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Legal practitioners undergo training on GBV

By IGIHE — July 9th 2019 at 07:41

The workshop that started Monday at NPC in Musanze District brings together participants from Rwanda National Police (RNP), Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), prosecution and judiciary.

Close to 300 legal professionals from different criminal justice system organs will benefit from the training, which will be conducted in six phases.

Sixty-eight legal professionals constitute the first batch.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Christophe Bizimungu, the Commandant of NPC, while presiding over the start of the training, reiterated the role of "changing the mindset of legal practitioners in investigating, prosecuting and judging GBV related crimes."

“The ultimate purpose of the workshop is to improve the criminal justice system's response to sexual violence by countering and minimizing the influence of rape and its myths on justice professionals,” CP Bizimungu said.

The commandant noted that such training is among the responsibilities of the College.

“Our main responsibility as the College is to prevent crimes through training and raising awareness of law enforcers. We have chosen to discuss on GBV mainly to understand the extent of the problem and to change the wrong perception that people may have on it,” said CP Bizimungu.

“People may have myths on GBV based on our culture or people's emotions. We are trying to change that and learn to deal with GBV cases by scientific evidence to enable victims get better services, and we expect positive impact after this training,” he reiterated.

He explained that the aim of training is to ensure that victims benefit from the comprehensive services and also to teach law enforcers to follow the right protocols while dealing with sexual and gender based violence cases.

The assistant investigator in Kicukiro District, Jeanne d'Arc Dusabe and one of the trainees, said that they are discussing good practices in the justice syatem.

“We have difficulties in handling GBV cases due to people's mentality on it. Sometimes people do not report or delay, in case of the latter we face the challenge of evidence which in most cases is tempered with. Evidence collection and handling and linking the evidence to suspects is also still an issue," Dusabe said.

She added: "We are now discussing all these challenges to increase our knowledge in order to deliver good services for both victims and offenders and to give timely justice."

Alphonse Nshimiyimana another participant lauded RNP for the initiative to train them on GBV cases handling.

“We have to avoid emotions and culture influence while dealing with GBV cases. We will change all these behaviours and learn to deal with these cases professionally," said Nshimiyimana.

"We thank RNP for the good initiative of reminding and teaching us on such issue which is a major concern the Rwandan society is facing,” Nshimiyimana added.

The workshops intend to sensitize participants about the negative influence of gender bias and rape myths on criminal justice practitioners' decision-making in rape cases.

The National Police College has begun series of training for criminal justice officials in Rwanda
Close to 300 legal professionals from different criminal justice system organs will benefit from the training.
Close to 300 legal professionals from different criminal justice system organs will benefit from the training. {JPEG}


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Canopy Walkway in Nyungwe National Park reopens

By IGIHE — July 9th 2019 at 05:54

The public announcement follows the closure of the canopy in May 2019 for maintenance works.

“Rwanda Development Board wishes to inform the general public that the Canopy Walkway in Nyungwe National Park has been re-opened after completion of regular maintenance. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience caused while it was closed,” reads RDB announcement released via twitter account.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the attractions that have made Rwanda become the top tourist destination in the world over.

This is not only the place for relaxation but also one of the place for adventure and insight into Rwanda‘s beauty.

The forest is the largest protected mountain forest in Africa that covers between 1600 and 2000 sq metres and being a five hour drive into the middle of Rwanda, this long drive to Nyungwe also gives the guests an opportunity to drink in the country's diverse scenery and the imposing land scape as you move to the main attraction.

Once a tourist gets to the park, he/she will then prepare to join on one of the most unbelievable adventures ever had including the 200m canopy walk way that gives an excitement hardly compared by anything else.

It is in addition to the beautiful scenery large, centuries old trees and the added thick forest.

Statistics from RDB shows that Nyungwe National Park had a turnover of US$ 534,821 in 2017 from 13,941 tourists.

Visits to the Canopy Walkway in Nyungwe National Park have been re-opened.


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Senator Kagoyire passes on

By IGIHE — July 9th 2019 at 03:01

She breathed her last yesterday as announced by Senate President , Bernard Makuza in a communiqué released on behalf of the parliamentary chamber of senate.

“It is with heavy heart and great sorrow that the Senate of Rwanda announces that Honorable Bishagara Kagoyire Thérèse has passed away on this July 8th 2019 in The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA where she had gone for medical treatment,” reads the statement in part adding that details regarding the memorial service and funeral will be communicated later.

“Our thoughts are with the family of Honorable Bishagara Kagoyire Thérèse. May Her Soul Rest In Peace,” concludes the statement signed by Maskuza.

Late Bishagara was born on 25 December 1952.

She joined the senate of Rwanda as a representative of the Western Province of Rwanda since October 2011 but, prior to this, she served the country in different capacities in the wake of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

She had Master's degree in Molecular Biology Sciences.

She assumed various functions including Team Research in PNLS /CNLS HIV/AIDS Center (1995-1996); Director of Kigali Health Institute (1996-2004); Part Time Lecturer in NUR (1999-2003); National Program Manager JHPIEGO /MCHIP International NGO an affiliate to Johns Hopkins University (USAID) (2008-2011); Resident Advisor Features group International /Measure Evaluation /USAID (2006-2007) ; Technical Advisor PSI -Features for VIH prevention (2005-2006) and Technical Advisor in SAVE THE CHILDREN -UK 2006.

Among others she served as the President of Profemmes Twese -Hamwe and COCAFEM /Great Lakes (2007-2011); Board of Rwanda Local Development Support Funds (2007-2011);Board Member of ASSETIF (Association d'Execution des travaux d'interet public) (2008-2011); Board Member of ULK (2007-2011); Founder Member and Board Member of FAWE Rwanda Chapter (1997 to date) and Board Member of White Ribbon Alliance for Saving lives of Women and Children(2008-2011).

From 2011 until her demise, Bishagara was member of Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security.

Senator Thérèse Bishagara Kagoyire has died at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in the United States of America (USA).


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Two arrested over theft

By IGIHE — July 9th 2019 at 02:47

It is alleged that the suspects identified as Pascal Ntakirutimana, 25, and Cecile Nyiramahirwe, 23, hatched a plan to steal the money from Laetitia Udusanze, 34, of Rususa Village, Gishore Cell in Nyakariro Sector, Rwamagana District. The two suspects were arrested separately on Sunday in Kigali and Rwamagana, respectively.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marie Gorette Umutesi, the Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, said that Ntakirutimana was arrested in Kicukiro District, Gatenga Sector, Nyanza Cell in Gasabo Village.

He was at the time of his arrest found with only Rwf100, 000.

CIP Umutesi said that following the alleged theft and the subsequent lodging of the complaint, law enforcement agencies worked together to identify and arrest prime suspects.

“Law enforcement agencies first arrested Nyiramahirwe in Rwamagana, who was cooperative and identified Ntakirutimana as her accomplice in the whole theft scheme. Through information sharing, Ntakirutimana was located and arrested in Gatenga, Kicukiro District,” CIP Umutesi said.

How they hatched the theft plan

Udusanze, a poultry farmer, recently reached out to Ntakirutimana to get her a house-help. Udusanze and Ntakirutimana were friends and fellowshipping together in Rwamagana.

According to Udusanze, Ntakirutimana recommended Nyiramahirwe, who started working last week.

Ntakirutimana had for a while tried in vain to borrow money from Udusanze, apparently to top-up and buy land.

Udusanze explained that recently, Ntakirutimana called her and through a “friendly conversation” he asked her where she keeps the money.

Taking him for a friend, Udusanze openly told Ntakirutimana where she keeps money in her house. The following day, money was gone.

According to the maid (Nyiramahirwe), Ntakirutimana sent her to work for Udusanze with the mission to steal the money.

“On July 3, Ntakirutimana called directing me where the money was, I picked it from a closet and gave it to him,” Nyiramahirwe told the Police.

Ntakirutimana admitted to the crime, but said that he got Rwf490, 000 from Nyiramahirwe but not Rwf500, 000 as claimed.

“Ntakirutimana has since been returned to Rwamagana where he committed the crime, and where he will be tried,” CIP Umutesi said.

She advised against keeping big sums of money at home.

“Financial institutions and other electronic means are accessible everywhere in this country where your money will be safe, no need to take such risks of keeping money in your house,” she advised.


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Amajyaruguru: Guverineri na Gitifu w'Umurenge bagiye gukorera mu nyubako imwe #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 10:05

Ni igitekerezo cyaje nyuma yo koroshya imirimo yo kubaka ibiro bya buri rwego, aho inyubako y'ibiro by'Akarere ka Musanze itakijyanye n'igihe, ibiro by'intara bikaba byubatse mu gishushanyo mbonera cy'amahoteri.

