Rwanda’s development policies and Institutional evolutions, in order to integrate and align Enabel’s strategies and portfolios to the national framework;
  • Advise in the development of strategies and interventions in order to increase the relevance and effectiveness of Belgian cooperation in the country.
  • Assure that a performant monitoring system is operational within the interventions in order to follow the progress of interventions and to ensure accountability to Enabel headquarter, towards the Belgian Embassy, towards the Rwandan government and to other donors.
  • assure timely and qualitative reporting, based on the tools and templates of Enabel and of the Rwandan Government;
  • Support the knowledge of evolutions in the Rwandan policies and institutional set-up in the priority sectors of the Belgian cooperation in Rwanda, in order to advise adequately the Resident Representative and the Belgian Embassy in Kigali.
  • support building successful relationships to increase partnerships favourable to the implementation of the interventions;
  • Assist the Resident Representative in his tasks and responsibilities in order to ensure smooth management of the country office and country portfolio.


  • Rwandan Nationality;
  • Master degree or equivalent;
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant work experience;
  • Excellent knowledge of Rwanda’s institutional set-up and national policies;
  • Knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation & change theories;
  • Good understanding of the General principles of development cooperation (DAC, OECD, SDG’s, …);
  • Proficient in Kinyarwanda and English. Working knowledge of French is an asset;

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