Habyarimana Jean Damascène, Umuyobozi w'Akarere ka Musanze mu nteko rusange ubuyobozi bw'akarere bukomeje kugirana n'abaturage bo mu mirenge inyuranye igize akarere ka Musanze niho yabitangarije ko hagiye kubakwa inyubako imwe ihuza izo nzego.

Meya w'Akarere ka Musanze avuga ko akarere abereye umuyobozi gakomeje gukora ibishoboka byose bikurura ba mukerarugendo birimo n'ibikorwa remezo binyuranye.

Ati “Akarere gafite gahunda ikomeye yo gukomeza gutera imbere. Ndasaba abikorera gukomeza kudufasha kuvugurura umujyi. Abanyamahanga bakomeje kutugana ni yo mpamvu ibiro by'ubuyobozi kuva mu mirenge twatangiye kubaka amagorofa twirinda kubaka inzu iri hasi”.

Yavuze ko batangiye kuzuza gahunda yo kubaka ibiro by'Akarere bizaba bihuriyemo ibiro by'Intara y'Amajyaruguru, n'iby'Umurenge wa Muhoza.

Ati “Muri gahunda dufite, turakomeza dukore namwe tubasaba gukora cyane, tugiye kubaka ibiro by'Akarere bishya, tugiye gufatanya tubyubakane n'ibiro by'Intara, n'iby'umurenge wa Muhoza.

Ahagiye kubakwa ibyo biro ni ahasanzwe hubatse ibiro by'umurenge wa Muhoza, aho n'ubuyobozi bw'Akagari ka Mpenge ngo buzakorera muri iyo nyubako.

Ngo ni uburyo bwo korohereza abaturage muri serivise basaba mu buyobozi bunyuranye, aho bazajya bajya mu rundi rwego rwisumbuye bitabagoye, no guhuza imbaraga mu mikoranire y'inzego.

Abaturage bitabiriye iyo nama barashima ubuyobozi bwagize icyo gitekerezo cyo kubaka ibiro bizakorerwamo n'inzego zinyuranye z'ubuyobozi, aho bavuga ko abenshi bagiye kubona akazi, abandi bagahabwa serivise mu buryo bworoshye.

Mujyambere Faustin ati “Twakiriye neza icyo gitekerezo. Ni ibikorwa byo kuduteza imbere kandi biratanga akazi no ku baturage dore ko ubushomeri butatworoheye, ikindi kandi natwe tuzashyiraho umuganda wacu, burya nta cyiza nko gusabira serivise ahantu hari isuku”.

Uwingabire Marie Goreth ati “Meya wacu atubwiye ijambo ryiza, tuzamufasha cyane kuko ibikorwa remezo ni ikintu kigirira buri wese akamaro, ibikorwa remezo ni inkingi y'igihugu kandi ntawakwishimira ko ubuyobozi bukorera ahantu habi, biranadushimisha iyo twumvise ko imihigo rwatangiye twayihiguye, twumva ari ishema iyo mu gutangaza imihigo Meya ahamagawe mu ba mbere, umwaka wabanjirije ushize twari aba kabiri, uyu mwaka tuba aba 15, hari ibyo tutakoze neza turi gukosora”.

Umuyobozi w'Akarere ka Musanze yunze mu ry'abo baturage, avuga ko mu mihigo y'umwaka wa 2016/2017 akarere ka Musanze kabaye aka kabiri, umwaka ukurikiyeho akarere gasubira inyuma kaba aka 15 ari byo batangiye gukosora ngo bakaba bifuza umwanya wa mbere.

Ati “Muribuka twishimira umwanya wa kabiri, umwaka ushize dusubira inyuma tuba aba 15, ndagira ngo twisubize imyanya yacu. Turashaka umwanya wa mbere kandi birashoboka, igisabwa ni ukubikunda no kubikorera”.

Akomeza agira ati “Ndibuka ntorerwa kuyobora aka karere, kari ku mwanya wa 30, umwaka ukurikiyeho tuba aba kabiri, niba rero twaravuye kuri 30 tuza ku mwanya wa kabiri, kuva ku mwanya wa 15 tukaza ku mwanya wa mbere ntabwo ari igitangaza, ni akantu gato abantu bibeshyeho, bibagirwa ko imihigo itareba Meya gusa, bibagirwa ko mu mihigo harebwa icyo imariye abaturage, niba amashuri yubatswe ni ngombwa ko tubona abanyeshuri, niba amazu y'abatishoboye yubatswe tubone abayatuyemo, niba twubatse imihanda tubone igendwa”.

Ibindi bikorwa remezo bigiye kubakwa mu karere ka Musanze harimo ibitaro bya Ruhengeri, kuzamura umubare w'ibyumba by'amashuri, kongera imihanda, ibigo nderabuzima, imidugudu y'icyitegererezo, kongera amashanyarazi n'ibindi.

Aha ni ho hagiye kubakwa ibiro bizakorerwamo n
Aha ni ho hagiye kubakwa ibiro bizakorerwamo n'Intara, Akarere, Umurenge n'Akagari
Aho Intara y
Aho Intara y'Amajyaruguru isanzwe ikorera
Hagiye kubakwa ibiro bishya by
Hagiye kubakwa ibiro bishya by'Akarere ka Musanze kuko ngo ibi bitajyanye n'icyerekezo
Ibi ni byo bisanzwe ari ibiro by
Ibi ni byo bisanzwe ari ibiro by'Akarere ka Musanze
Ibiro by
Ibiro by'Umurenge wa Muhoza bigiye gusenywa hubakwe inyubako izakorerwamo n'Intara, Akarere n'umurenge n'Akagari

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Munyiginya: Bahawe ivuriro ridafasha abafite virusi itera SIDA #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 09:02
Ikigo nderabuzima cya Munyiginya kimaze ibyumweru 3 gusa ariko ntikiratanga serivise zo kwita ku bafite virusi itera Sida.
Ikigo nderabuzima cya Munyiginya kimaze ibyumweru 3 gusa ariko ntikiratanga serivise zo kwita ku bafite virusi itera Sida.

Ikigo nderabuzima cya Munyiginya mu karere ka Rwamagana kimaze ibyumweru itatu gusa gitangiye gukora.

Ni ikigo cyubatswe ku gaciro k'amafaranga y'u Rwanda miliyoni 91 ku nkunga y'umuryango Better World wo muri Korea y'epfo.

Ezechiel Ndabarinze umuyobozi w'ikigo nderabuzima cya Munyiginya avuga ko serivise zose zitangwa mu bigo nderabuzima nabo bazitanga uretse kwita ku bafite virusi itera Sida.

Ati “Serivise zose zitangwa ahandi natwe turazitanga uretse kwita ku bafite virusi itera Sida. Hari igenzura rigomba kubanza gukorwa kugira ngo duhabwe iyo serivise.”

Iki kigo nderabuzima gishya kandi gifite ibibazo by'abakozi kuko ku bakozi 15 bagomba kuba bahari bafite icyenda gusa.

Ezechiel Ndabarinze umuyobozi w'ikigo nderabuzima cya Munyiginya avuga ko kugira abakozi bacye bitica serivise kuko abaturage bakira bakiri bacye bagera kuri 70 ku munsi.

Mutoni Jane arasaba abasanzwe bafata imiti igabanya ubukana bwa Sida gukomeza kuyifatira aho bari basanzwe bayikura mugihe ikigo nderabuzima cyabo kitaremererwa gutanga iyo serivise.
Mutoni Jane arasaba abasanzwe bafata imiti igabanya ubukana bwa Sida gukomeza kuyifatira aho bari basanzwe bayikura mugihe ikigo nderabuzima cyabo kitaremererwa gutanga iyo serivise.

Mutoni Jane umuyobozi w'akarere ka Rwamagana wungirije ushinzwe imibereho myiza avuga ko ikigo iyo kikiri gishya buri gihe kidashobora gutangirana serivise zose.

Avuga ko abafite ubwandu bafata imiti bazakomeza gukurikiranwa n'ibigo nderabuzima bafatiramo imiti kugeza igihe icyabo giherewe iyo serivise.

Agira ati “Kugira ngo iyo serivise itangwe bisaba ko minisiteri y'ubuzima ibanza gutanga amahugurwa ku bakozi bazakora muri iyo serivise, abafata imiti bazihangana bakomeze kuyifatira aho bari basanzwe bayifatira.”

Ku rundi ruhande ariko abaturage bishimira kuba barahawe ikigo nderabuzima kuko byabaruhuye ingendo n'amafaranga batangaga bajya kwivuza.

Kabahire Floride umuturage w'umudugudu wo mu murenge wa Munyiginya avuga ko mbere batangaga amafaranga menshi bajya kwivuza ndetse bamwe bakarembera mu ngo.

Ati “Twivurizaga ku bigo nderabuzima bya Ruhunda na Rwamagana, umuntu agatanga amafaranga 1000 ku igare cyangwa 1500 kuri moto, utayafite cyane ababyeyi babyariraga mu ngo. Ariko hano ni hafi ntawuzongera gutinda kwivuza.”

Ezechiel Ndabarinze umuyobozi w'ikigo nderabuzima cya Munyiginya avuga ko bagifite abakozi bacye ariko bikaba bitica serivise baha abaturage babagana.
Ezechiel Ndabarinze umuyobozi w'ikigo nderabuzima cya Munyiginya avuga ko bagifite abakozi bacye ariko bikaba bitica serivise baha abaturage babagana.

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U Rwanda rugiye kwakira amakipe 56 mu irushanwa ry'isi rya Beach Volleyball #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Sports — July 11th 2019 at 08:57

Ni irushanwa biteganyijwe ko rizabera mu karere ka Rubavu Kuva tariki 21 kugeza kuri 24 Kanama 2019, rikazitabirwa n'ibihugu bya mbere ku isi muri Volleyball ikinirwa ku mucanga, aho u Rwanda ruzakira iri rushanwa byibura rugomba guhagararirwa n'amakipe atandatu (atatu y'abagore n'atatu y'abagabo).

Amakipe 56 aturutse mu mpande zose z
Amakipe 56 aturutse mu mpande zose z'isi azaba ari mu rwanda mu kwezi gutaha

Amakipe azemererwa kwitabira iri rushanwa azagenwa n'ishyirahamwe ry'umukino wa Volleyball ku Isi, aho agomba kuba yujuje ibi bikurikira: Kuba ari mu bihugu 20 bya mbere ku isi ku urutonde rwa FIVB, igihugu cyakiriye irushanwa kigomba kugira byibura amakipe atatu, kuba mu bihugu bibiri muri buri cyiciro byibura bizahabwa ubutumire na FIVB (Wild card).

Guy Rurangayire, Umuyobozi wa siporo muri MINISPOC yatangaje ko ku bufatanye na Leta y
Guy Rurangayire, Umuyobozi wa siporo muri MINISPOC yatangaje ko ku bufatanye na Leta y'u Rwanda irushanwa rizagenda neza

Aya makipe akazatangazwa iminsi 21 mbere y'uko irushanwa ritangira, mu gihe ikipe ya mbere izahabwa igihembo cya 4,600,000 Rwfs byibura haba ku bagabo ndetse no ku bagore

Perezida wa FRVB Karekezi Léandre yatangaje ko ubu gahunda igezweho ari ugutanganya ibikorwa remezo bizakoreshwa muri iri rushanwa
Perezida wa FRVB Karekezi Léandre yatangaje ko ubu gahunda igezweho ari ugutanganya ibikorwa remezo bizakoreshwa muri iri rushanwa

Iri rushanwa ryiswe Rubavu Beach Volleyball Tour, rizaterwa inkunga na Leta y'u Rwanda, rizakinwa mu byiciro bibiri aho hazabanza icyiciro cy'amajonjora, nyuma bakurikizeho icyiciro cyo gukuranwamo, rikazasozwa ritwaye akayabao ka agaciro ka 350,000,000 Frws.

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Cumi na batanu bagaragarije Kagame ko bangirijwe ibyabo bagiye kwishyurwa #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 08:27
Mugambira ageza ikibazo cye kuri perezida Kagame muri Gashyantare 2019
Mugambira ageza ikibazo cye kuri perezida Kagame muri Gashyantare 2019

Aba 15 bangirijwe imitungo hatunganywa igishanga cya Cyogo muri 2013.

Apollinaire Mugambira wavugiye bagenzi be ubwo Perezida Kagame yagendereraga abatuye i Nyamagabe tariki 26 Gashyantare 2019, yamubwiye ko babariwe bagakomeza kureregwa, bakaba bari batarishyurwa.

Icyo gihe Perezida Kagame yamubwiye ko umuyobozi w'Akarere ka Nyamagabe yacyumvise kandi agiye kugikurikirana, undi na we amubwira ko atizeye ko azagikemura kuko abayobozi bahora bababeshya, hanyuma Perezida amubwira ko na we namubeshya kazamubaho.

Icyo gishanga gitunganywa, Mugambira we ubwe ngo yangirijwe ibiti 643, ariko ibyo yari yabariwe n'akarere mbere byari 447, agomba kwishyurirwa amafaranga abarirwa muri miliyoni ebyiri. 196 bisigaye ngo yabwiwe ko agomba kubiregera bundi bushya.

Ubwo umuvunyi mukuru yagendereraga abatuye mu Kagari ka Ngoma mu Murenge wa Cyanika, Akarere ka Nyamagabe, umuyobozi w'Akarere ka Nyamagabe, Bonaventure Uwamahoro, yabwiye abaturage bari bahateraniye na Mugambira arimo, ko bitarenze Nzeri 2019 aba 15 bazaba bamaze kwishyurwa.

Umuyobozi w
Umuyobozi w'Akarere ka Nyamagabe, Bonaventure Uwamahoro, abwira Mugambira, na we ufite micron, ko ikibazo cye na bagenzi be kigiye gukemuka

Yagize ati “Mu ngengo y'imari y'uyu mwaka twatangiye ejobundi ku itariki ya 1 Nyakanga, harimo n'amafaranga yo kwishyura abaturage bagaragajwe na komisiyo y'inama njyanama yari yashyizweho.”

Bose hamwe bazishyurwa amafaranga abarirwa muri miliyoni 14 n'ibihumbi birenga 240.

Meya Uwamahoro kandi avuga ko n'ibindi bibazo abaturage bagejeje kuri Perezida Kagame ubwo yagendereraga akarere ka Nyamagabe bageze kure babikemura.

Muri byo harimo icy'umuturage wo mu Murenge wa Gatare wari wamubwiye ko yatwawe inka 14. Ubu bamaze kumugaruriza umunani.

Hari n'umubyeyi wo muri Gasaka wari wavuze ko imodoka yamugongeye umwana ntiyishyurwe, ariko ngo baje gusanga yarishyuwe, ubu bakaba bari kumuganiriza kugira ngo abashe kubyumva.

N'uwari wavuze ko ubutaka bwe bwubatsweho ibiro by'umurenge wa Tare akaba yari atarishyurwa na we ubu ngo yarishyuwe.

Umuyobozi wa Nyamagabe, Perezida Kagame na minisitiri w
Umuyobozi wa Nyamagabe, Perezida Kagame na minisitiri w'ubutegetsi bw'igihugu n'abandi bayobozi

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Irushanwa nyafurika rya Triathlon rigiye guhuza ibihugu 9 mu Rwanda #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Sports — July 11th 2019 at 08:12

Ku nshuro ya kabiri u Rwanda rugiye kwakira irushanwa ry'Afurika mu mukino wa Triathlon (African Triathlon Cup 2019), irushanwa rizaba kuri uyu wa Gatandatu tariki 13 Nyakanga 2019, rikazahuza abakinnyi 35 bazaturuka mu bihugu icyenda birimo n'u Rwanda.

Umukino wa Triathlon ubusanzwe ni umukino umaze imyaka ine ukinirwa mu Rwanda, ukaba ukomatanya imikino 3 irimo koga, kunyonga igare no kwiruka ku maguru, ugashobora no kwitwa Duathlon iyo wakomatanyije imikino ibiri gusa.

Si ubwa mbere iri rushanwa rigiye kubera mu Rwanda, kuko n'umwaka ushize iri rushanwa ryari ryabereye mu Rwanda, aho uyu mwaka rizitabirwa n'abakinnyi 35 bazaturuka mu Rwanda, Afurika y'Epfo, Kenya, u Burundi, u Buyapani, Pologne, Turukiya, Maroc na Misiri.

Perezida w
Perezida w'ishyirahamwe ry'umukino wa Triathlon mu Rwanda , Mbaraga Alexis (hagati) yatangaje ko imyiteguro yagenze neza

Perezida w'ishyirahamwe ry'umukino wa Triathlon mu Rwanda, Mbaraga Alexis aratangaza ko imyiteguro y'iri rushanwa iri kugenda neza, ndetse anatangaza ko abakinnyi batabonye ibihembo batsindiye mu marushanwa yabanje bazayabona mbere y'iri rushanwa.

“Imyiteguro iri kugenda neza kugeza ubu, kandi n'ubwitabire bwariyongereye kuko ubushize hari hitabiriye abakinnyi 17 gusa, ubu bakaba bazaba ari 35, ikindi kandi n'abakinnyi bari batarabona ibihembo batsindiye ubushize, bazakina iri rushanwa twamaze kubibaha”

Ni irushanwa rikomatanya imikino itatu irimo no koga
Ni irushanwa rikomatanya imikino itatu irimo no koga
Hakabamo no gusiganwa ku maguru
Hakabamo no gusiganwa ku maguru

Iri rushanwa ryabanjirijwe n'amahugurwa y'abasifuzi 25 kuva kuri uyu wa Gatatu tariki 10 kugeza tariki 12 Nyakanga 2019 akabera i Rubavu, akaba ayobowe n'umufaransa Dominique Frizza usanzwe ari umuyobozi wa Tekinike mu ishyirahamwe ry'uyu mukino mu Bufaransa.

Abasiganwa bazakora metero 750 mu mazi, bakore kirometero 20 mu kunyonga igare basoze biruka n'amaguru (5km) aho bazakora kirometero 25 na metero 750, umukinnyi wa mbere mu byiciro byombi, abagore n'abagabo akazahembwa amadorari 500.

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Ese ibura ry'amazi rigira aho rihurira n'impeshyi? #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 07:11
Ikibazo cy'amazi gikomeje gukomerera muri iyi mpeshyi
Ikibazo cy'amazi gikomeje gukomerera muri iyi mpeshyi

Yagize ati, “Sinshaka ko imvura yongera kugwa, mu gihe cy'imvura, nta mafaranga menshi tubona”.

“Ubu ijerekani y'amazi iragura amafaranga 300 cyangwa 400, ariko mu kwa munani izagera no kuri 500, kandi hari imiryango ishobora gutumiza amajerekani 5 kugeza ku 10 bitewe n'ingano y'amazi bakeneye”.

Hakizimana ukoresha igare rye kuva mu gitondo kugeza saa kumi n'ebyiri z'umugoroba, bigaragara ko mu gihe cy'impeshyi abona amafaranga menshi ku munsi ugereranije n'ukoresha moto mu gutwara abagenzi, dore ko hari nubwo Hakizimana anakoresha moto atwara abagenzi.

Yagize ati, “Iri gare ni iryanjye, ariko moto ni iy'undi muntu. Iyo natwaye iyo moto y'abandi, hari amafaranga ngomba kwishyura buri cyumweru. Sinakwizera ko nshobora kubona amafaranga 15,000 ku munsi. Ubwo rero mpitamo guparika iyo moto, ngakoresha igare mvomera abantu mu masaha ya mu gitondo kuko ari bwo bayakenera cyane, hanyuma ngakoresha moto ntwara abagenzi mu masaha ya nyuma ya saa sita”.

Kuri Hakizimana na bagenzi be bafatanya ako kazi ko gucuruza amazi mu gice cya Kabeza na Kanombe, bakwifuza ko nta mvura yagwa na rimwe mu mwaka, kuko ari bwo ubuzima bwabo bwaba bwiza kurushaho.

Nubwo bataba bifashishije siyansi, ari Hakizimana na bagenzi be, bemeza ko mu gihe cy'imvura amazi yiyongera, ibyo bigatuma ikigo cy'igihugu gishinzwe gukwirakwiza amazi (WASAC) kibona amazi menshi mu bigega byacyo, kinayatanga mu bice bitandukanye, ibyo rero bituma akazi ko gucuruza amazi mu majerekani kabura.

Igare rimwe muri ayo bakoresha bacuruza amazi, rishobora guheka amajerekani agera kuri atandatu (6), bo aho bagura amazi ku bayabika bafite ibigega, ijerekani imwe bayigura amafaranga 100 cyangwa 200, bivuze ko bunguka amafaranga 200 cyangwa 300 ku ijerekani imwe ya litiro 20.

Impuzandengo y'ingo Hakizimana avomera ku munsi ni 10, buri rugo akaruvomera nibura amajerekani 5, akaba yabona amafaranga 15,000 ku munsi, kandi we avuga ko nta handi yabona amafaranga nk'ayo.

Ku Banya-Kigali benshi, impeshyi (guhera muri Gicurasi kugeza muri Nzeri) ni igihe cy'ibura ry'amazi, ariko se impeshyi igira aho ihurira n'ibura ry'amazi?

None se WASAC yaba yifashisha amazi y'imvura kugira ngo ishobore kuyageza ku bayakeneye bose?Amasoko y'amazi yaba akama mu gihe cy'impeshyi se? cyangwa WASAC irushaho kuyimana mu mpeshyi?

Igisubizo kuri ibyo bibazo byose, ni OYA nk'uko bisobanurwa n'Umuyobozi Mukuru wa WASAC Eng. Aime Muzola.

Uwo muyobozi avuga ko ikibazo kiba cyabayeho mu gihe cy'impeshyi, ari uko amazi yunganiraga atangwa na WASAC harimo n'ay'imvura, aba yagabanutse, kandi abantu bakenera amazi mu buzima bwa buri munsi, icyo gihe rero bose bagakoresha aya WASAC.

Yagize ati, “ Mu mpeshyi, urugero rw'amazi akenerwa ruriyongera. Kuko n'abakoresha andi mazi harimo n'ay'imvura ndetse n'ay'iriba, mu mpeshyi batangira gukoresha aya WASAC ”.

Ibikorwa byo gusukura amazi ngo byorohera WASAC mu mpeshyi kurusha mu gihe cy'imvura
Ibikorwa byo gusukura amazi ngo byorohera WASAC mu mpeshyi kurusha mu gihe cy'imvura

“Ni ukuvuga ko ibinamba byoza ibinyabiziga, n'ibindi bikorwa byose bikenera amazi harimo nko kuvomerera imyaka n'ubusitani, ubundi biba byakoreshaga amazi y'imvura, bitangira gukoresha aya WASAC. Ingano y'amazi ya WASAC ntiba yahindutse ahubwo umubare w'abayekeneye uba wiyongereye cyane”.

Umuyobozi mukuru wa WASAC yanavuze ko uburyo bwo gusaranganya amazi mu bice bitandukanye ntibuhinduka mu mpeshyi, ahubwo ikibazo ni uko urugero rw'amazi akenewe ruba rwazamutse mu mpeshyi, ibyo bivuze ko amazi ashobora kumara iminsi atagera mu gace runaka kandi bayashaka.

Yagize ati, “ Mu by'ukuri ntidushingira ku mazi y'imvura na gaho. Ahubwo no gutunganya amazi mu gihe cy'imvura ni byo bihenda kandi bisaba ubwitonzi cyane”.

Muzola asobanura ko kuba amazi aboneka cyane mu gihe cy'imvura, bishobora kuba biterwa n'uko hari abareka amazi y'imvura bakayakoresha mu bikorwa byabo bitandukanye, ibyo bigatuma n'abatareka babona aya WASAC ku rugero ruhagije.

Mu minsi ishize igiciro cy'amazi cyariyongere bitera benshi kubyibazaho
Mu minsi ishize igiciro cy'amazi cyariyongere bitera benshi kubyibazaho

Nko mu Mujyi wa Kigali, uwo muyobozi yavuze ko aharuturuka amazi akoreshwa muri Kigali nta gabanuka riba ryabayeho, ahubwo uko aba angana, ntiyakwira ababa bayakeneye bose, kuko buri muntu aba ashaka amazi ya WASAC.

Ese impeshyi yaba ituma habaho igabanuka ry'amazi ahubatswe inganda ziyatunganya? Uwo muyobozi yavuze ko ibyo atari byo.

Icyakora yavuze ko hari uturere tumwe na tumwe tw'u Rwanda dushobora guhura n'icyo kibazo, ariko muri Kigali ho si ko bimeze.

Minisiteri ishinzwe ibikorwa by'ubutabazi hamwe n'ikigo cy'igihugu gishinzwe kubungabunga ibidukikije bagaragaje uturere dukunze guhura n'ikibazo gikomeye cy'ibura ry'amazi mu gihe cy'impeshyi harimo Akarere ka Bugesera, Nyagatare, Gatsibo, Kayonza, Ngoma, Kirehe, Nyanza na Gisagara.

Mu bice bimwe bya Kabeza na Rubirizi baheruka kubona amazi mu mezi arenga abiri ashize
Mu bice bimwe bya Kabeza na Rubirizi baheruka kubona amazi mu mezi arenga abiri ashize

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Gukoresha ‘robot' byongera umusaruro kandi bikoroshya akazi #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 06:53
Robot yitwa Simoni yakozwe n
Robot yitwa Simoni yakozwe n'abanyeshuri bo ku ishuri ryisumbuye rya APACOPE

Ibi ni ibyatangajwe n'ishami ryo muri Minisiteri y'Ikoranabuhanga rishinzwe ihangwa ry'udushya.

Ibi kandi bitangajwe mu gihe hari abana b'abanyeshuri biga mu mwaka wa gatatu w'amashuri yisumbuye muri G.S APACOPE bakoze robot yitwa Simoni ivuga indimi enye kandi ishobora kuyobora inama ikananasubiza buri kibazo cyose ibajijwe.

Umukozi muri Ministeri y'Ikoranabuhanga, ishami rishinzwe guhanga udushya Victor Muvunyi avuga ko gukoresha robots byongera umusaruro kandi bikoroshya akazi.

Yagize ati “Niba nk'inama yayoborwaga n'umuntu umwe wenda utavuga indimi zihagije, robot ishobora gukoresha indimi zose, bigatuma akazi karushaho kunoga no koroha, bigatuma n'umuntu akora ibindi byagura ubwenge bwe.”

Victor Muvunyi yasobanuye akamaro ko gukoresha robots rigezweho
Victor Muvunyi yasobanuye akamaro ko gukoresha robots rigezweho

Yakomeje avuga ko abashinzwe ikoranabuhanga mu nshingano bashishikariza abakiri bato kwitabira ikoranabuhanga rishya (emerging technology).

Yagize ati “Imikoranire myiza hagati y'inzego zaba iza Leta, abikorera ndetse n'imiryango itegamiye kuri Leta ni byo bizatuma ikoranabuhanga ryubahirizwa rigateza imbere urubyiruko n'igihugu muri rusange.”

Urubyiruko kandi rushishikarizwa kwitabira amasomo ya siyansi kuko ari rwo Rwanda rw'ejo nk'uko yakomeje abisobanura anamara impungenge abakeka ko robots zazatuma bahinduka abashomeri.

Yagize ati “Dushishikariza abakiri bato kuko ari byo bizatuma bahanga udushya, kuko ubwenge bwabo buba bukibasha kuvumbura. Ikindi ni uko ubukungu bw'u Rwanda mu minsi iri imbere buzaba bushingiye ku yindi mirimo y'ubwenge itari ubuhinzi gusa n'ubworozi ari byo bizatanga n'akazi.”

Robot yitwa Sophia iherutse gutumirwa munama ikomeye i Kigali
Robot yitwa Sophia iherutse gutumirwa munama ikomeye i Kigali

Imashini-muntu zitangira, zaje zigamije gushimisha abantu aho bamwe mu bahanga babayeho barimo Leonardo Da Vinci na Al Jazari bakoze robot ya mbere yafashaga abayobozi n'abami bakomeye kwidagadura.

Naho mu kinyejana cya 20 ibi byaje guhinduka aho ikoranabuhanga rishya ryatumye robots zikora nk'abantu zirushaho koroshya akazi.

Hagati aho ariko ikigo mpuzamahanga cyita ku bukungu cya McKinsey, muri raporo giheruka gushyira ahagaragara kivuga ko abagera hafi kuri miliyoni 800 bashobora kubura akazi ku isi kubera robots.

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Dore bimwe mu bikoresho birimo gukendera mu Rwanda #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 05:11
Iyi mashini yandikaga kera, ubu akazi kayo kararangiye aho zisigaye ni hake cyane
Iyi mashini yandikaga kera, ubu akazi kayo kararangiye aho zisigaye ni hake cyane

Nimukuze Marie Goreth wabaye umunyamabanga muri Komini Giti (kuri ubu ni mu karere ka Gicumbi), yari amaze imyaka 10 akorera muri Nyabugogo aho yandikira abantu akoresheje imashini za kera ziswe "Methode Bourgoumestre".

Uyu mubyeyi w'imyaka 41 avuga ko ari muri bake bari basigaye i Kigali bandikisha imashini za kera, ariko nawe akaba atakizikoresha nyuma yo gushinjwa gukorera ahatemewe.

Nimukuze agira ati”twari abagore batandatu, twari tumaze imyaka icyenda twandikisha imashini hano muri Nyabugogo, izo mashini abashinzwe umutekano barazitwaye kandi nta bushobozi bwo kubona mudasobwa twari twabona”.

“Mu mwaka washize Minisiteri y'Ikoranabuhanga yari yaduhuguriye gukoresha mudasobwa iranazitwemerera, ariko amaso yaheze mu kirere ku buryo bagenzi banjye ubu bicaye mu rugo bakaba barimo guhahirwa n'abagabo babo”.

Ibibindi byasimbuwe n
Ibibindi byasimbuwe n'ibidomoro, amajerekani n'ibindi, naho inkono zisimburwa n'amasafuriya.

Nimukuze ni umwe mu bamaze gutakaza akazi kubera gukoresha ibitakigezweho, nawe akaba avuga ko uwashaka yamushyira mu basigajwe inyuma n'amateka.

Ni mu gihe abasanzwe bamenyereye kwitwa iri zina b'i Kigali nabo bavuga ko baramutse batabonye abakiriya b'amavaze n'imbabura bicyihagazeho kuri ubu, imibereho yabo ngo yarushaho kuba mibi.

Inkono n'ibibindi byari bisanzwe bibumbwa n'abasigajwe inyuma n'amateka, kuri ubu byasimbujwe amasafuriya n'amajerikani.

Mu bikoresho bitakigezweho cyangwa byatakaje umumaro wabyo w'ibanze, harimo umuvure, urusyo n'ingasire, akayunguruzo, isekuru n'umuhini, urutaro, umusambi n'ibindi nkawo biva mu buboshyi.

Hari n'ibikoresho by'ikoranabuhanga bitagipfa kuboneka, birimo telefone zo mu biro cyangwa mu rugo zirimo gusimbuzwa izigendanwa, bitewe n'uko abakazikoresheje benshi bataba bashaka kwicara hamwe.

N'ubwo igikoreshwa henshi cyane cyane mu bice by'icyaro, isekuru igenda isimburwa n'imashini zisya.

Ibikoreshwa mu kubika no gusakaza amakuru mu buryo bw'inyandiko, amajwi n'amashusho nabyo byarahindutse cyane, ku buryo ab'iki gihe batazi icyitwaga ‘disquette', ‘cassette' na magneto.

Mu bijyanye no gutwara abantu, hambere aho imodoka nto zitwa “taxi minibus (hiace)” zakoreraga hirya no hino mu gihugu ni zo zasimbuwe n'izitwa “coaster”, ariko nazo kuri ubu ziragenda zisimbuzwa ibimodoka binini biziruta, dore ko zitakemerewe kwinjira mu gihugu nk'imodoka zitwara abagenzi.

Aha ni ho hatakariye umwuga w'abitwaga abakomvayeri, ndetse n'umubare munini w'abashoferi ukaba ugenda ujya mu bushomeri mu gihe baba batihuguriye gutwara ibimodoka binini kurushaho.

Umukozi wa Komisiyo y'Igihugu ikorana n'ishami ry'Umuryango w'Abibumbye ryita ku burezi (UNESCO), Bwana Jerome Kajuga ushinzwe umuco n'ubumenyi bw'imibereho, aratanga inama ku bantu bagikoresha ibya kera.

Biragoye kuba wabona imodoka nk
Biragoye kuba wabona imodoka nk'iyi ikiri nshya mu gihugu. bivuze ko mu myaka mike ziba zitakiboneka mu mihanda.

Abasaba kudashingira imibereho yabo kuri ibyo bikoresho ahubwo bakimenyereza ibigezweho, kwirinda kugura ibitakijyanye n'ibihe ndetse no guharanira kubika ibyo bikoresho bya kera, kuko ngo mu myaka izaza bizaba ari ibintu by'agaciro gakomeye.

Ati“Umuntu wabikaga amakuru kuri ‘disquette' agomba kwitoza ikoranabuhanga rishya kugira ngo akomeze abeho, uwajya i Dubai kugura minibisi cyangwa uwaha abantu amahugurwa yo kwandikisha imashini za kera, yaba atarimo kubara neza”.

“Tuba tugomba no kumenya gufata neza ibikoresho bya kera twahoranye, tekereza umuntu uzaba afite imashini yandika ya kera nko mu myaka 100 iri imbere, ahandi bigurwa amafaranga menshi cyane”.

Kutamenya no kutagira imashini n'ibikoresho by'ikoranabuhanga, byaba kimwe mu biteza kugaragara k'umubare munini w'abashomeri mu Rwanda.

Imibare Ikigo cy'Ibarurishamibare (NISR) cyatangaje muri 2018, igaragaza ko abantu bari mu gihe cyo gukora mu Rwanda(hejuru y'imyaka 16) barenga miliyoni zirindwi.

Muri bo 16% (ni ukuvuga abarenga miliyoni imwe n'ibihumbi 100) nta mirimo bagira ihamye igomba kubahemba buri kwezi. Aba barimo abanyeshuri, abakora imirimo isanzwe baba bari mu ngo ndetse n'abasaza.

Ikoreshwa rya za telefone zigendanwa ryatumye izikoresha umugozi zisigaye mu biro gusa
Ikoreshwa rya za telefone zigendanwa ryatumye izikoresha umugozi zisigaye mu biro gusa
Uru rusyo rwarakoreshwaga cyane kera, ari ko ubu aho umuntu arubonye aratangara
Uru rusyo rwarakoreshwaga cyane kera, ari ko ubu aho umuntu arubonye aratangara
aka kayunguruzo kayungururaga ifu ku buryo bwiza ariko ubu akazi kako gakorwa n
aka kayunguruzo kayungururaga ifu ku buryo bwiza ariko ubu akazi kako gakorwa n'ibimashini binini bikora neza kukarusha kandi vuba cyane kukarusha.
mu myaka ya za 90, umusore cyangwa inkumi izwi yagombaga kuba ifite radio na casette murugo kugirango abshe kumva umuziki mwiza kandi ugezweho
mu myaka ya za 90, umusore cyangwa inkumi izwi yagombaga kuba ifite radio na casette murugo kugirango abshe kumva umuziki mwiza kandi ugezweho

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Ese kuki Inkwano ari ishimwe ry'ababyeyi b'umukobwa, ab'abahungu bo ntibakwiye gushimwa? #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 04:12
Inkwano z
Inkwano z'ubu bamwe bazigize ubucuruzi

Ababyeyi b'umuhungu ni bo bajya gusaba umugeni,bakemeranya inkwano,bagakwa. Gusa abantu benshi ntibabivugaho rumwe,kuko hari abatumva impamvu ari ishimwe ry'umubyeyi w'umukobwa wenyine,ntihagire n'iry'umubyeyi w'umuhungu kandi bose baba barareze, ndetse n'abana babo bose bakaba bagiye mu rugo rushya rwabo bagasiga ababyeyi.

Bamwe mu baganiriye na Kigali Today bavuga ko kuba inkwano ihabwa iwabo w'umukobwa biterwa n'uko umuco ubigena ndetse ko kurera umukobwa bigora kurusha umuhungu. Gusa hari n'abandi babona ko bidakwiye ko hashimwa uruhande rumwe,bakabyita kudaha agaciro ihame ry'uburinganire, kugira umukobwa igicuruzwa,ndetse no kubogamira uruhande rumwe.

Uwitwa Bamuhoze Donatha urangije kaminuza avuga ko impamvu inkwano ari ishimwe ry'umubyeyi w'umukobwa, ari uko kurera umukobwa bitavuna nko kurera umuhungu,kuko umukobwa asaba kwitabwaho byihariye kugira ngo azavemo umugore muzima.

Ati “Uzi kurinda agakobwa kawe bakakajyana agaseke kagipfundikiye? Biravuna cyane! Ariko umuhungu we n'iyo yaba byararangiye nta bimenyetso wabona,kandi usanga amakosa y'umugore ari yo agaragara mbere.”

Naho Dushimimana wo mu Karere ka Bugesera mu Murenge wa Mayange we avuga ko impamvu inkwano zijya iwabo w'umukobwa, ari uko n'ubundi iwabo w'umuhungu baba basa n'abakimufite, kandi ko ari bo baza gusaba umugeni. Akomeza avuga ko nta muntu ukunze gusaba umukwe ubufasha, keretse byamurenze.

Ati “Ariko njye mbona umubyeyi w'umuhungu akomeza gusa n'ukimufite,naho umukobwa ugiye aba agiye! Ubu ntugire ngo nyina w'umukobwa yamukenera! Yaganya yumva agategereza ko yibwiriza kuko azi ko nta burenganzira n'imyanzuro yaba afite iwe! Naho umuhungu we yamubwira ati ariko nk'ubu iyo ubona…”

Ubushobozi bw
Ubushobozi bw'imiryango hari abo bubangamira mu rukundo rwabo

Gusa hari n'abandi bavuga ko usibye kubahiriza umuco, batumva impamvu yo gushima uruhande rumwe, kandi bose baragize uruhare mu kurera abana babo, kandi bakaba baba bagiye kubashyingirana bombi ntibongere kubana na bo.

Nzeyimana wo mu Karere ka Gisagara, Umurenge wa Kansi avuga ko nta mpamvu n'imwe abona yo kurobanura ushimwa, kandi bose barareze, ndetse hakaba hari n'igihe umuhungu atangwaho byinshi kurusha umukobwa, kuko akenshi usanga umuhungu ari we wize amashuri menshi, cyangwa afite ubushobozi buruta ubw'umukobwa.

Ati “Utekereza ko iwabo w'umuhungu bo batarera? Ahubwo usanga baranarishye amashuri y'umurengera, bakamushakira imibereho izamubeshaho igihe azaba yubatse urwe bamushakira akazi, mwarangiza ngo tujye gushimira iwabo w' umukobwa bareze neza ra!”

Akomeza avuga ko hari n'igihe mu misango yo gusaba hazamo no guciririkanya ku nkwano nk'abagurisha, aho ababyeyi b'umukobwa baka akayabo k'inkwano, bitwaje ko hari amafaranga batanze ku mukobwa, bakirengagiza ayo batanze ku muhungu.

Ati “Ahubwo mu gusaba usanga iwabo w'umukobwa yahanitse ibiciro,ukagira ngo aragurisha itungo ra! Ngo namurihiye amashuri, afite akazi keza, ahubwo ugasanga kenshi umuhungu baje gusabira akubye kabiri ibyo bavuga!”

Rutayisire Fidele, umuyobozi nshingwabikorwa w'umuryango nyarwanda w'abagabo biyemeje guteza imbere ihame ry'uburinganire hagati y'umugore n'umugabo, bakanarwanya ihohoterwa rishingiye ku gitsina ( RWAMREC) , na we ntiyemera inkwano nk'ishimwe ry'ababyeyi.

Agira ati “Inkwano ubwayo twebwe tuvuga ko ari ikibazo. Kubera ko inkwano ishingiye ku muryango nyarwanda aho ibintu byose bireba abagabo, bigatuma umugabo yumva ko agize imbaraga zo kuba umutware w'urugo. Yewe twebwe twifuza ko inkwano ivaho! Kuko inkwano iteza ibibazo byinshi kuko ntikiri ishimwe ahubwo yabaye nk'ubucuruzi.”

Niyibizi Lea Liliane usanzwe ukora ubukangurambaga (activist) mu kurwanya ihohoterwa rishingiye ku gitsina, na we yagize icyo abivugaho, ati “Ku bwanjye numva uko dufata inkwano mu muco nyarwanda kuri uyu munsi inkwano yarataye agaciro kayo. Hari uburyo yafatwaga kera, nko guhuza imiryango.”

Akomeza agira ati “Ntabwo yafatwaga nk'ishimwe ahubwo yafatwaga nk'igihuza imiryango kuko umukobwa yavaga iwabo akajya iwabo w'umuhungu, ariko ubu bose bava iwabo. Numva rero dukurikije uko isigaye ifatwa bayikuraho.”

Arongera ati “Biramutse byiswe ishimwe, imiryango yose yajya igira icyo itanga. Kuri njyewe rero ikwano ubundi mu gifaransa babyita ‘dot' ,bivuze ko inkwano ari icyo umuntu azana kigira uruhare mu gufasha kubaka urugo. Niba iyo nkwano ari ije kubaka urugo, ibyo nta kibazo! Igahabwa wa muryango mushyashya. Ariko niba ari ihabwa umuryango umwe w'umwe mu bagiye kubaka urugo, ibyo biracyari ikibazo."

Minisitiri w'Umuco na Siporo, Nyirasafari Esperance, aherutse gutangaza ko nta giciro cy'inkwano kibaho kandi ko inkwano itagombye guciririkanywa kuko umuntu atari igicuruzwa.

Yasobanuye kandi ko inkwano idakwiye kuba ikibazo hagati y'imiryango, ahubwo ko ari ikimenyetso cyiza cy'urukundo gikwiye gutuma imiryango irushaho gukundana no kubana neza.

Itegeko Nº 32/2016 ryo muri 2016 rigenga abantu n'umuryango, mu ngingo yaryo ya 167 rivuga ko “Ishyingirwa rikorewe imbere y'ubutegetsi rishobora kubanzirizwa n'imihango gakondo ndangagaciro y'umuryango nyarwanda irimo iyi ikurikira:

1° umuhango wo gusaba no gufata irembo uhuza imiryango y'abifuza gushyingiranwa ikemeranwa ko nta nzitizi yo gushyingiranya abana bayo;

2° umuhango wo gusaba umugeni no gukwa ugaragaza amasezerano y'ubwumvikane hagati y'imiryango ibiri (2) yemeranya ko umuhungu n'umukobwa bayikomokaho bazashyingiranwa kandi ko iyo miryango yombi izakomeza gufasha no guhagararira ishyingirwa ryabo. Icyakora, iyo inkwano itabonetse ntibibuza amasezerano y'ubushyingiranwa kwemerwa.”

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Urukiko rwahamagaje Bobi Wine ngo abazwe ibyo kurwanya gahunda za leta #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 11th 2019 at 03:33
Umunyamuziki Robert Kyagulanyi uzwi nka Bobi Wine ni umwe mu batavuga rumwe n'ubutegetsi bwa Uganda uri kuvugwa muri iyi minsi
Umunyamuziki Robert Kyagulanyi uzwi nka Bobi Wine ni umwe mu batavuga rumwe n'ubutegetsi bwa Uganda uri kuvugwa muri iyi minsi

Mu iburanisha riyobowe n'umucamanza Gladys Kamasanyu, umushinjacyaha yatangarije urukiko ko Bobi Wine n'uwo bafunganywe, David Luke batigeze bagera imbere y' urukiko mbere y'uko hatangwa impampuro zibahagamaza ku byaha bikomeye bakurikiranyweho.

Bakaba barafunganywe n'umunyeshuri witwa Julius Katongole, umushoramari Fred Ssentamu Nyanzi umuvandimwe wa Bobi Wine hamwe n'umwogoshi Edward Sebuufu, nabo bari bari mu rukiko.

Madamu Kamasanyu agira ati “Iburanisha rya (Lule) A1 hamwe na (Bobi Wine) A5 ryimuriwe tariki 12 Kanama 2019”.

Uburanira ushinjwa Abudallah Kiwanuka, mbere y'uko urubanza rusubikwa, yasabye urukiko ko hagaragazwa ubuhamya bushinja aba baregwa.

Ubushinjacyaha buvuga ko Bobi Wine hamwe n'abandi bane, tariki 11 Kanama 2018, berekeje ahitwa City Square hakunze kubera imyigaragambyo mu mugi wa Kampala, basuzuguye ingingo ya gatanu n'iya cumi y'itegeko rigenga umudendezo rusange ryo mu 2013, bakora inama mu buryo butemewe n'amategeko nta buyobozi bubizi, bakaza no kwanga kumvikana na Polisi.

Muri Nyakanga 2018 mwaka ushize, leta ya Uganda yashyizeho amahoro adasanzwe yishyurwa n'abakoresha imbuga za interineti zitandukanye zigera kuri zirimo facebook, twitter, whatsapp n'izindi ndetse n'abakoresha uburyo bwo hokererezanya amafaranga bifashishije telefone. Kuva ubwo abakoresha imbuga nkoranyambaga batangiye kugabanuka cyane muri icyo gihugu.

Reba indirimbo ya Bob Wine nshya yise Afande

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Gitifu w'Akagari yatawe muri yombi ashinjwa kunyereza amafaranga yakusanyijwe n'abaturage #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 10th 2019 at 15:18

Icyaha ashinjwa bivugwa ko yagikoze mu mwaka ushize. Icyo gihe ngo abaturage b'akagari bakusanyije amafaranga y'u Rwanda 827,500 yagombaga gukoreshwa mu kubaka ibyumba by'amashuri by'inyongera ku ishuri ryisumbuye rya Kiburara, ariko ayo mafaranga ayikoreshereza mu nyungu ze bwite.

Uwo Munyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w'Akagari witwa Esperance Kibukayire, ayo mafaranga ngo yagombaga kuyashyira kuri konti iri mu Murenge Sacco ariko ntiyabikora.

Ingingo ya 10 ivuga ibyerekeranye no kunyereza umutungo mu itegeko ryo kurwanya ruswa ivuga ko Umuntu wese ukoresha mu nyungu ze cyangwa iz'undi, umutungo, amafaranga cyangwa inyandiko z'agaciro, yahawe cyangwa yashyikirijwe kubera imirimo akora cyangwa ukoresha mu nyungu ze abakozi ashinzwe ku bw'umurimo aba akoze icyaha.

Umuvugizi w'Urwego rw'Igihugu rw'Ubugenzacyaha (RIB), Modeste Mbabazi, yemeje amakuru y'itabwa muri yombi rya Esperance Kibukayire. Yaboneyeho no gusaba abayobozi mu nzego za Leta gucunga neza ibya rubanda, birinda kubikoresha mu nyungu zabo bwite.

Esperance Kibukayire ushinjwa kunyereza amafaranga yari agenewe kubaka ibyumba by'amashuri afungiye kuri sitasiyo ya RIB ya Mukarange mu gihe iperereza rikomeje. Biteganyijwe ko nyuma y'iperereza, dosiye ye izashyikirizwa Ubushinjacyaha.

Icyaha ashinjwa kiramutse kimuhamye yahanishwa igifungo kitari munsi y'imyaka irindwi (7) ariko kitarenze imyaka icumi (10) n'ihazabu y'amafaranga y'u Rwanda yikubye inshuro kuva kuri eshatu (3) kugeza kuri eshanu (5) z'agaciro k'umutungo yanyereje.

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AS Kigali yasinyishije abakinnyi 10 barimo Rusheshangoga na Haruna Niyonzima #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Sports — July 10th 2019 at 12:44

Ku mugoroba wo kuri uyu wa Gatatu, AS Kigali yatunguranye imurika abakinnyi bashya barimo abanyamahanga bane ndetse n'abanyarwanda basanzwe bafite izina.

Aba bakinnyi barimo Rusheshangoga Michel na Haruna Niyonzima bifuzwaga na Rayon Sports, biyongereyeho Ndayishimiye Eric Bakame uheruka gusezererwa muri AFC Leopards.

Bamwe mu bakinnyi bamaze kwinjira muri AS Kigali
Bamwe mu bakinnyi bamaze kwinjira muri AS Kigali

Abakinnyi AS Kigali yamaze gusinyisha bavuye hanze: (EKANDJOUM ESSOMBE ARSTIDE PATRICK (Union De Douala - Cameroon), MAKON NLOGI THIERRY (Coton Sport-Cameroon) ALLOGO MBA RICK MARTEL (Manga Sport- Gabon) na FOSSO FABRICE RAYMOND (UMS De Loum- Cameroon)

Abanyarwanda yasinyishije: Haruna Niyonzima (Simba Sports Club) Ndayishimiye Eric Bakame (Fc Leopards), Rusheshangoga Michel (APR FC) Ishimwe Christian (From Marines), Rashid Kalisa (Kiyovu Sport) na Songayingabo Shaffy (APR Fc).

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Kuba umuntu yasinze ntibivuze ko yanyweye ibiyobyabwenge – CP John Bosco Kabera #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 10th 2019 at 10:57
Umuvugizi wa Polisi y
Umuvugizi wa Polisi y'u Rwanda, CP John Bosco Kabera yasobanuye itandukaniro hagati y'ibiyobyabwenge n'ibidafatwa nk'ibiyobyabwenge

Ikoreshwa ry'ibiyobyabwenge rigira ingaruka ku mubiri, ku buzima bwo mu mutwe ,ku mibanire mu miryango ndetse no ku kazi umuntu akora ka buri munsi. Mu Rwanda hari abazi ko ibisembuye byose ari ibiyobyabwenge.

Nyamara ngo si ko byose ari ibiyobyabwenge kuko hari urugero ngenderwaho bisaba kugira ngo byitwe ibiyobyabwenge.

Umuvugizi wa Polisi y'u Rwanda, CP John Bosco Kabera, yabwiye Kigali Today ko ibyo umuntu yafata byose biciye mu buryo ubwo ari bwo bwose bikamuhindura intekerezo kandi bikagira ingaruka ku mubiri we ari ibiyobyabwenge.

Yagize ati “Iyo unyweye ikintu icyo ari cyo cyose cyagira uruhare mu mitekerereze yawe cyangwa se ubwonko icyo cyitwa ikiyobyabwenge.”

Yakomeje avuga ko inzoga zicururizwa mu Rwanda atari ibiyobyabwenge.

Ati “Inzoga zose zitarengeje Alcool iri ku gipimo cya 45%, izo si ibiyobyabwenge kuko ziba zujuje ubuziranenge zasuzumwe n'ikigo cy'igihugu gishinzwe ubuziranenge (RSB).”

CP John Bosco Kabera kandi yakomeje asobanura ko iyo umuntu yanyweye inzoga akarenza urugero (gusinda) mu ruhame abihanirwa. Yagize ati “Kuvuga ko umuntu yasinze si ukuvuga ko yanyweye ibiyobyabwenge ahubwo aba yarengeje urugero ariko na byo birahanirwa mu gihe byaba byabereye mu ruhame.”
Uyu muvugizi yakomeje avuga ko akenshi ibiyobyabwenge bivugwa ari Mugo, Urumogi, Marijuwana, Mayirunge, Cocaine, Kanyanga n'ibindi byifashishwa nk'ibinini biribwa ariko bitagamije kuvura indwara.

Yasobanuye na none ko inzoga zose zujuje ubuziranenge kandi zasuzumwe n'ikigo cy'igihugu gishinzwe ubuziranenge (RSB) atari ibiyobyabwe. Izo nzoga zemewe ziba zifite ikirango cy'ikigo cy'igihugu gishinzwe ubuziranenge ( RSB).

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Abanya – Benin bari kwiyambaza abakurambere ngo bazatware igikombe cya Afurika #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 10th 2019 at 10:26
Abanya - Benin bari kwiyambaza abakurambere ngo batware AFCON
Abanya - Benin bari kwiyambaza abakurambere ngo batware AFCON

Muri ino minsi amasengesho azwi nka Voodoo muri iki gihugu yafashe indi sura kuko buri wese ari gusabira iyi kipe ngo ikore amateka atarigeze akorwa muri iki gihugu yo gutwara igikombe kiruta ibindi byose muri Afurika.

Muri 1/8, Benin yarijije Maroc iyitsindiye kuri Penaliti, iba ikoze amateka bwa mbere yo kugera muri ¼ muri iki gikombe. Uyu munsi saa kumi n'ebyiri iyi kipe izwi nka les Écureuils cyangwa se inkima, iracakirana na Senegal, ngo hamenyekanye ikipe ikomeza muri ½ cy'iki gikombe.

Uretse aba baturage bazwi cyane mu gusenga mu myemerere yabo ya gakondo, n'abakirisitu hamwe n'abaslam bose bari mu masengesho akomeye ngo basabire iyi kipe yabo.

Ku cyumweru, Dah Gbediga, uhagarariye amadini gakondo muri Benin, ari kumwe n'abandi bakomeye muri Voodoo, mu isengesho ridasanzwe ryo gushyigikira kipe yabo.

Nyuma yo gutamba ihene ndetse n'intama eshatu, mu cyumba gifunze, umugabo uri mu myaka nka 60 utagira amenyo yaje kuyobora iri sengesho, imbere y'abemera babarirwa mu magana.

Ubwo Benin yakuragamo Maroc ibyishimo byari byose
Ubwo Benin yakuragamo Maroc ibyishimo byari byose

Uyu muyobozi mu by'idini uzwi nka Tangninnon, yicumba agakoni ndetse n'agacuma karimo icyo kunywa, yagize ati “ibi ni ibintu bidasanzwe turi gukorera abakinnyi bacu bari muri iri rushanwa. Abantu bibwira ko tutazitwara neza ariko baribeshya. Twiteguye gukina neza bishoboka.”

Uwitwa Dah Gbediga nawe wemera imihango gakondo, avuga ko yatangiye gusengera iyi kipe mbere cyane y'uko irushanwa ritangira.

Yambaye ingofero n'urunigi gakondo, yabwiye ibiro ntaramakuru by'abafaransa ati “hari urugendo rugana ku ntsinzi mu mupira w'amaguru wacu, tubifashijwemo n'abakurambere kandi nta gishobora kuduhagarika.”

Ibi kandi byemezwa n'uwitwa Victor Adoko, umwe mu bahereza bitambo mu idini gakondo ryizerera mu nkuba rizwi nka Hevioso, avuga ko bize ko ntakabuza igikombe ari icyabo.

Ati “ubu ni uburyo bwo kongerera amahirwe ikipe yacu”.

Voodoo ni idini gakondo rizwi cyane muri Afurika y'Uburengerazuba, aho ryemera ibijyanye n'ubufindo, imyuka itandukanye y'abakurambere ndetse no gukira bifashije imyemerere.

Ibijyanye n'imyemerere n'imigenzo gakondo ndetse n'ubupfumu byakunze kudahabwa agaciro n'abafite imyemerere yindi. Aba bo bemera ko abakurambere babana n'abakiriho ubu, mu byo abatabyemera bita ubufindo bw'umwijima (black magic).

Uwitwa Tonouewa, wizerera mu byitwa Thron, yavuze ko yatanze igitambo cy'igitebyo cyuzuye ubunyobwa, kugirango ikipe yabo itsinde. Ati “ndizera ko byagize umumaro wabyo.”

Avuga kandi ko yizera ko aya masengesho yabo ari yo yatumye babasha kugera aho bageze ubu.

Cyakora bake mu batemera iyi myemerera bavuga ko imbaraga n'ubuhanga bw'abakinnyi ari byo bibajeje muri ¼.

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QUEEN CHA yagaragaye mu mabara ya Mukura aririmbira aba Rayons byibazwaho #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Editor — July 10th 2019 at 09:50

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Abakinnyi barindwi b'abanyarwanda bagiye kumara iminsi 40 mu Bubiligi #Rwanda #RwOT via @kigalitoday

By Sports — July 10th 2019 at 09:14

Kuri uyu wa Kane Saa mbili za mu gitondo, abakinnyi barindwi b'umukino w'amagare barahaguruka i Kigali berekeza mu Bubiligi, aho bazasiganwa bakanahakorera imyitozo.

Abakinnyi barindwi bagiye kwerekeza mu Bubiligi
Abakinnyi barindwi bagiye kwerekeza mu Bubiligi

Aba bakinnyi bakina mu ikipe ya Fly Cycling Club isanzwe iterwa inkunga n'uruganda rwa Skol, ni ubwa kabiri baza kuba berekeje muri iki gihugu.

Mu kiganiro n'itangazamakuru, Benurugo Emilienne ushinzwe kwamamaza ibikorwa mu ruganda rwa Skol, yatangaje ko uru rugendo rugamije guha amahirwe abakinnyi b'abanyarwanda bakiri bato, bakaba banabona amakipe yabigize umwuga hanze.

"Iyi minsi 40 aba bakinnyi bagiye kumara mu Bubiligi, dufite icyizere ko izaha amahirwe aba bakinnyi bakaba babona amakipe yabigize umwuga, kuko igihe bazaba batarushanwa bazaba bitoza, bitume banamenyera imibereho y'abakinnyi babigize umwuga"

Benurugo Emilienne ushinzwe kwamamaza ibikorwa mu ruganda rwa Skol,
Benurugo Emilienne ushinzwe kwamamaza ibikorwa mu ruganda rwa Skol,

Aba bakinnyi bazaba bari mu mugi wa Eeklo mu Bubiligi, bazaba bafashwa n'abatoza batandukanye barimo Issa ndetse na Adrien Niyonshuti uzwi cyane muri uyu mukino w'amagare.

Ntembe Jean Bosco, Umuyobozi wa Fly Cycling Club, yatangaje ko uru rugendo barwitezeho byinshi, cyane ko n'ubwo bajyagayo inshuro ya mbere byazamuye imikinire y'abakinnyi.

"Urugendo twakoze ubushize twakinnye amarushanwa 11, ubu yikubye kabiri kandi nyuma yo kujyayo abakinnyi bacu bagarutse batangira kwitwara neza mu marushanwa twagiye dukina, ubu dufite icyizere ko bizarushaho"

Ntembe Jean Bosco, Umuyobozi wa Fly Cycling Club
Ntembe Jean Bosco, Umuyobozi wa Fly Cycling Club

Abakinnyi bazerekeza mu Bubiligi

Icyiciro cy'ingimbi: Nsabimama Jean Baptiste w'imyaka 18, Hakizimana Félicien w'imyaka 18, Muhoza Eric w'imyaka 17.

Abatarengeje imyaka 23: Niyonshuti Jean Pierre w'imyaka 19 na Mutabazi Cyprien w'imyaka 19

Abakuru: Mugisha Moïse w'imyaka 22 na Dukuzumuremyi Fidèle w'imyaka 23.